Baby? or no baby? part1

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15 year old Katie isn't ready to be a mother yet but her silly mistakes say otherwise.

Submitted: May 05, 2012

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Submitted: May 05, 2012



6th January firday night. 

HI my name is Katie sort for Kathrine and I will fill you in about my life as when it goes. Today is friday night and I'm out partying with my best friend Tiffany as her parents are out of town. I'm wearing my new demin mini shirt and my crop top. My dad thinks that I'm to revealing for my age that my mother wouldnt agree. But who is she to have a say, she hasnt brothered for the past 15 years of my life. Tiffany's here so better go. tell you how it goes tomorrow.

7th  January saturday morning.

Threw up, think I drank to much booze, but it was fun. Sat on the couch with Tom snogging for most the night just to get Ben jelous but he didn't even notist me. Dad says I should be ashamed but I dont listen. Next time I'm going to make him notist me.


13th January friday night. 

Guess when they say firday the 13th they aint kidding. I barely got through my exams today but I aint gonna let that stop me from going after Ben. He will soon regret that he dumped me. Me and Tiffany nicked some shoes from new look and I got a new dress that will knock him dead. 


14th January saturday afternoon.

Woke up in Tiffany's bed and threw up again from the booze but it was worth. I got Ben. We danced most of night and went into Tiffany's room for the rest. I cant remember much but  I hurt all over. It didn't change the fact I was with Tom, I just wanted to make sure Ben knew what he got rid of. 

16th January Monday night.

I let Ben watch me as I ignored him and carried on snogging Tom through lunch.I guess I got my message through to him.


27th January friday night.

I told my dad that I was going round Tiffany's when I'm going to Tom's house tonight. He said his parents were round his older brothers. It's been great with me and Tom I think we could actually last. He's like no other guy I've dated before. He cares for me.


28th January saturday night.

Me and Tom talked all night about everything, he even asked about mom. I had never talked to anyone about my mom but I could with him. I threw up this morning think I caught a bug.


1st Febuary wednesday.

been off school because I'm ill but it's ok because Tiffany and Tom bunked with me and we stayed in my house while my dad was at work watching t.v. 


3rd Febuary friday night.

Something came to me today. I was still not recoving and my dad says he might take me to the doctors but I think I'm pregnant. My periods late and I have morning sickness. I haven't told anyone. I'm going to leave it for a bit hopefully it's nothing.


12th febuary sunday morning.

I had to say I was to ill to go to Tiffany's party and it's been another week. I acted better to my dad just incase I was pregnant. I have to get a test and Tiffanys on my back. Tom hasnt sussed anything yet thank god. I couldnt do this to him.


18th febuary saturday morning.

Tiffany guessed and she asked me if I was. I burst into tears. I didnt know if I was or not. She asked how it happened and I told her everything about me and ben at her house. She looked really worried and said every was going to be ok. It felt so much better to of told someone like a huge weight had been lifted. She told her older sister Mary and Mary was more than happy to get me a test.

19th febuary sunday.

I spent a hour in the bathroom. Crying. I was indeed pregnant. My dad banged on the door for me to hurry up. I knew if he found out he would go mad. I had to tell tiffany.

21st febuary tuesday,

I went to school and told Tiffany. She sais that I have to go to the doctors soon as possible before its to late. I didn't want this baby. It would ruin my life. I burst into tears at lunch today and ran off into the bathrooms. It was to much. I was so young. Why me?


24th Febuary friday.

I bunked off school so I could go see the doctor and they took a urin sample. They comfirned I was and said what I could do. Dr marshall said that I had to think weather I was going to keep it or give it away. I wanted to get rid of this thing. I hated it. She said that I should think about it first but I didnt want to think about it. I just wanted it gone. I went to tiffany's after and she had a rage that I had made my mind up. I had until wednesday.


30th Wednesday febuary night

I saw Dr Mashall today but this time I was having doubts. Monday I thought wether it was a girl or boy and I had to stop myself it didnt matter it would be out of me soon. Dr mashall gave me another week to see how I felt then.


7th wednesday febuary 

I'm already showing and I found myself talking to it. I went to see Dr mashall again and I was having doubts she said that what reasons I had and I only came up with 2. I had my education and what people thought of me. But they were selfish reasons. She said what reasons to have to keep it and I came up with 4.Dr mashall said that I could have another week but as more weeks pass I felt I was going to change my mind. 



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