Lovers and Friends

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
What happens when Bestfriends clash to get who they want?
When every relationship starts with a lie?
Can they be lovers and friends?

Submitted: February 01, 2015

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Submitted: February 01, 2015




Keishawn pov- 

"Hey Keishawn"

"Hey ladies" I said smiling.

Wassup my name Keishawn, im a ladies and my clothes and my smile, they catch alot of attention.

Dominc- Wassup *dappin him up*

Keishawn- Ah...nigga you know me, im chill

Dominic- What you got planned tonight bruh?

Keishawn- Some of that *smiling*

~Candice walks in~

Candice pov-

Dominic- what you got planned tonight?

Keishawn- Some of that *smiling*

Oh boy, here we go again...Keishawn. Don't get me wrong he fine as hell, but he alot. He always do it with me so im not complaining, but i want years not weeks and I dont see him taking " us " seriously.

Keishawn- Yo Candice!

Candice- Hey Keishawn *hugs him* Hey Dominic

Keishawn- What you doing tonight?

Candice- Chillen with the squad

Dominic- Oh real? Sasha part of that, come thru

Candice- Boy you know damn well she dont want you

Dominic- then who she wat *crosses his arms*

Candice- Honestly , iont know

Keishawn- Leave ol girl at home, come thru *flashes his smile*

Candice- *smiles* i might

I knew exactly who Sasha wnated, thats my bestfriend...she wants Keishawn....

~ later on/ Keishawn textin~

Promises<3= Keishawn #1Wifey= Candice

Promises<3- You comin thru?

#1Wifey- ... ;) omw

Sasha pov-

Sasha- You going?

Candice- Duh!

Sasha- Time to get my man!


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