FOR YOU- JaeJoong

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is the english essay I did. It is about Kim JaeJoong, my love.

it is a dramatic monologue.

Submitted: January 10, 2011

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Submitted: January 10, 2011



For you

I don’t remember the first time I saw you,

I don’t remember the first video I watched of you.


I am NOW in love with you.

It is a secret.

Your first smile I saw is long gone,

What matters is the smile I saw now.

Will you always be smiling?

Can you show me your weak side?

Only to me.

It’s a secret.

Remember one of your songs:

For you it’s separation, to me its waiting.

Is it the same for us?

It’s a secret.

Sometimes, I feel useless,

Then, I would wish that you could be here,

By my side, lend me your shoulder for me to lean on.

- This is a barrier between us,

The one that I can never step over,

Because you are a rising god of the east,

I’m a Cassiopeia.

Do you know you have the power to change a person’s life?

To make them happy again?

Everyday I wait- for you

My heart skipped a beat, a message.

It is written in Korean, a language I do not understand.

-This is a barrier between us,

The one I can step over and say

??, ????

I spend most of my days daydreaming about you,

How we’ll meet each other,

How we’ll fall in love .

One of them is that I went to every airport you go, to see you,

Because you are a regular in the airport,

I stand in front of the exit, so

When you come out the airplane, the first person you’ll see it’s

Me. Waving at you.

I did this so many times, at so many airports.

Then, one day. You’ll finally see me, waving at you.

You smile, with a glow. That lights up my heart.

We fell in love…

 One day, you are at the airport, there were millions of fans.

I was with you, but I can’t walk side by side with you.

I know if I do it will damage your reputation.

I was walking amongst millions of people,

Stuck in the Milky Way.

Then, we finally got to the car,

I got in the car and started crying, you asked me what happened?  Did I get hurt?

I said no, it’s because I can’t walk with you, beside you.

You wrapped me up in your arms, and cried.


Yet, that is only one of my dreams,

There are still millions more, with me and you in it.

Then, something happened.

On the fifth day, I feel like my love is not as strong as before.

It’s like I started too strong,

Now, it’s


I was scared,

Scared of moving on,

Scared of not being in love with you anymore.

I tell myself it’s because I know you more than before,

because I don’t feel empty in my chest anymore.

it’s not that my love is gone.

That reassured me,


Oppa, Will you come and see me someday?  Someday? 

You said you want to marry a fan,

because you’re gonna marry a fan anyway.

I’m sooooooooo happy, it’s like floating on top of the clouds ~~~~

You said you like girls with beautiful hands,

You said you don’t like girls who talk about their feelings too much.

I cry, fall from the top to the bottom.

Sometimes, I want to go to S.M.Entertainment.

Have revenge on them for what they have done to you,

Then I thought, HOW?

What am I gonna do.?

What can I do?

I don’t know anything.

I can’t do anything.

Sorry. Jaejoong ah. 

Sorry that I’m such a useless person.

Please don’t be disappointed.

I wanted to join your fan club,

But when I go there, I don’t want to visit the website again.

It’s not that it’s not nice,

it’ not that people are not nice.

It’s not that it’s not useful.

Everything is perfect.

It’s just when I’m there,

My love for you seems like nothing, because everyone there loves you very much.

At that moment, I really do feel like one in the million,

-Just another one in the millions of fans, who loves you as well.

I don’t feel special anymore,

I don’t want that.

People say to me that you deserve all the love from fans.

I know.

People say to me, share my love with other fans would be better,

I don’t want that.

I want to keep my love for you all to myself.

I don’t want to share it with anyone.

I don’t want to share you with anyone.

Because you are important to me, Precious to me.

kekeke. I haven’t introduced myself yet.

Oppa, My name is TongTong, as you probably guessed, I’m a girl.

I’m going to be 18 in May.

The age difference between us is 7 years.

But it doesn’t matter,

MY LOVE for YOU has no age restriction.

I love you no matter what.

No matter what.

I’m a girl, who has fallen in love with you,

Wants to spend rest of her life with you, worships you. 

Wants to hold your hands, grow old with you.

When we are really old, we can’t even laugh really hard, we have to chuckle.

We could take a walk to the park on a nice relaxing day.

Talk about when we were young,

The old times…..

And maybe, just maybe.

You could give me a piggyback to the riverside.

We can sit by the riverside,

Watching the sun go down, until the stars disappear.

Of course, if we didn’t get ill. kekeke.

Oppa, I know I’m thinking too much, taking this too far,

But these are my true feelings for you.

I don’t want to hide them.

I want you to know.

Although our life is like parallel lines,

But the fact that we live under the same sky,

We like the same food,

Or we put on the same smile, dress the same style.

Always feel this way, I will feel closer to you.

It’s not that I don’t think about it, the difference between us.

I know what I look like,

I know what I’m capable of.

I know there is a massive gap between us, which will take me a lot of work and a long time to finally reach you.

But just think about when I finally do,

All the things that could happen and what it would be like to be next to you, talking to you.

All this hard work would seem like nothing.

Oppa, Can you take care of yourself, Please!? 

Don’t drink too much ok? 

Stop staying up so late, get some sleep ok?

Argh, you are getting skinnier lately, you need to eat more!!

Oppa, I know sometimes you feel sad and lonely.

I don’t know how it feels, because I wasn’t there, I didn’t go through what you’ve been through,

But whenever you feel lonely and sad, I just want to be there for you,

Give you a hug, tell you it’s ok. I’m here for you.

Oppa, I know there is millions fans that love you just like I do,

or maybe even more.

but this is my love.

Oppa, ALL this is my true feelings for you,

But please don’t take it as a pressure.

I don’t want to pressure you,

All I want is for you to be happy,

I want you to know I will always be there with you.

Forever and ever.

?? ,????, ??.

Oppa, salang haeyo, hangsang.



?? ? ??? 5?? ?? ?? ? ???, ??? ???.

naneun il dangsin-ui 5 gaega dasi hamkke il ttaekkaji, gidalil geos-ida.

? ??, ??? ? ??? ????? ??.

geu hue, ulineun keun haengboghan gajog-ieoseobogi johda.

???, ??? ??? ?? ??????.

ttalaseo, dangsin-i museun-eulhaneun gyesoghasibsio.

??? ??? ???? ??.

jeohuie gwanhayeo gominhaji malla.

??? ??? ?? ???? ?? ?? ???.

ulineun dangsin-eul wihae yeogieseo hangsang-iss-eul geos-ida.

Oppa, i love you, always.
No matter what.
I will wait, until the day the five of you are together again.
then, we can be a big happy family.
So, carry on doing what you do.
Don’t worry about us.
We will always be here for you.


THIS IS FOR YOU.  Kim JaeJoong.

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