I'm Sorry I'm Not Perfect

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Ya I wrote this alittle while ago when I was pissed off at my parents... Hope you enjoy it

Submitted: March 01, 2008

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Submitted: March 01, 2008



Will I ever be good enough?
Will I ever reach everyone’s expectations of me?
It seems like I fail at everything I do
And it doesn’t matter how f***ing hard I try

It doesn’t matter if I’m passing with an A
You yell at me to get an A+
I’m sorry I’m not the perfect daughter
Who could do no wrong

Who got perfect grades and had no attitude
Who keeps her room spotless
Who never talks back or rolls her eyes
I’m trying my best to balance everything

And do as good as I can
But its never good enough is it?
I try to be perfect but I cant
Its to much pressure to put on me

I cant be perfect
I hate you for expecting me to be
I cant take it anymore
I’m being pulled apart at the seems

But you don’t care
I’m always upset nowadays
And half the time its your fault
I’m at the edge of a cliff

And about ready to jump
So go ahead and yell at me
Go ahead and say I’m not good enough
Take me away from everything

See how long I last
Because when you’re yelling at me
I’m planning my escape
How to get the gun out of your room

Pills out of the cabinet
I already have a knife in my room
So say I’m not perfect
While I plan my death

Maybe you’ll think better of me
When you burry me in the ground.


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