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How will you feel, when the one you've always loved, shows up at your wedding?

Submitted: May 18, 2012

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Submitted: May 18, 2012




Then you’re going to fall for her. How can you love a depressed girl?  Did you ever look into her eyes? What did they say? Or her wrists? Did you see them, or did she manage to seal everything with a concealer?

You’re going to suffer, you’re choosing the wrong person, her eyes are beautiful, her love is pure, but you’re going to end up broken hearted.  You’re going to cry over her, you’re going to weep, but who cares?. She won’t , she’ll be already dead, she’s suicidal, how could you fall for a suicidal? Didn’t you know?

Go find yourself another girl, with beautiful eyes, and clean wrists. Love her, cherish her, marry her and have kids, lots of kids together. She’s pretty stupid, she doesn’t know that love is more, than those kisses and caresses, love is beyond sex. It’s this feeling, this warmth, this beating of your heart whenever you see him. It’s you , both of you looking in one direction, arguing, but still loving each other.  She’ll cry on her wedding, coz, that’s what her mother, her best friend, and that’s what they do in the movies. But you will still find her really cute! Oh wait a second, oh do you see somebody, what are you doing, why did you stop smiling at your wife?

She’s here, I see her, she’s wearing a red dress, you were right, she is beautiful. She looks around, doesn’t know where to go, she’s so beautiful. It’s your day, and you didn’t invite her. You thought she was dead, she was gone. What will you do? Run to her, kiss her, and live happily ever after? Or hide, go hide ? yes that’s what you’re doing! Now you’re safe, she won’t come in. You told your wife, that you’re a bit tired and you should take some rest. She didn’t care, it’s her day, don’t ruin it. She’s already a wife and that’s what wifes do, they don’t care!

So now, you’re in this damn  toilet, nobody uses. You’re fine, nobody is going to get in! There’s a tiny window, you could see her through it. She’s smiling at everybody, trying to find you?  You don’t think so! If she wanted to see you, she would have found you, you’re the groom! You’re the one, this is your day! No I don’t think either that she’s looking for you! Now you’re thinking it over, it’s been five years. She’s grown up, her breast is bigger, her hair is shorter, she’s skinnier.

Stop looking at her, what will you do now?  She’s leaving, yes she is. Look at her, she’s walking down the parking lot. You’re such a coward, will you let her go? Didn’t you cry over her for a whole year? Didn’t you take a year off, coz you couldn’t deal with her leaving you?  Didn’t you travel the world trying to forget her?  She was the one! Now take all your time, watch her as she goes!  Let me tell you , you’re a loser!

Well that’s exactly what I’m talking about, get out of this damn toilet, your wife has been looking for you, ooh that’s so cute, she wants to dance with you.  Everybody is getting excited, your first dance together. Ok, you’re staying, she’s your wife, you can’t do this to her. You’re so nervous, your wife is trying to calm you down. Tell her, you’re not nervous about the wedding, you don’t give a shit. Tell her,that the one is leaving.  You can’t, can you? That’s so pathetic, now you feel that you  really are a husband, you’re thinking about your wife, about all your family and friends that came today to celebrate your union. You absolutely can’t do something that childish. Oh my God, you feel old, no more adventure, no more fun.  You’re looking at your wife, with all the regrets that could possibly exist. She tied you up. You’re going to live with this beautiful, all in white, woman,for the rest of your life, she’s boring, completely, insanely, and she abides by the rules.  You have never been that miserable before.  Your past is gone, she’s gone and you will probably never see her again, cause you will never have enough courage.  Now, that you’re going home with a wife, that will always be there, in your house. Before you close the door, let me wish you luck, as I don’t want to come in, I already know what your life is going to look like now and forever : Boring!

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