Today (days that I will always remember)

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I saw a picture I was inspired by and made a set on polyvore:

the place was similar to something I'd seen in a dream and it reminded me of what happened in that dream and how wonderfull and awefull it was at the same time. I know I could have done better with this but o well, to late now, i might make it better eventually though. I'm sorry everything I write is so long winded, It's something I need to work on (again struggling to not insert a wink emoticon here) anyway I hope you like it, CONSTRUCTIVE critisism is greatly apreciated

Submitted: April 10, 2011

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Submitted: April 10, 2011




Today we sat under golden skies

Today we danced

Today we laughed

Today we smiled

Today we remembered why we were friends

And we thanked the lord, that we made emends

To the trivial matters that kept us apart

Today was a day of new beginnings

A fresh start

To the beating of our synchronised hearts


Today we danced

Today we laughed

Today we smiled

Today was as if we were never apart

And we never left

Today you told me how much I meant to you

Today I told you how much I loved you

Today was special, today was a dream


Today I met Him, and he met me

Today I danced with another man

Today I drowned in someone else’s eyes

Today you watched me fall in love

Today you danced with another woman

Today I watched as your eyes twinkled

And I thanked the lord that you had found her

And I thanked the lord that we had each other

For there never was or will be another

Like You


Today I watched as you danced

To that beautiful girl, with whom you were now wed

And I was your bridesmaid, and best man.

And I will be the godmother of your first born son

Today it felt like I knew true love.

Today we were infinite and lasted forever.


Today was the day that he left me.

Today is the day of Brocken hearts

And Brocken records

Today was the day I could not see his arms, so I took refuge in yours instead.

Today was the day you showed just how much you cared

By taking care of all my small fears

For wiping away all my tears

And showing me, that there really was someone who would always love me


Today was the day that he came back

Crash landed in to my heart with a heavy smack

And then was booted out again once more

For I realised something I never knew before

That he never loved me

And yet you did, and always had shown me your love and friendship

And I’d rather have a best friend than a lover

But you had gone.

Left me for forever


Today I’m sitting here

Under grey skies

You’re not here

And I’m wondering why

I let you go.

For you were the only love I ever did know.

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