Our Bus

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This is me bored :) bear with me here

Submitted: May 21, 2012

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Submitted: May 21, 2012



Our bus is filled with people, people with stories, people with lives. Different faces convey different emotions. Different clothing conveys different styles. Different different different. We are all very different. Some of us are jerks, and some of us are lovely people. Blah, blah, blah, girl, get to the point, you say. Well I will. What you are going to be doing today is play a guessing game. I have no idea what else to write about so here it is: I will give you a description of each of the 8th grade girls on our bus, and your job is to guess which one is me, and which one is That Girl I've been writing about so much. For those of you who don't know my work, That Girl is basically the girl I am in love with :). Post who you think is who in the comments below. Anyway, to finally get to the point, here are the discriptions (I am using fake names to protect everyone's identity):

Megan: Megan is a girl who is friendly to everyone. Literally. Everyone. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. She loves to talk and she will chatter to anybody who will listen. She is soccer finatic.

April: April is wonderfully weird girl. She is always hyper and talks almost as much as Megan. She says odd things sometimes, but hanging around her is usually worth it considering she can make you laugh do hard you cry. She pulls the wackiest faces that usually crack Megan up.

Victoria: Victoria is a girl that thinks she's something special. She's usually cold to all other residents on the bus except for Jordan, her "cronie." She is the kind of girl that asks for favors but never returns them.She wears a push up bra, and wants everyone to know that juicy little detail. She has been known to come to school looking like a slut, and be proud of it.

Jordan: Jordan's mind holds few intellegent thoughts. She likes to talk about sex (very loudly I might add) with Victoria. She is the kind of girl who will be pregnant as a freshman-and be proud of it so she can tell the world she's no longer a vrigin. Her buss days are spent gossiping and making prejudiced remarks.

Leah: Leah is shy when you first meet her, but will open up lots more once you talk to her for a bit. She loves drawing, and poeple say she is pretty good at it. She likes socializing, but most days she can be found curled up with her iPod, staring out the window and daydreaming.

Jenna: Jenna likes baby talk. She can be fun sometimes, but also slightly annoying. She has a high voice that kind of gets on some people's nerves. She has been called a mouse. However, she is undieingly loyal, and a pretty good artist. She will always be standing by your side, through thick and thin.

Mikki: Mikki is a girl who likes to laugh. She can say the funniest things, although most of the bus pays her no attention (considering she isn't one of the "popular people"). She is usually found talking with a couple of friends, or listening to music. Mikki also likes to draw, and she loves to run.

Now for the hard part. Who am I? Who is she? I guess you'll have to find out the difficult way. :) Please post your guess in the comments below! (Yes, I know this peice sucks, but I am really bored and I had nothing else to write about).

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