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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

there is this park i live by that had an exit of a storm drain. the city covered it with a bar like shell but there is space enough for teens to fit in... i went down there with Brooke my first time and experienced dark. i realized much about who i was in there.even if she didnt want to go deep in tunnel.
i came back with ashley. a new friend of 2 days. A we had a misson to pass all the graffiti and write our name with sharpie. we found out that the tunnle was sectioned with "man-hole" rooms. and on the opposite side the tunnel get about 1/4 foot smaller or something. we passed the second room before turning back.
again we were back Ashley, Marshall and I. and we made it to the last room. it ended after the third room. and there were to smaller tunnel leading to a mouth of the storm drains. we debated whether or not to crawl through this unreal hole.... this sucker was small! i being the bigger just went for it... slowly but surely i made it up, then Ashley and then Marshall. we lifted the man hole and escaped our tomb of two hours.
and then i was alone. at night. no light guided me. i use my phone to lite a bit of the way. and the i shut it off. and laid there for ....well some time... in the dark.

i wrote this story once. and it was slightly different. but then my computer crashed. so i tried and tried to remember my words. but atlas the ending had to change. originally someone crawled in to save me from "the traps of depression and loneliness"

hope you like this is one of my most favorite writes

i crawl deep inside my head.
to escape the reality that you had made.
deep inside these tunnels.
that twist and turn, spanning across eternity.
faster and faster i push myself in to the darkness.
escaping the light of hell.
once i was afraid.
this dark, a natural enemy.
it read my mind, finding all my fears.
it kept me up all night.
these walls are consumed with it.
a child's imagination.
haunting sounds and surreal faces appear.
and disappear. within a blink. a breath. a heartbeat.
but these are just a child's toy. compared to the light.
inside, all this is... are my personal demons. angels. heaven. hell.
outside, i see....
darker and darker i crawl. deeper and deeper i see.
till there is no light in these cursed tunnels.
im losing breath. not even the precious oxygen will chase me down here.
everyone up there is devouring each other with newly found false hopes.
and lies.
down here. the only one here is me. and my mind. i surround myself.
dark walls project my thoughts.
i see everything you said you would see.
and never did.
my heart beats deep and heavy.
i can hear life.
not like you could.
you have no idea what it is.
not until you lay here.
looking up, or am i looking down?
maybe my eyes are closed.
as i listen the faces in the walls.
a open hand. something to hold on to.
i dont fade away like the memory of a happy ending
this story, i escape.
and nobody will know i ever existed.

Submitted: October 07, 2009

© Copyright 2020 lovealways. All rights reserved.

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