Poison Kiss

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A girl who is on her way home. Ends up being followed by somebody or rather something and ends up... I'm sure you can guess.

Submitted: November 17, 2010

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Submitted: November 17, 2010



I'm on my way back home. Finally but I don't see why i had to walk. The streets are quiet and the street lamps keep on flickering which is getting kind of freaky. I thought i heard something... I turn around to see nothing and as i turn to walk, a huge wind starts to twirl around me. What's going on?? Suddenly it stops and a few metres away i see a dark figure. Now I'm getting scared. i start running but end up in an unknown ally. Weird right? We always have to end up in an ally! There it is. In the middle of the street.The dark figure. Is he here to kill me? What does he want?

"Please don't kill me, please don't kill me."... He comes closer and closer until he is in front of me. He's actually very attractive. NO, NO NO! I can't think about that rightnow. He could have escaped from prison or a mental place. But he is...NO! "What do you want from me?" I ask in a whisper. Nothing. He just stands here, staring at me. Suddenly he takes both my hands, looks into my eyes before giving me a soft gentle kiss. Then he lets me go and slowly, very slowly backs away while we stare deep into each others eyes. What? That's it? He wanted a kiss? Just a damn kiss? No... This was more than just a kiss.

"Who are you?"

"Soon you will know, my love." And thats when it comes. His eyes turn completely black and vanishes into ashes.

My love?

I'm not his love...

Who was that?


I didn't drink that much... Did I?

No! I didn't drink at... all

What's happening?

I feel so... so woozy.

Everything is spinning. My head hurts... Everything hurts.

And my lips... They feel like they're on fire. What did he do to me??

I fall to the ground. I can't... I can't breath. It's like waking up from a real bad nightmare. I'm falling and there is nobody to catch me. Falling into complete darkness. My heart starts beating really fast. Too fast.

And then it stops...

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