None of It Is Real

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Two alternate realities. One is real, the other is
all in my head, nothing but my imagination. The
problem? Which reality is real?
Teresa is stuck between to alternate realities.

In one, she's a schizophrenic mental patient with only her
grandmother left living of her family.

In the other, she is a happy, normal teenage girl with her
parents and brother still alive. With normal friends and a
wonderful boyfriend.

Which one is real though? Is she really crazy? Is she imagining
her entire life while in the real world she is as useful as a
potato locked in a mental institution with no alertness or
consciousness of what is going on around her?

When her grandmother encourages her to get rid of her happy
alternate universe by killing away all of those who hold her
there. Can she kill her family and loved ones, even if she
believes they aren't real?

This is based on an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that I
recently watched, though much about it is changed, and most is my
own ideas.

This is just a draft, and might be turned into a novel later
on. Let me know what you think?

Submitted: November 05, 2011

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Submitted: November 05, 2011




None of It Is Real


“It’s not real, Teresa. It’s all your imagination. It’s your mind playing tricks on you. Look at me.” I hear Dr. Shevelton’s deep voice as I settle back into this reality. The reality where I’m insane, crazy, and schizophrenic and am locked up in a mental institution. I opened my eyes only to be blinding by a bright white light. I blink a few more times before I can see clearly.

The handsome doctor is sitting on the edge of my bed, leaning over me, with a flash light in his left hand. I look around. They walls are dim white, and the tiled floor is a dirty beige color. I begin to reach up to brush my hair from my eyes, but am restrained. My arms and legs are strapped down. I begin to struggle against the thick cloth binding me.

“Teri, you’ll be okay. Everything will be just fine. Just calm down, okay?” The doctor soothes, before looking over his shoulder and saying, “She’s back. She’s conscious.”

Who is he talking to? I can’t see!

“What are you…? Let me go!” I shout, my hands balling into fists and as I continue to fight.

“Honey, you’re back. I’ve missed you so much.” A soft voice says as a petit elderly woman steps around from behind the doctor, and wraps her arms around my shoulders hugging me. Her grayish blue, curly hair falls in my face, tickling my nose.

“Who-who are you?” I ask, as the woman pulls away. A look of sadness and despair crosses her face as I ask my question again. “Who are you?”

“Teri…” The woman begins, but chokes up.

“Teresa, this is your grandmother, Marla. Don’t you remember her?” Dr. Shevelton asks. Memories, whether real or fake, flood my mind. Memories of being sung to sleep Grams, of baking cookies, and staying up late watching classical movies, every moment ever spent with my grandmother suddenly fills my mind, and a single tear spills out from my eye, followed by several more.

“Grams…?” I say, my voice shaking. Grams sighs and her arms encircle my shoulders once again. Her body shakes as tears stain my hospital gown.

“Oh, sweetie, you really are back. You’re going to get better, I swear you are.” Grams says hugging me tighter.


Just as quickly as I was pulled into that reality I am pulled out, and everything goes black. After a few seconds I start to faintly hear familiar voices.

“Hello? Earth to Teri, are you in there?” My boyfriend, Matt, says waving a hand back and forth in front of my face. I blink, and everything slowly becomes clear. Matt and I are sitting my kitchen table. From right next to me he, places his hand on my shoulder.

“Are you okay? You zoned out again.” He says, with his forehead wrinkled with worry.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. I was just… day dreaming.” I lie, no point in everyone thing I’m crazy in both universes.

“Alright, well we better get going, were going to be late to school again.” I nod, grab my backpack, and follow him to his car.

“I hate Monday.” Matt says as I slid into the passenger seat and close the door. Everything goes black again.


“We lost her! Get her back, get my baby back!” Grams says.

“Marla, your granddaughter is ill. You know that. Her mind plays tricks on her and traps her, I can’t control it. Only she can, it’s her mind; the most we can do is to help her control it.” Dr. Shevelton says, placing his hands on Grams shoulders to calm her down.

“Well, how can we do that if she keeps leaving us?” Grams pleads, her voice low.

“Grams?” I croak. I try to sit up, but remember that I’m still restrained.

“Oh, honey…” She rushes to my side, “Remove these straps, she’s not dangerous for crying out loud!” Grams commands. The doctor does as she says; only hesitating for a moment.

As soon as my arms are free I hug Grams.

“Can I have a minute with my granddaughter?” Grams asks. The doctor nods and quickly leaves the room.

“Teri, sweetie, you need to stay here. This is real. That other world is fake, it's a lie; it’s trapping you inside your own head. Teri, do you understand me? You need to fight. You need to fight to stay here with me because I love you. Alright?” Grams asks.

I nod, and fall back onto the bed as I lose consciousness again.


“Teri, wake up!” Matt’s frustrated voice calls. I sit up quickly, still in the passenger seat of his car.

“Tired much? How much sleep did you get last night?” Matt asks, rubbing my arm. I pull away, and scoot as far from him as possible.

“What’s wrong?” He asks glancing at me as we stop at a red light. I cover my ears.

“You’re not real! None of this is real! I want to go back! Let me go back!” I scream as tears begin to fall from my eyes.

“Teri, calm down. What are you talking about? Are you sick or something, do you have a fever?” Matt asks reach over to place a hand on my forehead. I flinch away, and bury my face in my knees.

“Don’t touch me! You aren’t real! You’re just my imagination!” I scream at him, and push open the car door, and climb out.

“Wait, Teri, where are you going?” Matt’s confused voice lingers behind me as I run across the road to the sidewalk, leaving him there at the stop light. Just as my foot hits the cement of the sidewalk, I fall into a crouch, my head hitting the cement.


“Teri… oh Teri, wake up, you can do it. Your strong, remember that.” Grams sobs as she rocks me back and forth on the hospital bed.

“Grams…” I whisper. Grams lets out a relieved laugh.

“Yes, honey, I’m here.”

“I don’t want to go back. How do I stay here?” I ask as the tears for my parents and friend in the other universe slid down my cheek. I quickly wipe them away. They aren’t real, none of them.

“The doctor said only you can keep your self here. He said that you must release all of what or who is anchoring you there. Your friends, your mother and father, you must let them go. Get rid of them. Kill them in your mind.” Grams says.

“But… mommy… and daddy… I don’t want to lose them again.” I cry.

“Sweet heart, they aren’t real. Your real parents died years ago. You remember, and you have to let them if you want to stay here, you must do what I say. Understand?” She asks. I nod, as the tears form a stead river down my face.

“Good, now go back there and take care of what you need to.” Grams says, and within seconds I fade out of consciousness.


“Are you okay, miss?” A thirty-something year old man asks as I sit up.

“I’m fine.” I reply, as I walk back to Matt’s car. I climb back into the passenger seat.

“What just happened?” He asks.

“Nothing, take me home.” I demand, emotionless.

“What, why, we’ll be late for school.” He argues.

“I don’t care. There are a few things I need to take care of.” A few people that need to be killed and set free.



This is just a draft. I am considering turning it into a novel later in the future. Let me know what you think? Thanks xoxo –lovelikehey

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