My Broken Story

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Just a poem I wrote when I moved two states away from my home in August 2006

Submitted: February 19, 2008

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Submitted: February 19, 2008





I still love you
And don’t know why
Every day without you
Makes me want to die

I want you with me
I want you by my side
But I had to say I didn’t love you
But you see my dear I lied

I wish it was different
Back to the way it used to be
Back to when there was nothing
Between you and me

But I cant turn back time
And nothing will ever by the same
There will always be a space between us
And I’m the one to blame

It could have been perfect
It could have been great
But neither of us saw the future
We could not change our fate

I couldn’t get over you
Try as hard as I could
All the crying and saying I don’t love you
Did no good

I knew you were going
Through this pain as well
And ever day we weren’t together
Made life a living hell

So I made up another lie
To help you get overme
I said I had a boyfriend
So you’d realize we could never be

All these stupid lies
Not one of them real
Made up to deceive
Hide how I really feel

I was talking to one of my friends
He said you were over me
It was what I wanted
But it was so hard to believe

But time moved on
And I guess I did to
Every now and then
I think about me and you

But now I think me leaving
Was for the best
Now I can move on
And lay this love to rest

But you were my first love
And I know this to be true
No matter how much time passes
Apart of me will always love you.

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