Some Sparrows And I

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I have written this when i was frequently visited by some sparrows in my balcony. it seemed to me that these birds came to me whenever i remembered them and they linked me with the nature.i flt that it was the communion of some sparrow and i. now tell me how you feel it reading.

Submitted: March 14, 2013

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Submitted: March 14, 2013





? Some Sparrows and I

Pretty little birds come to my balcony 
I see them they see me regularly
I sit to read and they call me 
As Sparrow they are known to me

 I wonder lonely as they come to sit in my balcony
Do they come to see or talk to me
Beautiful little birds male me to think of their language 
what if I could understand them easily 
they would talk and I would answer them thoroughly

Sparrow ! Sparrow ! Where are you?
Come and tell how nature and men to You ?
We come to you and show how are we
Will your poem talk and tell how weary are we ?
"Yes" I say to them , "It will Obviously" 
Your poem will remind us not how are we !
I see you crushed in we man's Furry
We make you leave and us victim quietly
when mother nature rise with a Tsunami
We blame ourselves that its nature's Frenzy!

We Sparrow live in nature simply 
Don't you see how nature is dearly 
Nature gives sub rays and moonlit night
Who can forget these cricket's light !

I think you are right absolutely
You are teaching me very friendly!

Look I was thinking about You Sparrow 
And You came with your chirping bureau
How Nice ! How Nice of you nature's fellow
You have a communion with Nature's grow !


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