A Crippled Friend .

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A story is about a soldier who was over with the war.He is asking his parents to let his so called friend stay with them as a son . He tells his parents that his friend is crippled . His parents doesn;'t allow him to bring his friend who is halfly paralysed because his parents thinks that he will be a burden on his faminly.After this a letter is recieved by his parents in which they came to know about their son's death reasoning a suicide. When the body returned covered in the flag they saw that their son was having one arm and one leg.

Submitted: September 02, 2012

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Submitted: September 02, 2012



The war is over now

My task is finally through ,

But mom there is something

I must ask you .


I have a friend ,oh what a friend

he has no home you see ,

But mom I would like

To bring him home with me .


If someone comes home with you ,

I'm sure he could stay

For a day or two .


Please mom , I have to tell you something

Please don't be alarmed ,

My friend , you see in a battle

Happen to loose one arm .


My son , don't be afraid

To bring him home with you ,

He could stay and visit

For even a week or two .


But Mom , he's not just a friend

He's a brother too ,

That's why I want to him to live with us

And be a son to you .


But....before you give me answer

There's something I must say ,

My friend fought in a battle

In which he lost a leg .


My son , it hurts me to say this

But my answer must be no ,

Your father and I would have no time

For one who is crippled so .


Sometimes later a letter came

Saying their son was dead ,

And when they read the cause of death

"Suicide", it said .


Sometime later when the casket came

Wrapped with the country flag ,

They saw their son lying there

Without an arm and leg.













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A Crippled Friend .

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