Mixed Emotion's

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Mixed. Emotions.

Submitted: October 25, 2012

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Submitted: October 25, 2012



Mixed emotions"s

Sometime's in life we have moments' of pain. Moment's of hurt. Moment's of love and happiness. Pain and sadness. We cannot control these emotion's they control them selve's.There is honestly no telling what is going to happen. I have gone through allot . My parent's divorcing. My niece dyeing. A new step sister And a new little sister.Thing's change allot in my life. It seem's most of the time thing's go from bad to worse. But hey it's part of life yah know? You gotta live with it. I believe in the saying "It's all part of god's plan" .It's true . Everything is part of god's plan. We have no control of it. So you need to live life as it is. Don't rush it. Live in the moment. But then again don't stay in depression and let time pass you by. You should never let something hold you back from a great opportunities'. You get sad let yourself be sad let out you're tear's you're feeling's. You get mad. let out you're anger and all of you're rage. You get happy let you're self be happy.Smile at the top of the world. Be yourself. You feel In Love well be In Love ! Let the warm butterflies' in you're tummy fly ! It's you're choice but god's plan. That's that. Thank's for reading ! (:

P.S. . I Love All My Fan's ! (:

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