Call of the Wanderer

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It's a feeling that I get every now and then.

Submitted: June 18, 2008

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Submitted: June 18, 2008



It is a call that has nothing to do with the telephone,
a hedonistic desire that one cannot help but fall prey to.
When those seductive words are whispered all that can be done is to listen and to follow.
Though the road is deadly and often forks,
the wanderer continues to pick directions without any logic.
Why must the wanderer walk?
Why must such a character continue down into ruin and solitude?
Never does the wanderer turn around and wonder what could have been.
Bridges are burned so that all that lies ahead is the next moment.

There is no turning away from this call,
though it may be ignored.
The wanderer that ignores this beckoning is cursed to die with friends and family;
but, never will that wanderer know the sweet seduction and recklessness of the open road.
That wanderer will die never knowing the largest part of himself.

Is it worth it to leave a safe home for uncertainty?
Is it possible to find bliss in the solitude of wandering?
Does it matter when the wind is whispering in your ear as only a lover would?
What paths are there to choose from?
That matters not because we are still unsure
If it s the walker that chooses the path, or the path that chooses the walker.

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