Solitary heart

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Submitted: December 18, 2007

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Submitted: December 18, 2007



Cold, dark heart

where love once dwelled;

Silent, bleak lonley whispers

woven into its foundations.

I sit here

in reminiscence of the summer days

when you shone your smile;

how much joy did it feel

because you loved me...

They lied to me...

said it will only take time to forget;

yet as time roll by,

the weed of your memories keeps growing in me;

its roots sinking deep within my subconscious

so deep I can hardly remove;

so profouond and hurting with precision.

Oh, what has become of me

since you decided you don't need me no more?

My heart enslaved by solitary melancholy;

it has become my ruler;

it has become my god;

in every night and every sunlinght

it gashes my hearrt with its blade of mockery,

leaving me bleeding plain realisation

of what a fool I have been to let you go.

If I had a fellowship of time and chance,

I would negotiate a second time around

and do things differently...

but tell me,

how does one return to a heart

when it has utterly closed its drawbridge?

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