What I could Not Say

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Submitted: February 19, 2008

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Submitted: February 19, 2008



You said if I died
You’d be sad
You said if I killer myself
You’d be mad

But that was
A long time ago
Do you feel the same
This I’d like to know

But I doubt you do
‘Cause you moved on
Now all my happiness,
Hope, and love is gone

So what’s to keep me
In this terrible land
With a blade at my wrist
And the slip of a hand

There is one thing
That keeps me here
The hope that once again
You’ll be near

For you see
I still love you
You’re the one that
Helps me get through

Hard times and bad times
You were there
You’re the one
Who showed you really cared

But I had to say
That we could never be
I moved away
Each other we’d never see

But when I was saying it
I began to shake
I knew once I said goodbye
My own heart would surely break

But I had to I didn’t want to
Put you through this pain
Tho we promised to be friends
Things between us will never be the same

I guess I’m writing this
To say what I could not
We could be together
At least that’s what I thought

But I know now
That we could never be
And knowing that
Fills me with misery

Tho I still wish for you
I’m slowly losing hope
I don’t know how much longer
I’ll be able to cope

I guess what I’m trying
To say is goodbye
Just know I’ll love you
Till the day I die.

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