Sing with me this love song

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This is about the struggle that two people go through when they love each other.

Submitted: December 20, 2007

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Submitted: December 20, 2007



Sing with me this love song,

with a sweet rhythm that's never still.

Let the birds come and sing back up,

and yellow roses will dance

as the gentle breeze plays the instruments.


I laid my eyes upon youface

and felt beyond every way I've ever felt.

I had it in your voice,

as you responded to my greeting.

I saw it in your eyes,

they reflected love as you looked at me.

Yes! you are the one to this song with me.


Come sing with me this love song,

let it begin with a slow paced temple;

a private spot to share our thoughts;

a slow dance to test our rhythm;

a sweet first kiss to climax the song.


As we sing through the spring,

the storm will come to be our halt;

alter the gentle breeze into a raging gale;

our song will ascend to the highest temple,

forcing us to lose the breath we have,

but we shall not stop singing

for we know that the storm will soon fade.


Come sing with me this love song,

we made it through the highest temple;

now our song embrace a perfect pace;

and our voices have matured than before,

now we can bare with the spring weather.


Now comes the autumn to kill the temple of our song,

yellow roses crumble and die;

birds vacate to seek the spring,

the breeze is frosted and freezes our hearts,

and all we contemplate on

is to perish this song we sang for long.


I listen and hear your trembling heart beside the door;

a sign of exit in your eyes,

as your heart accupate a clime where

sweet roses are pledged to perish;

with frozen feet I can hardly move,

as I watch your steps departs the stage.

What one can do,

when a heart of another has grown cold...

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