Late again 56

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This short story is just a teenage trouble maker that meets a boy.. if you want the rest please contact me =]

Submitted: July 09, 2009

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Submitted: July 09, 2009



"Ahh it's to early in the morning" says young 17 year old Allison Iraheta on a early Monday morning.  She rolls out of bed and stumbles down the stairs from a late Sunday night as she reaches the end of the steps to find her parents had left her a note.  "Dear Allison" she read to herself "Sorry we had to go without informing you.  We got a last minute call to go to New York for a business trip. We noticed you wher not home lastnight.  Well atleaast not whenever I went to bed.  Allison you are a great younge lady.  Those paries need to stop before you ruin yourself.  Well anyways we should be home on Tuesday next week.  I love you very much.  See you soon.  Love mom." 

  Allison just rolls her eyes and throws her note to the gray trash can.  She plops down on the couch knowing she needs to get ready for school.  Switches it to some rock music to start her morning, and runs back up the stair.  She stopped in the middle of the stairs to look back and see a big yellow figure threw her glass door. “O shit.  That’s the bus.” And finishes going up the stairs and stubs her toe on the last one and falls. “I knew I shouldn’t have had that party on a school night this always happens.”  And finishes going to her room to look into her closet and find a purple pair of jeans and a striped purple and black shirt. She slips out of her pj’s and put on her new outfit singing along with her favorite song “Still fly”  She brushes out her black hair into a pony tail and brushes her teeth.  She stubbles back down the stairs and gets to the middle and slips.  She thinks to herself “Well at least I didn’t fall that time” and giggles to herself as she walks tip toe and carefully down the rest of the stairs.

As she runs to the front door to see the bus was gone.  She runs to the garage to see her parents had taken her Blue Ford Mustang. “Ugh! Can things never go right!” and takes off running down the road towards John Wood High School.  As she meets her best friend Katlyn Purl running down her road to.  Allison hollers for Katlyn and she slows down and turns around.  “Hey wasn’t that party crazy last night.  I told you we shouldn’t have had it on a school night because I guess Tailor Green isn’t even going today.” Says Katlyn looking at Allison with big eyes.  Allison doesn’t even say a word just keeps running.  They both run past Tailor’s house and see her peaking threw her window and laughing at them.  Allison just flips her off and keeps running.  They finally reach the entrance to their high school and both go different ways down three hallways and say “Bye” to each other.  Allison finally reaches her locker a see’s a white slip of paper hanging from her locker.  She grabs the note with concern thinking it was from the principal.  “Hey Allison.  You won’t believe this.  There is this new boy and his name is Adam Lambert and o my goodness he is HOT!  Not to be a prep but wow. He is in your homeroom.  Ugh!  Your are so lucky! We got to have another party on Sundays again.  That was amazing.  Well I got to go. Love –Foxy.”

“Ugh I am so sick of hearing about that party. Even though it was pretty amazing, but hmm a new boy.  Hmm this could be interesting.”  Allison says to herself while putting her combination into her locker and swings it open as she get covered with white papers that just fell out of her locker.  She picks all of the papers off of her and off the floor and stuffs them back in her blue locker and get hers tore up math book and slams her locker door shut and runs off down the hall to meet her principal standing in front of her math teacher Mrs. Anderson’s room.  She thinks to herself “O no this can’t be good.  I knew I would get in trouble for this sooner or later.”  She runs up to the door and says “Hello Mr. Whitehead” and try’s to go under his arm to get to her classroom.  He pulls her shirt “Not so far.  Why are you late again?  Another party?” say Mr. Whitehead.  “No that’s not it just my parents left and they are out of town and I didn’t no they would be and woke up late.  I don’t have parties anymore.” Allison says to herself giggling under her breathe.  “This is the last time.  One more time and I will have to put you in ISS for being late. I’m sorry Allison I know you like your party’s but school needs to come first.” Says Mr. Whitehead and walks away.  She just rolls her eyes and walks into her classroom and swings open the door as she almost runs into a black haired, blue eyed, amazing figure at the pencil sharpener. “O I am so sorry.  I am new here so I don’t know where to stand.  By the way my name is Adam.”  

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