Inside i feel hurt, its okay,just keep breathing.
A few poems of all the hurt and depression.
The depesion so hurtfull you don't know wher eles to go.
Lost Depression, Expressed.

For Laura, Thanks for your support!

 Lost Depression 

Lost, Alone and Sad

Some times I dont know where to go,

Inside I feel hurt,Its okay,Just keep breathing.

It won't be like this for long

My heart pounds,

I start to cry,

Rest my head,

Maybe I'll get some sleep tonight.



I'm not scared of the dark.

I'm scared of the shodow.

As I lay awake,wondering'

Why am I still here,

I wish upon a star,

So these shadows won't taunt me anymore.

All though these shodows can be mean,

They sow the past.

We mush also love the shadows taunt

because,sometimes there our only friends

the only ones to walk alone with.


Don't LIsten

They can laugph, and make you cry.

Heres a thought

Just don't listen, to there words, that are so mean

Beyourself and not so so selfconcuios about what they think.

You are you and I'am me, so you get the point now,


Be yourself,

And just don't listen.



Peace with ourself, together as one

I hurt myself,

I didn't know it be this hard,

to let myself go,

Out of this world ,to a place 

below the ground,

all the way 6 foot deep.

 If you truly care,

you woludn't keep me down,

and get me mad for no reason

be a back stabber ,mutch less a friend.

For those of you who are true your going through this aswell,

well take a breath and find peace with our self

together as one.


Round and Round

Round and round we go,

We hold each others hands and,

Weave ourselves is a circle.

Our love is strong,

 The dance goes on.


Just Another story

Its just another sotory,

somthing to get off my chest.

Right now, Its hard to confess my pain,  

I am weak, 

Drowning in my thoughts

Here it goes:

I'm scared to live my life another day.

You see this here, on my arms.

Those are the scares of my life,

The only thing I would have left,

after I died.

I opened up, and I poured out 

Oh Lord Can you Help me now.

This is a sin and I can't stop.

Am i a monster

Heres my story, 

I got It off my chest.



You say this is not normal.

I tell you ,there is no such thing.

You say I need help

I said Ill let myself live another day.

You say I care.

I say its not because of you

You say Still its not normal

I say What is normal anyway?


One more day

I cry myself to sleep sometimes,

Hoping it will be okay.

And that when I close my eyes,

It waill all just go away.

But sometimes I see a ray of sun,

I'll let myslef live, just one more day.



If the world goes round,

Why doesn't it never seem , as if we are spinning.

Even though, The sun keeps coming up again,

how does that mean were spinning.

And even though every night,

When we don't wanna' sleep.

The moon comes up when the lighs go out,

I never fell us spinning.























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Lost Depression----- Poems


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Submitted: April 26, 2014

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unmasked delusions

Wow very artistic you could say... very creative and vivid. So much meaning and hidden thoughts. I liked how the whole time it was like your mind was fighting with itself in a way. Thanks for sharing was enjoyed :)

Sun, April 27th, 2014 1:22am

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