Sleeping Frequencies

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The expanded sense of awareness when insomnia hits

Submitted: April 04, 2013

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Submitted: April 04, 2013




Rustling in bed
Fighting the cover once
Alarm clock, flashing pulses throughout my room
Lulling my eyes
The stereo imitates ancestral rituals
Navigating the sea of binaurally resonance
Settling, but not ceasing work, I hear
The gears operating rhythm- ebbs and flows
Outside, a rumble breaks in the distance
An open window catches a raddled breeze,
It follows my walls to the comforter
Crawling into bed with me.
Clouds trickle down from sky’s almighty
Knocking politely on my house
Ignoring, tossing and turning
Hoping they wouldn’t leave
The roof above, started to sing
Like rain on a crude wood and tin piano
Trying to get my attention
But I’m too busy unwinding myself
Metronome, pulsing green, won’t stop
The time tattler tells me
It’s only two o’clock, and
Dani’s singing under the marquee
Grim and crimson, flash a siren
Just down the glossy rode
Reflecting the Everglow onto my walls,
Mixing with the alarm clock, green light
Even so, I stopped noticing the small things.
A few seconds ago, I slipped into a dream-

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