A Boy And The "Sack" Of Knowledge

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I have written this when i read an article in one of the national daily. it was about the emence pressure a boy actually gets at the tender time of is age when he perpares for school admission and the big clash he faces in maintaining the daily routine. he is imposed to fill up the lost wishes of his parents through him.

Submitted: March 09, 2013

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Submitted: March 09, 2013



The Sack of Knowledge that i hold

Never brings the joy but cuts my shoulder with bloodless plot



You want to see me high above

why don't you let me take my own.



Battle for admisson cuts my head

that none can see which goes overhead.



This world transformes to fraustration

When all my life goes through competetion



That boy Tarif meandering in medows

flies kites and relishes bites from fruits

He fills up their wishes

without any WOOss!


Learning I want in absolute ecstasy

not with a drop of despodency

Pleaase Give Me That Space

Where I Will Grow Up With My Age

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