Love Knew No Bounds

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This is a heart pumping story about a young white college lecturer; Richard Gino Diangi, who dared cross taboo and loved a black woman Robbie Clarence Assadah, in the polarizing racial divide and segregation of the early 1960s America. He had met the vulnerable and exceedingly beautiful Robbie during the search for a missing beauty queen, Melinda Shazzy in the summer of 1962 in Virginia Beach, Virginia.Both Richard and Robbie had enrolled to take part in the search.
Melinda Shazzy was a student at the Virginia Beach College of arts and science. Same college where Richard taught.Her mysterious disappearance caused a lot of panic in the seaside jewel; putting in account that, she was a celebrated reigning beauty queen for the state of Virginia and was gearing to represent the state in Miss. America beauty contest, planned to take place the following year in Atlanta Georgia.
The whole of Virginia Beach was present on the day of the search. That’s when Richard saw Robbie. The attraction was instant and irrevocable and right away Richard made Robbie aware of it. It was not just love at first sight, but until death do us part kinda of thing. Their love was deep and sincere and went against establishment and all that the vicious social systems and stringent laws America had put in place for her colored citizens. It crossed boundaries and jumped territories that left many frustrated and boiling with fury.
Feeling let down and disrespected, the bigoted system of Virginia Beach hit back and hit hard. The sparks that came out of that hitting caused a lot of heartache and tension; not just in the lives of Richard and Robbie, but in the lives of family and friends, who decided to remain loyal to the couple.It wasn’t just a bad idea for a white person to love black; but it was dangerous and life altering. It took a real soul to stand up against the segregated systems of the time, and Robbie and Richard did just that.
Entangled in a vicious custody battle with her ex, who wanted the kids split up amongst them; Robbie, a mother of two, had left her abusive husband Kenzie Clarence McClendon in Buffalo city New York and moved away to Virginia beach, Virginia, in an attempt to gain a stable environment, for her daughter's emotional wellbeing. They had been through a lot.
Her husband Kenzie was a jealousy obnoxious self-seeking narcissist who took their failed marriage with a grain of salt. Their stormy past never ended as Robbie had envisioned;even after she moved thousands of miles away.Sadly, Richard Gino Diangi found himself in the middle of that custody crossfire and fits of jealousy, and paid the ultimate price.

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chapter one

Submitted: February 19, 2016

The feelings of love and passion originate from deep within the souls of those who love one another; where no type of barricade can find its way to stop the lovers from loving those they have fallen in love with. In this part of human soul, love and passion are united in a covenant written and sealed in blood. From whence, no force below or above is capable of dissolving the terms of contract. It is the mysterious bond that unites lovers and their hearts together in solidarity. And just like a river, two people united in TRUE love can carve through anything. Read Chapter

The Provost

Submitted: February 27, 2016

The race issues of his grilfriend finally spilled over into his work place and Richard knew that he was going to loose his Job soon or later.Whether he complied with the administration or not.So,he decided he was not going to take his harrassment in kind.Instead, he became as difficult as ever. Read Chapter