Optional Sickness

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Got Bored , Random Ideas Popped Into my Head , And Boom , This Is What Happened . (More Like A Complete Story , Separate Parts , Its Complicated)

Submitted: June 18, 2013

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Submitted: June 18, 2013



PART 1 ;
I woke up , As I looked around , I realized. I wasnt underground , I was ontop of the pentagon . Its year 2025 , Alot has changed. I realize my body is the same as how it was when the bomb struck me. I was still 20 , Nothing about me had changed. I became confused. I Stood up , and realized a unknown absorbed power sorce , I became quickly strengthened. I started walking to what looked to be, a recovered city. I slowly made my way , crossing each glowing , cut off , river. I entered the town. Everyone was so different, all looking. I walked up to a familiar face , My mother. She embraced me , filling me with warm shocks. Then suddenly , I felt her body go lifeless. Confused I simpy leaned her back, "Mother?" I whispered. Her eyes shot open , she looked me straight in the eyes, I watched the colors change. She had went from her tan , dark skinned body , to a pale , almost blue-ish figure sort. Stunned , I let her go . Her body fell to the ground , the world went still. I looked at my hands , thought i noticed a slight glow , Then suddenly , my mother stood again. I stared for moments , as lost within a distinct universe , a parrallel mind . I slowly walked away , "I must be seeing things" I whispered as I continued walking.
As I walked I noticed how things had changed, Our beautiful town had changed into a wonderless place , Full of nothings. Buildings were being rebuilt , But it all seemed so unreal. I sat down, Clutching my knees. Trying to stay steady. It was all so overwhelming. Suddenly the world went dark, I was motionless. It seemed my body had shut down. It seemed moments later I woke up to find myself in a strangers arms. I opened my eyes to see a trembeling face. She stared right at me, Her dark eyes glowing. Her face seemed damp, Most likely from tears, I thought to myself "Who Is This Strange Women?". I slowly sat up, Her arms loosened, But they were still around me. She gently pressed her body against mine and embraced me. Shocked , I did nothing. But stared. I was so confused. Who was this women? Why was she showing me such tender ways? Suddenly I heard a slight sigh. "I know what your thinking." She said. "If you havent already figured it out. We're different." She stood up, Grabbed my hands , And pulled me up with her. "Who are you?" I Asked. Shivered, Once again I felt her arms go around me. "Elizabeth. I saw how you blacked out. So I grabbed you, And pulled you here. Im sorry." I gently wrapped my arms around her. Realizing she too, was shivering. "Dont be sorry. Id rather be here, then with all those people. The strangest things are happening." I replied.
She seemed to be releived. "So im not the only one." She whispered. I leaned back and looked into her eyes. "What do you mean?" I asked. She sighed. "Everything I touch falls apart. Or becomes lifeless for a few moments. Then flees. I was hit, by one of the bombs. I feel it has affected me. In a strange way. But you, must've also been hit. Other wise, youd probably be dead by now.." Her words drifted off. I knew exactly what she was talking about. I remembered to what happened when I embraced mother. We were the same. I had been hit by the bomb. We were exaclty alike. At this moment, All we had were eachother .. :TO BE CONTINUED:

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