Angels Everywhere (the beginning...)

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This is the very beginning of a novel I would like to write. I started it like 10 months ago (this isn't all I have), but I kind of lost interest in writing it. If i can get enough good feed back and stuff I'll continue writing it. So ya. Feed back please!! :)

Submitted: July 23, 2012

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Submitted: July 23, 2012



Moonlight shone in through the cracked window. It made the desperate tears running down Jessa’s face gleam in a haunting sort of way. If only Talan could see her now... But that didn’t matter; she didn’t matter. Those were the words she had been living by. She wouldn't have to live by them for much longer though. She gripped the small pistol in shaking hands. It was loaded and ready to shoot. Ready to take her to the place where mama used to say the angels lived. Mama lived there too now.

Jessa began to lift the gun, but it felt like a million tons. Slowly, but without hesitation, she rested it on her temple. He face was emotionless as she felt the icy cold metal. One big, last breath and-- suddenly, the gun dropped to the ground, almost as if someone had kicked it out of her hand. Jessa frantically looked all around, her fingers throbbing. Her eyes told her she was still alone, but her mind was screaming out a different story. She could almost feel the presence of another being.

I can't do this. I can't do anything. Even killing myself is too hard... She hid the gun back under the carpet, and wrapped her arms around her little body in a hopeless attempt to stop the shaking that had taken her over. She wondered what it was that had kept her in her world of misery that night. There was something out there that didn't want her to be with mama and the angels.

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