This Celestial Life

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A teaser from the short story in the making featuring 17 year old Celeste. Celeste has gone through her whole life babysitting her drug addicted parents. Right as she thinks she is completely independent and doesn't need her parents, they are swept away from her. She all of a sudden has to battle against the real world with a developing love interest and her best friend.

Submitted: June 07, 2013

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Submitted: June 07, 2013



The air felt tense as I waited there seated, in the uncomfortable chairs provided for us, at the police station.  I wasn’t alone; of course Alexa was still there with me on account of she was my ride to the concert.  Like a good friend, she stayed around to see what is going on.  I didn’t want to talk to her.  I could tell that she knew it too the way she just sat there, twiddling her thumbs in the pregnant silence of the cold room.  I just continued to sit, in the silence, fidgeting, with nerves. 

After a few minutes, my phone finally broke the silence with a small buzz that came from the pocket on the side of my purse.  Hesitant at first, I decided to take it out and see who it was just to get my mind off of the event at hand.  SAMMI was inscribed across the bright screen.  My thumb traced the outline of my phone before grazing over the buttons and pressing the one that read “read”.  “Where’d you two run off to?” it read.  When I got the call I grabbed Alexa’s hand and dashed before I could let anyone know what was going on.  I left Sammi, in his cuteness, lost and confused with what had happened as well as all my other friends that were there with us at the concert.  I can understand his confusion.  I found myself typing back “long story” before hitting send and dropping my phone into my lap.

I heard a door open, breaking the agonizing silence, and a man waltzed out of one of the many rooms, dressed in a navy blue uniform.  He hurriedly walked past Alexa and I before double taking and stopping right in front of me. 

“Are you the girl I talked to on the phone?  About the parents arrested for the illegal production of meth?” he said with a little too steady of a voice.  He had a strong jaw line, covered in scruff, probably from the long hours down here at the station giving him little time to shave.  He looked pretty fit, overall, but had a bit of a bulge in the middle.

“Yeah, that’s me,” I managed to say back to him, trying to find my voice after sitting in silence for so long.  He looked me up and down with a peculiar look on his face.  I could read him like a book.  Well at least I could imagine what he was thinking.  How could a girl as normal as me have such messed up parents like them?  It happens.  My messed up parents are the reason I try to upkeep a persona that is much different than there’s.  I never wish to fall down the path they chose to take.

“All I can tell you right now is that there will be no bail available for the two of them.  You’re going to have to come back tomorrow to get more information as well as being able talk to them,” he said in an unapologetic manner.  His words sounded rehearsed.  I wonder how many times he’s said them before.  To how many people.  To how many families, friends and teens my age.  It’s just part of his daily routine.

The officer scurried off, back into the room that he came from and I got up from my seat stretching from the discomfort the chair gave me. 

“Okay Alexa, let’s go,” she looked confused and concerned.

“Aren’t you going to do anything?  Your parents,” she paused for affect, “they’re going to jail,” she said rather quietly as if a secret. 

“There’s nothing I can do right now, didn’t you hear him?  I’ll just have to come back tomorrow.”  I walked past her, unscathed while she sat there, dumbfound.  I didn’t wait for her for a second.  I reached the front door of the station and walked out, towards her car, and silently waited inside.  I really don’t know how I wasn’t taken aback by the fact that my parents have been caught for their long run of drug use and production.  I guess I just figured that it was bound to happen.  But what does this mean for me? 

This is only a teaser and if I recieve good results I will upload the rest.  Your input is much appreciated :)!  Thank you!

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