Master and His Pet

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A small peek into a very different aspect of the world of BDSM. No the character do not have names because I just did not want to give them names.

Submitted: May 31, 2008

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Submitted: May 31, 2008



Light from the small fire cast delicate orange and red shadows on the wall of the study. This was his favorite room of the house. It was so quiet, so peaceful, so serene. The wall were filled with all of his favorite books, those were his best friends. No matter how poorly he treated them, those pages never left this room. They were always waiting here for him, with a gentle voice. No, there was one other who always waited for him. She had no desire to leave him, at least not one that he could see. But she was not in his study. No doubt she was padding around the house occupying her time elsewhere.

The desk at which he sat was a beautiful mahogany, lacquered to a perfect shine. Nothing but a bottle of merlot, a lamp, and a calendar where out on that desk. He kept it that was so that he would not be distracted by outside problems here in his little refuge. The glass that would accompany the bottle was already in his hand, being raised to book as an odd salute to their greatness. Only after that would he raise the glass to his own lips. With a satisfactory smile he sipped, indulging in another one of his pleasures.

Work was always tiresome and he loved to come home and relax in this manner, especially after a particularly vexing day. There were only two things that he cared for more than his peace, books, and wine. The first of those pleasures was in his top desk drawer, just waiting for him to open it. He would not indulge in that delicious smoke until he had taken care of his favorite pleasure. In order to do that he would have to summon her up. The smile on his face grew to a grin as he rose from his chair and went to the door.

“Would you come up here kitty,” he called to the woman that was lounging downstairs. She came running up to him immediately, her own hobby forgotten. She would always drop whatever she was doing to answer his call, because she knew that was what he wanted.

“Yes,” she said in a soft voice when she reached him. Her eyes remained downcast, one of her restrictions. Around her neck was a collar with a bell in it. He had taken to calling her his little cat so he bought her a bell to go with the collar that he had bought her when she came to his house.

“Go fetch a towel and a bucket of warm water,” he commanded her. She was off instantly, down the stairs, running to complete the task that she had been given. He turned back into the room and returned to his desk. Yes, today had put him in bad spirits and he needed to work through that frustration. Of course she would help with that.

From the bottom desk drawer he pulled out four pieces of nylon rope, each only about two feet long. Normally he would have used the cuffs in the drawer, but he felt like taking extra care tonight. He laid the rope on the top of the desk in a straight line and then opened another drawer. From that drawer he retrieved three knives ranging from six inches to a foot. Those would be two of his toys for the night. He felt like their might be more that he wished to do, but this would suffice for now. He little cat could not know all that was coming to her. An idea stuck him and he pulled a blindfold out from the same drawer as the rope. They had not gotten a chance to use it before and he thought tonight would be perfect for it. After lying the blindfold down by the rope, he picked up the knives and stored them back in the drawer.

There was a soft knock at the door. It was his precious little kitty, he could almost hear her excited breathing on the other side of the door. He had been neglecting her lately because of all the work that he had been doing. There had just not been time to take care of all of her needs. He felt a pang of remorse. He would make tonight extra special for her.

“You may enter,” he called standing up. The door clicked open and soft footfalls on the floor let him know that she was coming in. He had risen and went to the CD player on the opposite side of the room. There he found his favorite piece of music and put it in, only then did he turn back to see her standing there with a bucket cradled in her arms and a towel over her shoulder, her eyes were still trained on the floor.

“Take your dress off and sit down pet,” he commanded in a soft tone. Only because he was watching her face for it did he see the soft smile that played over her lips as she slipped off her dress and let it pool at her feet on the floor. For a moment he just stared at her, the firelight reflecting off her breasts. His eyes trailed down her torso and around to the curve of her ass. A strange look passed over his face, possession. But he was hers as much as she was his. When she sat down he continued to watch her breathing for a moment before taking a deep breath and walking over to her. He walked until he was behind her, his hands resting gently on her bare shoulders for a moment before he reached around her and picked up the blindfold.

“We are going to do something new pet,” was all that he said to her before tying it securely around her head. He leaned over her again and picked up the four pieces of rope. He held them in his mouth as he let himself slide his hands down her shoulders and arms to her wrists. He heard her catch her breath as he pulled her wrists behind her and began to tie them with one piece of the rope. With another piece he secured her bound wrists to the back of the chair. The last two pieces he used to bind her ankles to the base of the office chair. Once his knots had been tied he ran a finger underneath all of the ropes to make sure that they had not been tied to tightly.

“Tell me what you have been up to today, my little cat,” he muttered opening the drawer with the knives in them. Her breath was short as she tried to anticpate what he would do to her.

“I polished the furniture in the sitting room,” she managed to get out before she felt the cold press of the carbon steel knife against her side. What she had missed was that he had went and laid one of the knives close to the fire to heat it some.

“I doubt that that took you all day and if it did you are growing lazy,” he scolded rubbing the flat edge of the knife against her skin. She trembled for him but kept her mouth shut. “Do you know what I’m going to do to you?” he asked. He had now lifted the knife so that the sharp edge scraped back and forth over her skin.

“Are you going to punish me,” she asked in a pant.

“No because that is what you want me to do,” he responded. “I am going to do whatever I want to do.” The sharp edge of the knife bit into her skin just between her breasts. She cried out for him, but he did not stop after that small incision. There was another, and another, and another until her upper body was covered in small welts, some of which had a small drop of blood on them. He stood then to admire his work and his beautiful panting pet. He then wheeled her from behind the desk closer to the fire. He picked up the knife and tested the temperature with his wrist and cheek. The blade was hot but not too hot.

He knelt before her, spreading her legs as wide as the restrictions would allow them. A gentle kiss on the inside of her thigh just before he laid the warm blade there. She twitched and inhaled sharply, causing the shape edge to bite into her skin. More blood trickled down her legs as he repeated this process. Always cutting her, but never deeply enough to bleed too much or scar. He could see where the blindfold was stained with tears, her tears for him. He smiled and laid the warmed blade on the carpet.

“I love when you cry for me,” he whispered before he kissed her deeply. His tongue plunged into her mouth with permission. He would take what he wanted from her and in the process give her what she desired. He bit down on her lip as he ended that kiss. His hands her in hair, pulling her head roughly back as he kissed his way down her neck. His lips and teeth found the small welts on her chest, causing her to cry out again. He could tell by the way that her body fought the restraints and writhed that she was enjoying the delicate pain that he was giving her. His mouth found her nipple and he bit down, leaving an impression of his teeth on each one. Her cries turned to whimpers.

“All of this already, and I haven’t even begun,” he whispered to her standing up. “I love you my little kitty cat.”

“I love you master,” she whispered back. Dominance

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