**Song Contest**

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This is fun challenge PLZ ENTER

Submitted: September 07, 2009

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Submitted: September 07, 2009



This actually two challenge wrapped in one

Part 1

So basically you have to pick what ever song and incoporate part of the song in a short story

So the topic that is in the song will be giving you some kind of meaning to write about

1.If i were a boy-Beyonce

2.Our song-Taylor swift

3.Love story-Taylor swift

4.The climb-Miley Cyrus

5.Trust-Keyshia Cole Ft. Monica

6.Obessed-Mariah Carey


1.Will comment and read all stories and try to get you a virtual gift

2.Read 3 stories  and comment on them

3.Read 1 story and comment it

This due on October 31 which is halloween if you can get it in before that im fine with it you need more time i don't care

Part 2

Choose a number between 1 and 20

I will tell you what your topic will be later

This is gonna be a short story

Two people have to have a name that starts with a b and j

Prizes-Will be based on how well I like it

1.Read all your stories or poems and comment on them

2.Read 5 stories and comment them

3.Read 3 story and comment them

THIS IS DUE OCTOBER 31 and will except it early and if you need more time will do.

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