Travis Williams and his Lone Heart

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i had an idea that the people who should be loved, don't get loved. so the people with hearts are unaccepted. thus the only people who can love are heartless. the irony right?

Submitted: October 08, 2009

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Submitted: October 08, 2009



It made him never want to love again. This was it, his final feelings bled though. Travis B. Williams is standing over his heart as it beats its last words. Nothing can hurt him now, not a single person… not even himself. He always had this problem of falling for the impossible. He fell for the girls’ whose eyes stole his time of day, never the night; their voices that sang him to heaven, only to visit. They said he was something different. He had something nobody ever would. Everyday he bled for these girls and everyday he sang his heart out. Beautiful lyrics showered into his mind day after day, but to his heart’s ache, his word of love never accepted. He was falling for these girls… just to break his heart. Nothing was ever wrong with Travis, just he had this amazing imagination. Fed by stories, just stories, that he was able love and happiness. These girls gave him bliss. Life never had happy conclusions nor sad ones… life just continues. For Travis this meant a sacrifice…he had lived in serene dreams, and he swam in the bottom of the bucket. The first lasted none more then seconds at a time, never being worth of value to him. The second was just no way to live a life. Therefore, at dusk he dragged himself from his dreams to the dark street and cut away his heart. He watched it search its new environment for a meaning, a purpose. Screaming in terror of finding out what to be useless means, Travis held up a mirror to his poor heart. “This is what you are and always were… pain.” He stood there watching and listening to the last moments of his beating, bleeding heart as he died on the street. Travis B. Williams joined the rest of the kids at school that day lost his uniqueness, he became normal… he became them.

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