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Vanessa thinks she is just a ordinary girl with a stressed mother and a long lost father. Until things start to get a little weird. She finds herself in a uncontrollable rage at a student in the lunch hall but is dragged away by her ex friend Charlie who she finds herself falling for. Her grandmother who she hadn't seen in years is noted and then forced to tell Vanessa the truth as her mother refuses. She tells her that she is a witch by her father and a wolf by her mother, at first she thinks it all a joke until more things start to make sense. She is told she has to pick a side with her loving grandmother or her monster mother. Secrets will be reveled, friendships will be made and broken and lives will be lost but what side will Vanessa chose because war is coming.

Submitted: April 25, 2012

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Submitted: April 25, 2012




Stretching my arms and legs, I rose from my bed and ran my hand through my hair. I yawned sleepily and grabbed my slippers. Slowly, I put them on and went into my bathroom. My hand searched the wall for the switch and flicked it on. I gazed into the mirror with my reflection staring back at me. My messy chocolate brown hair, my big brown eyes, my long dark eye lashes, my small face shape with a matching nose, my pale skin and pink lips stared back at me. I grabbed the hair brush and brushed it through my hair. I splashed my face with fresh water from the tap and patted my face dry with a towel. I did my make-up and got dressed into my normal denim jeans, white plain t-shirt, my dark blue jacket and my black converses. I sighed, was anything going to change my boring life? Answer: Properly not. I walked out and grabbed my rucksack and swung it over my right shoulder. I walked past the kitchen where my mom would be cooking breakfast for me and my little sister and out the door. I just wanted to have a little alone time. I reached into my jacket and pulled out my earphones and phone. Put my earphones in my ear and put it on fall volume. The walk from my house to school was about half an hour journey through the forest and a 5 minute walk on the path. The trees were tall and cloned. As it surrounded the little gravel footpath through it. I walked through it as you me at six came blasting through the earphones. I hummed along to the tune which made me walk quicker. The air was morning cold and I told myself not to rush or I would be at school to early. So I decided to take a longer router through some meadows and clearings. I walked on and on until I thought I would stop. I stood in a middle of a clearing completely off track. I stopped the music and took my earphones out of my ears to think. I tried for a signal but I got no reception. Annoyed I grunted and tried to think of the way I came but I couldn’t remember.  I heard cars coming in the opposite direction so I led myself to it. I came out to a small road and then I knew where I was. A little village just off from where I lived called Galeton. I spent many weekends here with my Gran who lived just up from the road we were close until something happened between my mom and her. I asked why I couldn’t stay or visited her anymore but I never got a clear answer.  When I asked what happened I got a vague we had a disagreement but whenever I asked what about, my mom just used to carried on like she didn’t hear me. I thought about going there so maybe she could give me a lift but I hesitated. Cars started to beep at me as I stood at the side of the road staring into space. I jumped, yes I was a jumpy girl known for it. I was quiet to. I didn’t look much like my mom. So much for my dad, he disappeared before I was even born so I didn’t remember him and my mom never showed me pictures, of caused I asked a few times but as always I didn’t get told much just that he was there one evening gone the next. I just blew it off as one of those dads who left because he found out he was going to have a child and didn’t want to know, I have seen enough Jeremy Kyle shows to of known. I waited for the cars to pass until there was a space for me to safely walk across the road. When I crossed I remembered I time must of passed. I looked at my phone saying  8:45. I cursed I was late and my mom would freak. So without another word I walked towards my Nan’s house.

When I was there, I started to remember the days I spent here. The way me and my Nan made cookies on a Saturday afternoon and while they baked I would play with Elizabeth next door and my Nan would call me in when they were ready. Elizabeth was a golden hair girl with light brown eyes she was small but taller than me at that age and as she would ran around her natural curls would bounce. I walked up to the door and knocked gently. It had been three years since I last saw her and even wondered if she still lived here. When that occurred to me it made me unsettle. The door opened to see a frail skinny women there. It was my Nan for sure but she seemed so old and sad. Her eyes grew bigger and she studied me and remembered who I was. “Vanessa?” he voice with a hint of wonder. She studied me for a moment and I did the same. It was like seeing a familiar stranger she was so much older and her eyes had become smaller. She looked skinner as well. I cleared my throat “Hi Nan,” I said.  I swear I saw a flash of sadness sweep across her eyes. She smiled through I could sense her awkwardness. “Shouldn’t you be at school?” She asked worried. I smiled back though I felt like jumping with joy after 3 years of seeing her finally. “Yeah about that, I kind of got carried away walking through the woods and I didn’t know my way back so I thought I could borrow your car?” I explained. Her stare Was like a crazy mean lady stare it made me uncomftable so I shifted my precision and cleared my throat. She blinked “Honey, I think you should leave,” She said her voice soft but with a hint of warning. Tears sprang to my eyes how anyone I love so much could say that. All those winter and summer weekends what happened to all the stuff I shared with her. My first kiss, the first guy to break my heart, my best friend fight and when I needed a shoulder to cry on and she was always there. I blinked the tears back “ B-but I’m miles away from school, how will I get there?” I stumbled my voice weak. She looked at me I swore I saw sadness within them. “I’m sorry, don’t tell your mother you came here,” She said slowly backing away. I felt so hopeless. “P-please Granma,” I begged she seemed to hesitate for a second. “I’ve missed you so much Gran, Mother never tells me anything and it’s like she shuts me out, I need someone to talk to, someone who knows me,” I begged more desperate I said no more as I didn’t trust my voice. I begged her the only way I could, with my eyes. She came closer and touched my face wiping away a tear that escape my eyes. “Hush child, I will take you to school but you must never tell your mother,” She said her eyes becoming the way they used to be kind and understanding she almost looked younger. “But why can’t mother know?” I asked I mean I knew about the fight but I didn’t understand how it stopped me from seeing the only person I cared so much from. She smiled her eyes flashing sadness across them again “Because dear, many things are complicated in the adult world but I assure you it will make sense soon,” I looked uncertain “I promise,” She spoke soft but I knew it was end of discussion. I knew my Gran to well so I just nodded and hopped into her car. She smiled at me as she got in and it made her wrinkles smooth like she hadn’t smiled in years. “Let’s go then sweetpea your already late as it is,” She winked at me as she put her keys into the socket and the old car rumbled to a start. I smiled at her it was just like old times when she dropped me home we chatted about the same things we used to, friends, teachers and boys. Like it had only been yesterday I had seen her. We laughed and in a long time I felt truly happy. The ride went to quick and it stopped at the gates I so desperately didn’t want to say goodbye now but it felt I would see her soon. I got out the cold hitting me making me shiver I stuffed my hands in my pockets hoping to keep them warm. “Bye sweetpea, I love you,” She said as I shut the door. She hesitated to say more and I saw tears coming to her eyes. “Come over anytime you want, I’m always in,” She said and she drove off before I could even say anything and I swear I saw tears rolling down her face in the mirror. My body felt so happy, I had my Granma back!

I got into school the heat hitting my face making it burn. Quickly I roughly scribbled my name into the check in making some lame excuse about my lateness and made it quickly to first period. I mumbled a sorry I’m late and made my way to my seat. I smiled brightly to see my best friend Jessica but everyone calls Jess sitting in her place next to me beaming her big in-between brown and green eyes at me like a puppy dog. “Hey,” I greeted and slumped into my seat maybe school was going to set on fire. But properly not I wasn’t lucky enough. “Hi,” She said back and watched my closely “You alright?” I smiled at her “Yep same old same old, miss anything?” I asked and she gave a short laugh. “Right well if you call Mr curt learning how a cell works missing out then this school is allot funner than I thought,” I laughed. I loved Jess she was one of my best friends. Sir hissed us to be quiet and we settled down. “Just because he’s old doesn’t mean he has to be so mean,” She grumbled and I grinned to myself opening my text book and reading the all too familiar text book with to many words init I didn’t even bother understanding. Lessons went quickly and soon it was home time. The outside didn’t warm up anymore so I pulled on my scarf and hat my hands in my pockets. “Hey, I know it’s cold and all but you don’t need to look like a Eskimo,” Amber called I turned to see her walking over to me her natural brown curly hair shinning even in this dull light. Amber was another one of my best friends she was the fashionable girlie one who had to die for hair that made everyone jealous and boys ran a mile for. She had thick dark eye lashes that she flutters and every boy would come running if they knew they had a chance. “I’d rather be safe then sorry,” I said as I hugged her skinny body I could easily break. “Well, I guess snotty noses and red eyes are really unattractive,” She said agreeing. “Got that right,” Jess called as she walked over. Jess was the kind one and always there for you. She was blond with in-between brown and green eyes. Amber would always say she would die for Jess’s hair but we all knew she was just being nice as Jess’s hair was short and simple it was cool but not something Amber would trade for. Beside Jess was Claudia and Ruby. Claudia was always dressed in light colours people said that was why she was called Claudia. She also had blond hair but long and wavy with blue eyes. However, Ruby was a Italian girl her hair was jet black that she recently died to have a hint of red and she always wore her black skinnies sometimes her blue or purple ones. Nothing emo we actually thought it suited her. “Hey guys,” I greeted as they came over they returned my smile. “So I was thinking because the Christmas dance is coming up we can all go shopping and then come back to mine for a sleepover?” Amber asked. Did I mention she was rich? I had completely forgot about the dance but I decided it was best I didn’t say anything as we were the girls organising it. “Sure,” Jess, Claudia and Ruby said. When I didn’t say anything they all looked at me I almost felt pressured. “Yeah sure you know how bad I need a shopping trip,” I answered as excited as I could. Amber’s smile widen which I thought was impossible but I was proven wrong. “Then it’s settled,” Amber practically squealed as we walked towards the gates. I think it almost burst my ear drums. “Oh my god, what about dates?” Ruby said and we all gasped expect for Claudia who we all knew had a boyfriend Todd. “I totally forgot,” Jess gasped. Did my friends actually think we needed guys to make us happy obviously they did especially if it was our reputation on the line. “Me to!” Amber squealed again. I let them babble on about what they could do and I just plodded along nodding when it was needed. “What are we going to do Vanessa?” Ruby asked and they all turned to me worry in their eyes. I sighed “Amber can flirt with the football player while me, Jess and Ruby flirt with the Ruby team?” I suggested. They all laughed “Why didn’t we think of that ourselves?” Amber said making her voice sound like she was ashamed of herself. We got to the end of the gates and Ruby and Claudia said their goodbyes and hopped into their cars. We carried on walking “I wish it snows,” I blurted. I could imagine how great it would be to build a snowman, have a snow fight, make snow angles and slide along the frozen puddles like I used to do with Gran. “Hell yeah, think how pretty it would be,” Jess agreed and stopped at their cars. “Well cya later V.” The said as they got in leaving me to walk alone in the cold.

The walk was quicker than normal and I was glad to get into the warmth. I smelt my mother’s special stew and heard the kids channel in the lounge that my sister would be watching. Well my half sister, my mother was with another guy for a few months and like my father he ran when he found out my mother was pregnant. I went into the kitchen to find my mother hoving over the cooker. Exhausted I dropped my bag to the floor my mother to busy humming along to her favourite tune busy making dinner to nosiest I was home. I breathed in the scent. “Mom that smells so good,” I compliment. She span around in surprise putting her hand on her heart. She looked at me and sighed “God, Vanessa you scared me,” She said dully with a little of annoyance init. “Sorry,” I grumbled and looked away this was the way it always was. She was never happy with me. Never happy to see me. I didn’t know what I had done to make her hate me so much she just did. I asked her sometimes but it always ended it up as a fight. That’s why I had always been so close to my Gran she was the only thing I had close enough to a parent that loved me. “Mom, the Christmas dance is coming up and I was wondering” She cut me off and glared at me she was going to give me the I have no money talk. “Vanessa, I have no money, I have to feed and clothe your sister, pay the rent as well, I can’t afford it,” She shouted and I stumbled back. I guess the arguments were more a lifestyle now but it still hurt. I loved my mother but she didn’t care. My sister was the golden medal. “You never have any money for me, it’s the last winter dance I have until prom, but it will properly be the same when that gets here,” I argued back and she became angry I could tell. She pointed her finger at me furiously. “You young lady need to expect what you have, and don’t ever speak to me like that!” She argued back her voice much louder than mine. “What I have!” I spat out. “No father, a mother who doesn’t love me and a spoilt little sister,” She came closer and I backed away more my mother was a pretty women but she looked so old and ugly when she was angry. “GET OUT!” she shouted angrier than she ever had before. I was stunned she always fought with me but she never kicked me out. I felt like I was going to cry. “B-but where will I go?” I stumbled I felt unloved. She made the ones I loved stop seeing me and now she didn’t even want me. “I DONT CARE JUST DONT COME BACK,” I  ran out tears coming to my eyes. I didn’t have a home anymore it was gone along with my mother. I got into my truck and drove. I knew where I had to go and that was Amber’s. I texted her to say I was coming and she replied with I was going to invite you Jess’s coming over to. I left it at that and drove away.

I drove through the back roads trying to avoid traffic. My headlights were on full beam but the road ahead still looked long. I picked up my speed to get to it quicker but I felt like I was getting nowhere. Suddenly, a person stepped into the road. I panicked my heart beat stopping I hit the break and swerved into the bushes off the side of the road. I screamed fear taking over me. A thump made me hit my head against the steering wheel like hitting a brick wall. Everything went black. I woke up trapped upside down in my car. My breathe fasting I tried to move my legs but I couldn’t. Pain was slashing through my ribs as my seat belt was cutting through my chest. I blinked again and again to get my vision clearer I studied my legs trapped under the pedal my head hanging making me feel dizzy and sick. My hands were numb with coldness as well as my body. I tried to scream but it was like my voice was clogged up. I looked to my side to see the long back roads no cars ever came down here at this time the nearest house must of been about 2 miles away. I panicked even more what if this was how I died? No I couldn’t die. I was still alive. “H-help,” it came out weak and wobbly.  I tried to unclick my seat belt but it wouldn’t budge and with every movement I did it made pain slash through my body. I turned my head to the window again to see a figure jogging towards me. Hope washed over me. He reached my car and bent down my heart stopped it was Charlie. Charlie was my old friend back in seventh grade, me, him, Elizabeth and Adrian used to always hang out together in fact my Gran used to say we were un-separatable.  When the fight happened between her and my mother they also stayed away from me I tried to hang out with them but they would just ignore me whenever I tried to join in. Charlie said he was busy doing late homework or he would talk to me later but he never did. Adrian and Elizabeth moved classes so I guess they wouldn’t have to face me. They said the same thing as Charlie said. In 9th grade I heard Adrian and Elizabeth hocked up but somehow it felt to me like they had always been together even to their parents. They treated Adrian and Elizabeth like they were their own children it felt weird but right. Ever since that happened I started to hang out with Jess, Amber, Ruby and Claudia they opened me in their group as if it wasn’t even their choice but they seemed they liked me anyway. After years went by they still watched me like they were prepared to jump in front of a bullet for me even though they made it clear they didn’t want me. I missed them yes, but what they did to me hurt having all of them go at once felt over whelming I cried nights on end but my mother always said your find new friends and she was right she actually liked these friends. She had always hated Charlie, Adrian and Elizabeth I guess it was because they were with my Gran I suppose but it felt more than that. I never asked because every time I did it ended up as a fight which it always did anyway but I didn’t like fighting with her. I watched Charlie shocked “Oh god, Vanessa are you okay?” He sounded worried all I could do was nod not trusting my voice. “Okay, let’s see if I can help,” He studied me and looked down at my legs. “I-I c-cant move,” I stumbled feeling tears coming to my eyes. Granma I thought like she was trying to contact me. Where are you sweetpea? Her voice filled my head. Back roads I thought and she was gone I so much wanted her back. Charlie hesitated his hand towards me I looked at him. His eyes met mine and I could see his worry in them. Headlights beamed and before I could think Gran was beside Charlie. “Darling, it’s okay we are going to get you out,” She said to me her voice fill of concern like it had been when I had caught my hand on a stinging nettle on Easter day and when I cried for half a hour because it hurt. I had only been 9 so you couldn’t blame me. I shook my head “I’m s-so cold, please I can’t move,” I panicked not realising I had been chattering my teeth. My eyes began to burn tears. She turned to Charlie who eyes were filled with worry and whispered something to him. I couldn’t hear it and I didn’t care all I wanted was to be out of the car. More pain slashed through me and I screamed. “Hush, sweetpea,” Gran said feeling braver than I did. I looked between them both. “I’m going to help you,” Charlie said it was like he felt more worried than me. I nodded and he crawled in beside me. He studied my angle more carefully and he looked up to me. I looked up finding his eyes something strange happened it was almost as if he shared the same feeling as I did. “Do you trust me?” He asked in a strange voice and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling it was like one of those scenes from a cheesy romantic movie. He smiled like he was sharing the same thought. I never nosiest how fit he actually was, we had always been friends and he was always the geeky cute boy with the glasses way too big for his face kid but now. He looked older, his light brown hair that fell into his face like a movie star his crystal hazel eyes and his boy face all suited him well. I shock the thought away I couldn’t find my ex-friend fit. I forgot about the pain until then. I screamed again “Yes yes just get me out,” I snapped though my clenched jaw to stop me from screaming again he nodded and put his hand below my head to keep me from falling. He cut the seat belt and I squeezed my eyes shut. I opened them to find myself in Charlie’s arms he gently put me down on the grass taking his jacket off putting it over my freezing shoulders. I looked up at my upside down car crashed into some bushes my windows smashed and my door hanging off. “You better have insurance,” Charlie teased and I grinned up at him my vision a bit bleary. “Oh honey, are you okay,” Gran rushed up to me. I looked up at her she seemed distant I blinked a few more times. My phone buzzed in my pocket. I flipped it open.

“Hello?” I asked my voice a little weak. “Oh my, Vanessa you know it’s 11 o’clock, we were so worried are you okay?” Amber voice rushed through the phone worry in her voice. “Amber, I’m fine just... just traffic,” I lied to her but she normally brought it even though I was two hours late, she made a relief sigh. “Good, we haven’t eaten yet so get here as soon as you can, Jess’s stomach is growling and its annoying me,” We laughed as we knew Jess had a hunger problem. She wasn’t fat at all but she when she was hungry her stomach sounded like a aeroplane ready to take off. “Oi, I heard that,” I heard Jess shout in the back ground and we laughed again. “You didn’t start without me did you?” A little bit of left out feeling came over. “No, you’re the opinion girl, we need you,” Amber said. “Well we are in the middle of the note book, for the 3rd time this night, cya in a bit,” Amber growled annoyed. We also knew that Jess had an obsession of the note book and not matter how many times she watched it she poured her eyes out. “God better pick up some tissues, bye” I said and Amber laughed, and I ended the call.

“Come on, better not keep those girls waiting,” Gran said as she got into the car and Charlie helped me up. I didn’t know what was so strange but Gran seemed distant the whole way she never seem distant around me she always told me everything and that was one of the reasons I loved her so much. I started to burn tears what was she hiding. “V, it’s okay the AA are coming to get your car,” Charlie said from the back seat. I turned to see him his eyes on me. We locked eye contact for a moment and the same thing happened it was like all my feelings were shared with him, it was confuting in a way but the unfamiliar feeling around him made me feel weird. I turned back around putting my head against the window watching the trees go past as Gran drove.

Gran pulled up in front of Amber’s house but didn’t drive into her drive way. I didn’t ask her why but she seemed still distant. I didn’t like Gran when she did that, she never did. I walked up to Amber’s door. Her house was huge, one look and you could tell her family weren’t short of money.  I knocked on the door to see to be greeted by her house keeper Mary. She let me in and I went up Amber’s room. I opened the door and Amber bounced up from the bed. “V, your here, yey!” She quelled and hugged me tight. Jess smiled at me her red eyes from her tears. “Dear oh dear,” I laughed at Jess. “I’m really glad you’re here, I love the notebook and everything but I really couldn’t take another movie,” Me and Amber laughed. I lurched myself on the bed and I landed on Jess. We giggled “Get of me,” She laughed and I sat up straight. “Well, so got any idea’s opinion girl?” Jess asked and I think about it. “Actually yes,” And after that the night went so quick and I really hoped Amber had something to get rid of bags.

I woke up crashed beside Amber’s bed were Jess was sleeping. I stretched my arms another day of school. I groaned. Amber hurried in her smile beaming “Well good morning sleepy heads,” She said perky. Me and Jess groaned Amber giggled. “Aw come on girls, we have to flirt with all the boys today,” I groaned again. “How can she been so happy so early?” I asked my voice rough and thick. “Shh, I’m getting up even though it’s only half five,” Jess sat up in Amber’s bed only to flop back down again. “HALF FIVE!” I cried “AMBER!” I lurched myself at her making her pin to the floor. She giggled as I got off her. “Argh, this better be worth it,” I put my hands on my hips. “What you got in mind?”

About three hours later we left Amber’s house to fight another day of school. “We look fabuloussss,” Amber said dragging fabulous at the end. We got out of the car and to my surprise whatever Amber did made all the boys stare at us as we walked towards first period. Amber smiled away and Jess winked a few times at them leaving me just walking with them feeling out of place. Lessons went quickly and lunch was here thankfully because I was starving. We, meaning, me, Jess, Amber, Ruby and Claudia sat around our normal table by the older sixth formers so that Claudia could make puppy dog eyes at her boyfriend Todd all lunch. “Hi, v,” A guys voice called interrupting our convocation on all so important nails. I looked up to see Josh walking over, the quarter back football player. I blinked in surprise and returned his smile. “Hey, Josh,” I answered back. He seemed nervous. “I-I was wondering if you had a date yet, for the dance?” He asked. I blinked at him, was he asking me to the dance. I think he was, oh god not another guy I had to turn down but what would my friends think, they would ask me why I turned down one of the most popular guys in the school. I was going to hate myself for this. “Nope not yet,” I smiled hoping this was a mistake and really he wanted to make fun of me not having one yet. “Well, would you go with me?” He asked and I practically screamed inside my head. Why? why? why? “Sure,” God did I really just say that. He smiled his players smile “Cya then,” He turned to go back before he went “Hey, by the way, the new look way better than the tom boy tramp look you had before,” He turned to go. Rage filled me did he really just say that. I felt my face get hot with anger. My friends all had their eyes on me. “V, he was only playing, chill, you got a date,” Ruby said trying but failing to calm me down. “Girl, your gonna start smoking soon,” Claudia said and I clenched my jaw tight to keep myself from snapping at her. I got up and grabbed my tray with my uneaten food on it. “V, please he isn’t worth it,” Jess said as I marched my way to his table. “Oh damit girl, food fights get messy,” Amber moaned and that when I had enough I stopped and turn around my whole body boiling with fresh anger. “Shut up, I don’t care about your to perfect hair getting some food in it,” I growled at her and she looked at me in horror. I didn’t mean to be so mean but it just came out. I marched towards his table, the table of jerks we called it. On the ‘jerk’ table had Josh and some other guys I didn’t know but recognised. He was chatting about some lame football game “Hey, Josh” I said again as I got to his table. All the football players looked up at me. He gazed up at me, “What can I do for you beautiful?” He asked putting on his players act that I knew all too well. “Dude, she doesn’t look happy,” I moved my eyes to a girl who sat perched on some guys lap. I didn’t bother trying to recognise her as she would just be replaced soon. I looked back at Josh and I tipped my tray over his head letting my lanky school dinner slide off onto his head. His table made a ‘wo-oh’ noise as I stood there startled what had I done. My anger got the better of me, I didn’t even know I had this much anger. “I-I’m so sorr-” I got cut off by Charlie “V, quick Mr Blankford,” He said marching over to me dragging me by the elbow out of the cafeteria.  As I left I heard Josh slamming the tray to the floor “Bitch get back here!” He growled angrily. I looked behind me to see the whole school staring between us with shock gazes. I saw Josh being grabbed by Mr Blankford to keep him from coming after me as Charlie guided me out.  I breathed in and out what had happened to me. I didn’t have anger issues did I? I hope not.  Oh god everyone’s going to hate me, what if my friends didn’t like me anymore because of what I said to Amber. Oh my god Amber, what if she never forgives me. I was shaking. I closed my eyes shut. Just a dream, WAKE UP V, WAKE UP! Hoping that I would open my eyes laying in my bed with my teddy bear Hermit and the smell of my mother’s breakfast cooking. My mother that kicked me out. I opened my eyes to see Charlie standing there. I stumbled back to the hard cold wall in shock. “V, chill,” He said hesitating a hand out to me. I nodded “I didn’t mean to, I swear, I just lost, Oh no everyone’s going to hate me, what have I done?” I covered my face with my hands in shame. Charlie gently pulled my hands away from my face looking straight at me. I met his eyes, his eyes felt like they understood. “V, I think you should come with me,” He said calmly. I didn’t want to go anywhere with him, or did I? “Where to?” I asked shyly looking away from me just for Charlie to cup my face to stop from looking away. “To your Granma’s house, we have to talk to you,” I nodded wondering why he said ‘we’ and who was we? I felt dizzy and ready to pass out. Everything had gone wrong with my life and I didn’t have anything to hold onto. I swayed back and forth my legs not carrying me anymore. Charlie pulled me into his arms and it was like we fitted because I soon sank into his body. His body was warm and I felt like I could just stand here forever. He looked down at me. I tried to avoid eye contact but when I gave in something strange happened. It was like it was just me and him in the corridor letting the world fall away around us. I felt drawn to him like I never felt before it was like we knew each other like no-one else could know. He pulled me closer into his body and stroked my cheek, it made me shiver with pleasure. He gently brushed his lips over mine letting all my worries slip away. I wanted more of him and I didn’t know why. It made me scared and I didn’t want to be the type of girl caught having it off with her boyfriend in the school corridor. “Charlie,” I whispered my voice weak at his touch. “No, Charlie,” My voice made him stumble back, the corridor coming into view again. His eyes were hurt but he also felt confused and so did I. He rubbed the back of his neck refusing to meet my gaze, “Sorry, we should go,” He said marching down the corridor, I had a hard time keeping up with his long strides he did.

We got to my Granma’s pretty quick and when we pulled up into her drive way I felt relieved that the awkward silence was over. I ran up to the door like a little kid again smiling. I was just about to knock when the door opened Gran in view. My smile grew bigger if it was one person in the world who could make you feel better it was my Gran. I hugged her tight. “It good to see you again, sweetpea,” She mention calling me by my nick name ‘Sweetpea’. I didn’t want to let go of her it felt so long I hadn’t had someone close to me. “Mom kicked me out Gran,” I felt tears coming to my eyes and she hugged me tighter. “I’m sorry dear, I would never have thought it would have come to that,” I looked up at her and once again she looked deep in thought. “Gran what’s up?” I asked her concerned. She looked down at me wearily. “You better come in,” She said in a tone I had never heard her use before at me. She looked over my shoulder to Charlie. “Thank you for bringing her here,” My Gran thanked nodding her head at him. Charlie looked awkward obviously thinking about the corridor. Gran led us into the lounge were Elizabeth and Adrian sat on the love seat. I looked between them holding hands like an old married couple ready to tell their parents poor old Elizabeth was pregnant. Wow I was being horrid. Stop it v, this isn’t you. I told myself. Elizabeth looked up, Her light brown eyes beaming at me, unlike everyone else Elizabeth had golden hair that went down to her waist, It was wavy with natural ginger highlights which had changed since she was a child. “V, your here,” Elizabeth squealed and she hopped up and hugged me tight. I stood there unable to move. Why was she here? With my Gran? A little bit of jealousy jolted through me. I glared at her at the thought. She backed away to sit back next to Adrian a slim, blond hair guy who had eyes like daggers when he was mad. She looked at me weirdly like she almost felt sorry for me. I moved my eyes to Gran who was perched on her couch and Charlie standing behind me watching my every move. Actually, everyone was watching my every move I felt paralysed with a sort of strangeness like I didn’t belong here like I used to and I hated the feeling. “Honey, we have to do this,” Gran started “But there’s things you should know about your life,” I looked at her my full attention to her. “Your father was a witch Vanessa, he and me and my mother and before that her father and then his mother, all of our blood line famous witches, I wanted to tell you when I told, Elizabeth, Adrian and Charlie, but your mother wouldn’t allow it, she told me to back off or her mother was going to get involved, her mother is a were-wolf,” I let out a laugh. This was some sort of joke right. Witches? Okay that was believable but were-wolves now that a sick joke. I looked around their expressions serious. “God, call yourself a bloody nut home if you tell me, maybe I could share bunks with Elizabeth and then after dinner we could dance with the fairies in Neverland,” I teased and Charlie let out a snort followed by a dagger glare from Gran. “This is serious Vanessa, you no matter how much it is, is a witch,” She said her tone serious and getting angry. I flinched at it and looked away from her cold stare. “So say I am, that also means my mother’s a were-wolf, not saying I can’t see the resemberlance but still,” Charlie snorted again and my Gran also found it hard to keep her face straight. “There’s no need to be horrid sweetpea,” She said a bit amused. “But no, your mother never inherited it, but you did,” The humour inside me died. What the hell was she on? I couldn’t be a were-wolf it just wasn’t possible, science said it wasn’t. “How is that even possible?” I asked it felt stupid to believe it but it felt like it was the truth, Gran would never lie to me. “We have ancient magic made by our ancestors, they made a book of our families and what the future held for them, it’s same for the wolfs, a man that had a other form in a different plane that they could call upon anytime they wanted, they also have a book,” I stood there looking at her in shock. This was not happening. “What? A book for what?” I asked and she looked between Adrian and Elizabeth,“A book to decide your fate,” She said her eyes coming back to me. “So you’re telling me that this book tells us the future?” I asked stunned now that’s a book I will stay away from.  “And other things, like spells and poisons and how to solve problems when it occurs,” She explained and I felt overwhelmed. I looked over to Elizabeth and Adrian, They were together but it always felt like they had been all along. I gasped “They are destined in the book?!” I assumed more than asked. Gran looked at me softly and nodded. “All of our families are written in the book as well as the stars,” I couldn’t take it any longer my head was spinning around with questions. “That’s not possible so that means I have my fate already written up on some stupid old piece of paper before I even find out, what the hell? I thought it was us who made our own fate up what happened to that huh?!” I cried out in frustraightion. Then it clicked “If I’m both, doesn’t that mean I have two fates?” I gasped and Gran nodded her eyes filled with sadness. “You said she was a clever one,” I turned to see a tall skinny man walking into the room. He looked at bit like Dracula same paleness and the long black coat. “I’m Lucas, a friend of your fathers,” He smiled at me and I nodded I didn’t take much nosiest to him really. “He’s a elder,” I looked at him again and studied at him up and down I couldn’t hide a smile, more like head vampire. I turned back. “That’s why my mother hates me so much isn’t? Because I’m both?” I asked and Gran nodded again “And she’s afraid you will choice us instead of her,” She said “But that’s not my fault,” I cried out.  “We know but your mother loved your father, to have someone you love so much betray you, hurts”“Wait why betray?” “Our kind and Wolfs are enemies by old magic, to have a wolf and a witch have a child of both, is not a disgrace but a betrayal, they will fight for you, especially because you’re the Alpha of 400 years, your important to them, your also much stronger which makes you extra important,”“Whoa, whoa, Alpha? 400 years?” I asked and Gran sighed. “Yes, your blood line is an Alpha, the leader of your pack, and every 400 years two Alpha’s a girl and a boy will join together to make one big pack,” “w-why?” I whimpered this was way too much, I didn’t want this, I wanted my mother, I wanted my Gran, I wanted my old life back. Tears slid through my eyes Gran rushed up and held me tight as I cried into her shoulder. I struggled against her. “I don’t want you, you lied to me!” Gran stumbled back shock and hurt in her eyes. I felt sick and ran to the bathroom feeling like the world around me had collapsed leaving me with nothing to hold onto. I bent over the toilet letting my empty stomach fill the toilet. Someone held my hair so it didn’t get in my face, I didn’t know who it was but their hands felt soft against my skin making it tingle. I collapsed on the floor my back against the wall to keep me sat up straight. I looked up to find Charlie crouched over me, “It’s okay Vanessa, you have me, I may not be much, but it’s something, it’s something you can love and have love you back,” I looked at him surprised. I guess I did have him but I didn’t realize I had him in that way. He lifted up a hand and I took it only to find when I stood up my knees were wobbly and I fell against him. I felt so weak but he was right I clung to him like he was the only thing I had left and he did the same like he knew how he felt like he was here once when no-one else was. He scooped me up in his arms and took me upstairs. I buried my head in his chest to keep myself from looking at the others as we went past.He took me up to my bedroom well my bedroom I had at Granma’s. I didn’t need this I had enough shit already in my life. He laid me on my bed tears streaming down my face uncontrollably. I felt so alone, I had pushed everyone that loved me away by the help of the people I even loved. I shut my eyes but all I could think was how this wasn’t possible. Maybe this is a joke maybe they will come out any minute with video cameras shouting surprise! But deep down I knew it was the truth. I didn’t even care that I was crying in front of the guy I loved. I just wanted to be normal was that too much to ask for? I felt someone sit beside me but they didn’t say anything, I felt Charlie put their arm around my shoulder pulling me against his body I felt so drawn to. I felt like I wanted him here and I didn’t know why. I let more tears slip through my eyes but I also felt tired and weak.  I fell backwards onto my back on my bed and Charlie mimicked my move and feel back as well. I cuddled up against his warm body. I didn’t realise I had and I blinked to see Charlie stroking my hair, he seemed to not care. He didn’t see me opening my eyes so I just shut them again. I was too weak to fight against someone I wanted. I woke up my eyes feeling a bit weird. I snuggled up to what I thought was my teddy until it breathed. I blinked in surprised there was a boy about 17, my age and he had light brown hair. He looked quiet cute while he slept, I knew him. I yawned stanching my arms. Charlie. Then I remembered everything, no I wanted to say as too much over came my brain. I fell to the bed. I guess my wish came true. My life got more interesting even though I didn’t want it to be like this. I turned away from Charlie and checked the time on the clock half 9 on a Friday, guess I was missing school. I groaned at the thought I had messed up so bad, they’re properly all chatting about me now, all gathered around our lunch table. “Come back,” Charlie mumbled. I turned back to him, his eyes opened slowly, they found me and he smiled “Have I died?” He asked and I looked at him with a ‘Yeah, I’m an angel’ look.  “Vanessa?” He said his voice thick and rough. “Yep,” I said with a yawn. I sat up at the same time as he did. I glared at him what was he playing at. He grinned at me “So, I was wondering about that guy who asked you to the dance,” He hesitated and rubbed the back of his neck “Would you go with me?” He looked up and quickly looked down again. I stared at him this guy had seen me puke my guts up, cry and be in an uncontrollable rage and he still liked me. Shyly, he grabbed my hand and I sat still unable to make my mind work. Hesitating, he bent down and brushed his lips over mine my heart beated so fast it was like it could beat right out of my chest. Gently, he kissed me his lips soft and sweet, I pulled him closer and he wrapped his strong arms around me. I moved my arms around his neck letting my fingers tangle in his hair. He pulled back “I’m taking that as a yes?” He assumed but asked anyway I just nodded and pulled away. “You haven’t figured it out yet have you?” He asked and sighed I looked at him with a suspicious look. “Figured out what?” I asked. “Our families in the stars?” I looked at him with a strange look. “Elizabeth and Adrian are meant to be their families have been destined for years, destiny is hard to run from but your Father did it,” He looked deep in thought for a second “Who was my father meant to be with?” I asked. “My mother,” And I gasped. “But this makes no sense if destiny got out run then shouldn’t that mean I have no destiny?”  He sighed again. “Destiny is hard to explain but it can be rewritten, but somehow it rewrote itself when your father met your mother, I guess destiny chose a different path for him,” “I still unsure, how is destiny hard to run from, I mean cant people just not fall in love or meet someone there not if they knew?” “It’s much more complicated than that, destiny will try to out run you, say if I was meant to cross a bridge today and I wanted to change that, then destiny would make the rest of the routes to get where you’re going close down leaving you with only one choice,” “So what happened is you decided to go back and not go over the bridge?” “I guess it would find a way to shut all the roads so you’re stuck there and then it isn’t a question of staying there, destiny would be like a whisper in your head telling you to cross the bridge it takes a whole lot of strength to beat it,” He explained and I kept my ears pealed. “And my father did, how?” “Like I said, your mother and father fell in love and destiny has no say in that, they can make you find people you will fall in love with but once you have met them when you weren’t meant to they can’t do anything about it, however they can stop you from meeting again, It complicated,” “So I know when I found my destiny,” He shrugged and refused to meet my eyes. “What does it feel like?” He looked up deep into my eyes. “It’s like they are the only thing that matters, it’s like they understand, they can feel what you feel and no matter what, you would do anything for them, even if you try and deny it, you never can,” He studied me and I looked at him. He seemed like he wanted me to say something to do something but I couldn’t something was screaming at me but I couldn’t understand it. “I-I-” I tried to say something but it wouldn’t come out. Then I looked at him like looked at him properly. It felt weird; it felt like he was the only one in the world it was like we were the only people in the world, then it hit me and I gasped. He looked down shamefully. It was him, him all along since kindergarten. The geeky boy with the glasses to big for his face, how I used to stand up for him when other kids used to make fun of him. I had known all along but didn’t realise. “The geeky little boy with the too big of glasses for his face,” I smiled he looked at me a grin spreading across his face. “The cute little girl all the boys wanted,” I laughed, it was true well kind of, I remembered what he used to say to me, ‘no boy is worth you,’ how much I used to never understand what he said way to grown up for our age but it felt it settled. “No boy is worth you,” I quoted and he smiled shyly.“And the time you pinned me down in the sand pit because I didn’t approve of your latest guy-friend because I was jealous and the teachers had to come and pull you off of me,” We laughed.“And I came running back crying because they had told me that they were going to call my mommy,” We laughed again. “And the time in your Granma’s garden, Lizzy used to always make you have the princess Barbie and you used to come to me asking to beat Lizzy up because she never used to let you play with los-angles super star doll,” I laughed. “And how you got in a agreement with Adrian because of it,” I added remembering me hiding behind Charlie and Lizzy behind Adrian as they shouted childish comments at each other and in the end Gran had to break it up because no of us were going to back down as if he read my mind Charlie burst into laughter shortly followed by me. I fell back against my bed Charlie flopping down next to me. “Good times,” He chuckled and my humour died that could never happen again, we weren’t normal anymore and it felt gutting, tears came to my eyes and Charlie turned on his side facing me. He wiped away a tear that I couldn’t hold in. “Vanessa, we aren’t monsters, we are still human,” He said but it didn’t feel like we were, it felt like something had been awaken deep within my body. “W-what can we do?” I asked shakily. He sighed not looking away from me. “Are you sure, you want to know?” He asked and I nodded. He sat up and closed his eyes. The curtains drew by themselves and the windows unlocked letting a gush of cold air break into the room. I sat up amazed. He grabbed my hand and the wind picked up, his eyes flashed open. “Come with me,” I nodded.

We walked hand and hand though the woods the wind cold against my skin I shivered and he hugged me to keep me warm. The birds sang in the frosty morning, we came to a clearing and he led me to a tree and sat down dragging me down with him. We sat there, I watched the birds and butterflies fly around while Charlie sat there watching me. I looked up at him his gaze on me. “What?” I said a little embarrassed and I blushed looking away quickly. He cupped my face and looked at me. “You ready to know?” He asked his voice husky and I nodded. He sighed and stood up letting go of my hand. He closed his eyes and breathed slowly. He raised his arms and I gasped. The wind swirled around him making him look like a god. He raised them more making the wind around him circ

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