The State's Eradication Program

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Follow Alec, a young boy sucked into a horrible military program, in which 450 kids are taken from each state are taken and killed off until only 1 remains. Alec must survive, while facing sadistic enemies, betrayal, and death.

Submitted: September 01, 2012

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Submitted: September 01, 2012




The State’s Eradication Program
Chapter 1
It was dark when I awoke, and a faint scent of smoke lingered in the air. I sat up groggily, and saw a light a few meters off. Shapes moved around it, casting long shadows onto the hardwood floor. Instinctively, I began to move towards it, when I tripped.
THUD! I got up and turned to look at what I had tripped over, surprised to see another boy lying on the ground.
"Oh, where am I?" he moaned
Scared, I backed away from him, when again I tripped over something. This time I didn't even get up before it started moaning. I began to panick, I jumped up and scanned the room, taking in as much light and information as I could. I noticed several shapes littering the floor. All of them more kids!
"Hey man, get over here!" Called someone in the distance.
I turned towards the sound, and saw someone gesturing me to come by the fire. Reluctantly, I moved towards him and the others by the fire. 
"Woah! Alec!?" Said a familiar voice.
"Joseph?" I replied.
Joseph had been my friend ever since we were in our first year of high school together.
"Joseph, what are we doing here!?" I whispered through gritted teeth.
"For God's sakes I don't know! You think I would to sit around a fire like a bum?" he replied, sarcastic as always. Joseph always thought highly of himself, like he didn't deserve anything bad that happened to him.
"Yea, none of us knows what we're doing here," said someone beside Joseph. It was the guy that called to me just a few moments ago. Now, by the fire I got a good look at him. He was tall, well built, with dirty blond hair and a look that said, don't mess with me. "We all woke up on the ground, just like you did."
I turned, back to the floor lined with kids. I heard moaning, and gradually noticed a number of them tossing and turning. 
"Names Kade by the way," said Mr. Tall. "You're Alec I'm guessing?" Slowly he introduced me to everyone sitting by the fire, but the names and faces blurred together. I didn't know any of these people, and I sat next to Joseph in solitude. 
Hours went by, and more and more guys woke and came by the fire. No girls? I thought to myself, how strange... The fire became crowded after awhile, and we all had to squeeze closer and closer together.  By the time I felt like I couldn't breath, we all heard the sound of a door opening across the room. 
Lights flickered on across the room, and I finally got a good look at where I was being contained. It was a simple room, with tiled walls and a single chandelier hanging from the ceiling. No furniture, just a chandelier and an open door on the opposite side of the room. A man in all white stood there. He looked like he was in his 40s, he was balding, and he wore a sadistic smile on his face.
"Hello all, and congratulations! You have been selected to compete in the fabulous States Eradication Program!"
"What!? What's that!?" "I've never heard of that!" "Why are we in here!?" and "Where's my mom!?" Are some of the many things I heard from among the crowd.
"Easy, easy children. Allow me to introduce myself and explain the rules. Then I'll answer all your questions." He said with a strangely calm voice. "I am Mr. Lerone, and I am in charge of this program." As you know, the population in the United States is increasing at an alarmingly large rate. As it stands, we do not have enough food for the current amount of people. The States Eradication Program will help to solve the problem. Starting last year, we took 450 male children from each state ranging from the ages 8 to 18. They competed in our program, and we were left with 1 child. All the losers, were killed.
Eyes widened, and small intakes of breath were heard as he said those last words. Only one of us, was going to survive? Those chances are so slim! 1 in 450! No wait, he said 450 per state! The chances are even worse!
"No! You're kidding!" Screamed a kid a little off to the right.
"I want my mommy!" sobbed a kid a bit behind me.
Some kids began to rally together. A small black haired boy led them. They charge over to Mr. Lerone, only to be stopped by 7 inch thick glass.
The boys fell back with a THUD. Toppling over one another and crying in pain. I noticed that the kid leading them actually hadn't been in the charge himself, he leaned against the wall with a sour look on his face.
"Now now children. No reason to be alarmed," cooed Mr. Lerone. "Think of it as a great opportunity, one of you will return home a hero. You will become a national treasure."
"Well... what if we don't want to compete..." cried a small child in the back. "I want to see my mommy and daddy"
"Yea! What if we don't want to compete!" Echoed some guy, loud enough for Mr. Lerone to hear.
"Oh, well then by all means, leave." He gestured to a wall behind us. Instantly, a small hole opened, just large enough for one person to fit through at a time.
It was utter chaos as guys rushed to get to the hole. People were trampled in the run, and screams of triumph were heard as a person made it into the tunnel. Me and Joseph hung back, unwilling to join in the mad dash for escape. We stood by, waiting for our turn.
The small crying boy limped to the glass window, as close as he could to Mr. Lerone. He had obviously been injured as people rushed to get out. "So I'll get to go home to mommy and daddy?" he whimpered.
"Oh no," whispered Mr. Lerone. Suddenly louder, he screamed "The only way you can leave, is through death!" 
Everyone froze, and screaming was heard from inside the tunnel. Inside, the ceiling began to come down at a slow, agonizing pace. Anyone who had entered was unable to escape. They were crushed before they could even reach out of the tunnel. A small pool of blood formed outside where the entrance to the hole used to be. And again, came the unpleasant sound of screaming
Mr. Lerone waited patiently as all the boys stepped away from the tunnel entrance, and sat down comfortably where they could see him.' 
"Well now, as you can see this is not a hoax, it is not a joke," Mr. Lerone began. "This Program is completely real. There is no escape, and at any time in the competition are you caught trying to break out, you will be disqualified. I don't think I need to remind you what that means?" He gestured to the wall.
And no he didn't. The image of those deaths were burned into my mind. My shivering was uncontrollable. I couldn't stop the tears coming from my eyes, and I knew that there was no escaping from this man, and that by the end of this competition, I would die.
"Now, allow me to explain the brackets of this game," Mr. Lerone continued. "As you should have already noticed, you are all from the state of Louisiana. You will be put against 9 other states in the first round. Leaving 5 states to compete in the second round. Now I don't want to overwhelm you all, so I will go over the rules for the first round. After all, there is only a 1 in 10 chance you will survive the first round. And even worse, we lost 39 children in that little tunnel incident.
I practically felt the shivers from everyone around us. Even Kade was wide eyed with fear. What was the first round going to be? And how were any of us going to survive?
"Obviously, all of you will be working as a team in the first round, against the other states and their kids." He commented. "Your objective is obviously to eliminate all of the other kids from each state. To do so, you will be using these." He gestured to his right, and 10 buttons appeared, each a different color. Red, blue, yellow, green, purple, black, brown, gray, pink, and white. "Each of these stands for a state, your state is assigned the color green. All of you will be divided into three groups, the brains, the brawns, and the subjects. The brains are the smallest and most important group of all, and will be given the most advantages in the next round. Their job will be to conduct the other groups to the lights of the other states."
"Wait, hold on a second," Said the black haired kid I saw earlier. "Just how are these groups assigned, and what kind of advantages to the brains receive?"
"Oh yes," he replied. "Matt Vale, age 14 and raised by his grandparents as a result of his parents untimely demise. Excellent question! To answer your first, you will be deciding the groups"
There was a collective gasp from everyone in the room. "We choose, but how we barely know each other!?"
"Calm down calm down," Mr. Lerone replied. "there will be a 1 hour transmission before the first round where everyone will be allowed to vote on who they believe should be the brains. There will be a complete list of all of everyone here, excluding a few deceased, children, on your voting ballots. Now enough interruptions! As for the advantages, every member of the brains will get to choose 5 of the other kids to be eliminated before the 2nd round."
And just then, it became amazingly important for everyone in the room to become a brain. Being a brain meant that you could eliminate any possible competition among the group. It also meant that you were safe, that you wouldn't be killed... Instantly everyone began yelling and grabbing each other. The kids were threatening each other for the other's vote! Joseph and I stood back again, avoiding the onslaught. I turned and saw Kade running up to us. He grabbed us both by our shirts, nearly lifting us off the floor. 
"You will both vote for me, and In return I won't kill you." He said, sweat pouring off of him.
Me and joseph both looked at each other. He was obviously just afraid and felt like he needed to do something in the heat of the moment, it was the most we could do to nod at him. He would be getting our votes as a brain.
" ENOUGH!" Yelled Lerone. "There will be no more interruptions, you will be saving all of this for the intermission, now if you please!"
We all settled back down, content with the momentary cease in fighting.
"so, the brains will all be settled in a tower above their state." The state towers will all be arranged in a circle, with each state color arranged in a smaller circle in the center of the larger tower circle. Brains will be in charge of attacking the other states, and defending. Brains will attack and defend using the brawns. Attacking and defending will go in rounds. At the start of each round a bell will ring, and the brawns will run to the circle of lights in the center. Each brawn counts as 1 point whenever they touch a light. After they touch one light, and one light only, they must run back and touch their tower before going out to touch another light again. Touching your own states light will count against any points against it. Say another state touched your light, giving it 1 point, when a brawn from your state touches your own light, it will go back to 0 points. Rounds last for ten minutes each. 
" So what's the catch!?" Called a kid.
A sinister smile stretched across Mr. Lerone's face as he heard the questions. "Any brawns not touching their tower after the time limit is out will be killed."
This sparked chaos within the room. Again kids jumped up, yelling at others to again, vote for them as a brain. Becoming a brain became increasingly more important.
This time Mr. Lerone didn't wait 2 seconds. He whipped out a pistol and shot into the glass. With a huge POP, the glass in front of us cracked, and instantly everyone quieted down.
Obviously unable to hold in his temper, the disgruntled host shouted in rage, " You will all be quiet! You will all listen, or you will All BE KILLED!"
It seemed hard for the other kids to stop and sit back down, but nobody wanted to anger this man anymore. 
"Great, now after each round, the state with the highest number of points will lose," He continued. "Now as for the final group, the subjects. They are all completely safe during the game, and will only be used to fill in any of the brawns who have died. As for the number of people per group, it is completely dependent on the votes each person gets. There can be any number of people inside any number of group. I'm tired of all of you. The intermission will begin now, I'll see you all in an hour."
He walked through the door once again and slammed it shut. Good riddance I thought. He had just given us the most confusing information ever. So the subjects do nothing but fill in for lost brawns? Why would anyone want to be a brawn?
I turned to Joseph, who seemed to be deep and thought.
"What do you think about all of this?" I asked him.
"Well... it's brilliant." He replied.
"Brilliant!? Are you kidding me!?
"Oh c’mon, just stop and think for a second! You really don't get it?"
"Get it? What's to get!?"
"The point of this game"
"The Point of this game," Joseph replied. "They're pitting us against each other, telling us that only one can survive, making us look out for ourselves, when the only way to survive the first round is to work together! Think for a second, the brain and the subjects are obviously the most sought out positions, they're put out of harm's way and given special privileges. But at the same time, if there are no brawns, how will we collectively as a team win?"
"Hmmmm, I get your point," I said. "If there aren't any brawns we won't be able to defend or attack as much, meaning our state will lose!"
"That's not all," Joseph continued. "The state tower's won't be filled by the smart people in the game, in fact being a brain is actually very easy! The towers will be filled with the idiots who are strong enough to threaten other people to vote for them. The subjects and the brawns will be the people actually controlling the game!"
"So, what're you saying?"
"I'm saying that me and you are going to be the brawns."
As horrible as it sounded, I knew that joseph was right. Being a brain took very little effort, but it took you out of harms way. While being a brawn guarantees more points, but with a chance of death. But now that I think about it, it shouldn't be too hard to keep track of time, maybe they really could do this!
"Glad I'm not the only one with some smarts," said someone behind us. We turned around to see Matt Vale standing there.
"However you failed to overlook something," he continued. "There are obviously more dimwits than smarties in our group, which means there will be more brains. Each brain will choose 10 people to eliminate right? Well what if they're only 10 brawns? They'll all be killed. Not to mention being smart will only put a target on your back in a competition like this."
Joseph, still suspicious of the black haired kid, talked quietly, "so what do you suggest we do?"
"Well, we need to get as many people as we can to be a brawn"
It was my turn now, "And how do you suggest we do THAT?"
"Heh, they're barbarians, all we have to do is trick them." He said with a sly smile. "Watch this."
We watched as he walked over to a buff guy leaning against the wall.
"Hey man, how's it going?" He said.
"Get away from me you little freak," he replied gruffly.
"Woah woah woah man, be cool. I just wanted to let you know that this is all a joke."
"A joke!? You gotta be kidding me! Did you see those kids earlier? Didn't seem like no joke to me"
"Please you actually believed that? Listen, my dad works with the government. I remember him talking about this one day, it's a test!"
"Yea man a test, they take kids and see how they react to certain situations. With this competition they're seeing what kids value more, brains or brawn. I remember my dad talking about this too, the real winners are the brawn!"
"What do you mean the real winners?"
"Well when you're a brawn you're risking your lives for your fellow man right? It's obvious that those kids will get the best treatment after this is all over! They'll be the real heroes!"
"Oh ok I see what you're saying! Wow we gotta go tell some others!" The guy ran off and started hastitly talking to some of the other guys, constantly pointing back to Matt.
"And that kids, is how it's done." Said Matt
So Matt proposed we do the same thing to the other kids. All three of us went around, spreading the news about the test, and how the brawns would be the heroes when they all returned. And a few minutes before the intermission was over, over 90 percent of the boys were voted as brawns.
Matt had walked over to us and whispered, "we all vote each other for brains, got it?" We nodded our agreement.
Mr. Lerone walked in again, a large grin on his face. "Well well well! Congratulations everyone on keeping your sanity! We will now begin separating you children in their respective group before the first round!. I will first call out the brains, ummm. Well this is a surprise, there are only 8 brains out of 411 children! Joseph Nolan, Matt Vale, Brant crain, Leroy Johnson, Alec Pierrotti, Patrick Garrison, Edward Fillar, and Harry Slurn! Everyone else, is a brawn! What a surprising turn of events! Congratulations brains come stand over here." He gestured to the left of him, and all of us walked over to the spot. I heard Matt curse under his breath, and I understood why. Behind us I could here the brawns getting louder and angrier.
"Hey they tricked us! Why are they brains!" Outraged because they had all just realized they had been tricked.
"Now, lets begin!" Mr. Lerone yelled, and instantly the ceiling opened up and the floor began to rise. 
Chapter 2
We saw as the side of the floor where all the brawns were standing stop as our platform continued upward. Suddenly the walls became glass and we saw the arena. 
Ten towers, just like Mr. Lerone said, were arranged in a large circle with a smaller circle of colored lights in the center. The walls surrounding use were stone, decorated like a roman colosseum. The ground was littered with lush green grass like that on a football field.
Mr.Lerone looked at all of us and said,"Again, congratulations children. You have outsmarted all of your competitors, but how will you fare against the other states. You already know the rules, just direct your brawns to the colors you would want. Brawns remain hidden behind your tower until you call on them with these." He pointed to 8 headsets lying on a table in the middle of the tower room. "You will be speaking directly to all of the brawns with these, if they do not do as you instruct they will be killed. Now have fun." He said as he walked back through his mysterious door.
Immediatly the redhead, Brant Crain Rushed to the glass window in the tower room. He looked back at all of this, "allright everyone. let's hop to it! We're going to even out all of our forces and try to give as many points as we can to every state! That way we can insure that we win every round!"
"You idiot!" Yelled the blond headed harry. "Do you understand war at all? You never split up our forces! Besides, only one country loses every round, splitting our forces would be pointless!"
"calm down calm down you guys" cooed Matt. "You're both wrong. What we need to do is trick our enemies. For the first couple rounds we only need to send less than half of our forces, so that the other states don't gang up on us. We can't let them know our true power until it's too late for them. As for how we will relay information to our brawns, i think only one of us should be in charge of that, to avoid confusion. And I think it should be you." He pointed to me.
"Ummm, ok, I'm fine with that." I replied.
"Allright, everyone agreed." Matt asked. and we all nodded our heads in agreement. I noticed Joseph looking at me, and mouthing the words-I don't trust him-.
I put on the headset and spoke to the brawns, in the first round, only half of you will be going out to the colors. The other half will remain by the tower."
"What color will we be going for?" I asked the others.
"Only touch our color," Matt replied. "The green"
I relayed the information back to the brawns, just in time to hear a large bell ring, and watch as all the brawns from each state rushed across the arena to the lights.
I didn't expect there to be actual fighting, but brawns pushed each other away from lights and into lights in the center. It was chaos.
A small screen blinked alive on the ceiling of our room, and we all looked up to see. The screen showed the stats of each states points. Right now our state had -140. While most other states had numbers ranging from -5 to 1550! The numbers toggled up and down and down for awhile, and then we heard the bell ring.
We looked towards the center, where the lush green grass was opening up to reveal a large gaping hole, we watched as kids fell deep into the hole, and heard their cries of anguish from the tower. We looked to see our state, it seemed like we hadn't lost to many men. Some other states weren't so lucky. I looked up at the screen again to see the scores. It seems like gray had the most points, my suspicions were confirmed when I saw there tower light on fire. I saw the brawns of the state rolling on the ground, some jumping into the large hole in the arena. But worst of all was watching the shapes at the top of the tower, leaning against the wall in pain, their faces misshapen and burnt. -that could've been me-
"Well done everyone," said matt. "Let's keep going".
For the next 5 rounds, we did the same thing, expending only half of our forces and only allowing them to touch our states light, and each round we survived. We Had only lost about 40 men to the gaping arena hole whenever round 4 started. Only green, blue, pink and brown remained.
The bell rang, and our forces ran out like usual, sweating and panting from exhaustion. We saw as each of the other states went after our light! I looked up at our screen and saw as our number started skyrocketing!
"Hurry! Get all of our forces out there and hitting our button!" Screamed Matt
I relayed the info, and the rest of our brawns came out screaming in protest. I saw Kade leading the charge and barging through everyone in his way. I looked up again, and sighed. Our number was back down again. We had the second most points by the time the ending bell rang. I watched in horror as dozens of our men fell into the arena hole, including Kade. His eyes wide with fear, his hands grasping at the air. By the end of that round we had only 57 men left.
"This is bad, this is very bad," Matt said. "The other two states will definitely be going for us now, and we don't know how many men they still have left!"
"What- what do we do?" whispered Edward.
"We'll have to use all our forces this time. Alec, tell all of our men to attack pink next round!"
We barely pulled through that round, and the pink tower burnt, we were surprised to see that no men came from blue. Matt concluded that they had given up or ran out of men. The next round their tower burnt easily, and we lost no men. Louisiana had survived the first round, and were left with 64 kids. Including brains.
Matt looked at all of us closely."Listen guys, chooses carefully about who you want to keep in this competition. All of us will be a tight group from now on allright? Our chances of surviving are better that way."
So that's how it was, all of us were to be an alliance for as far as we could.
We were all brought down, and were forced to choose 5 people who we wanted to kill. Matt and Brant chose almost instantly, while the rest of us reluctantly chose. Out of those who survived, I was too exhausted to notice anyone except for the small 8 year old boy who had cried in the game so much before. I knew his name by now, Jimmy.
I watched in horror at how the boys were split up, and the ones we chose were shot down by the gaurds around us.
`We all got onto our platform and were brought back down to our chamber. 
"Congratulations AGAIN! All of you really did such a good job. Now, as for the rules of the second game, I will now announce the rules." Said Mr. Lerone. By now I was used to his sadistic tone and disgusting smile. His white suit was stained with blood, he had obviously gotten too close to the shooting. "Now boys, again you will all be on a team. This time however, there will be no groups, you will all be equal and dying will be because of your own actions. All of you will be released into a battlefield. The battlefield will be completely random, so you will have no idea what to expect. Every 10 minutes, a team will be randomly selected and given items, items that you will need to use to eliminate all the other states kids. Obviously, the last state remaining wins. There will be another hour of intermission beginning now. See you all later!"
Our alliance of 8 huddled together. Brant and Harry argued over strategies while Joseph and I discussed what weapons we might be expecting.
"These people are demented, we'll be getting swords and knives to stab each other with!" I said.
"Please, we'll be getting guns of some sort" He replied.
Strangely, Matt walked away and left us to our own arguments. The other kids stayed away from us, I saw Jimmy being comforted by a larger boy. They were all still sour that we had tricked them I guess. -Killing them will be easier- I thought
No! No don't think like that! These are people, people! I could never kill them!
It was during this conflict within myself when I heard him yell, "Alec!"
There he was-Marc! With lukas running right behind him!
"Oh gosh Alec! We've been trying to get to you forever! But those dumb kids wouldn't budge!" said marc.
"What-Marc!?" Lukas!? what're you doing here!?" I replied
"Umm- duh! What do you think we're doing here, we're in the program just like you." added lukas.
So we all caught up on what had happened. Marc and Lukas had woken up way after Joseph and I had. And with all the boys here, we weren't able to meet up. They were tricked into becoming a brawn just like all the other kids, and only knew we were here when Mr. Lerone called us to be a brain.
When we got onto the topic on what weapons we would be getting in the second round, marc and Lukas sided with Joseph.
But why would they do that! It's obvious that any state that got guns would have no trouble taking out the other states! It's almost as if... -That's it!-
"Guys, guys I get it!" I whispered hastily. They needed to know this.
"Get what?" Replied Joseph.
"What we're really supposed to be doing this round!" I Said.
The three looked at me, obviously surprised.
"Look," I began. "It's obvious that whatever weapon your state randomly gets, you'll easily be able to wipe out anyone you encounter. Well, with that in mind, why waste your time? Why not use the weapons to get rid of any, internal competition."
"Wait," Said Lukas. "You don't mean that this round, is to help us get rid of potential threats, within our state?"
"Wait wait wait," Joseph said. "Say you did kill off everyone in your state, how would you take on everyone in another state? The shear numbers would be overwhelming."
"You don't need to get rid of EVERYONE," I said. "Just any potential threats." I gestured towards Matt. "Just anyone who could get in the way. We keep everyone we know we can beat."
"You mean you actually want to kill him!?" Marc said, horrified.
"If that's what it takes." 
"You know, I think Matt has figured it out too, and is planning to get rid of us." Said Joseph.
We all looked over at the small black haired kid. We had all seen his genius, and if we wanted to make it farther in the competition, he would have to go.
We talked for the remainder of the intermission, and eventually Mr. Lerone walked back through the door with his usual smile.
"Let round 2 begin!"
Again, the ceiling opened up, and we felt the floor start to raise. After about 30 seconds of raising, we found ourselves in a mountainous region. Rocks littered the ground, and smoke rose out of small crevices in the ground. The lush green grass was gone, and the colosseum was nowhere to be seen.
We all heard a large voice, which rippled through the air and sent shivers running down my spine. "Round 2 of the State's Eradication Program will now begin!" Our 5 states who have survived the first round are as followed, Delaware, New York, Louisiana, Vermont, and Montana! For the first hour of the game, Montana will receive flame throwers! Good luck, and be careful!"
Hmmm, flame-throwers I thought. So these weapons ARE deadly. I hope Montana isn't near us.
The other former brains had already gathered together, and Joseph and I left Marc and Lukas to join them.
"Oh good you're here," Said Harry. "We've already discussed what we're going to do." He looked expectantly at Matt, who had obviously come up with the entire plan.
"This place is barren," Matt began. "The best thing we can do is take shelter on the side of one of these rock mounds. Of course, we'll need constant patrols of course, made up of small groups of 5."
Joseph and I looked at each other. So that's how he wanted to get rid of us. As soon as we got a weapon he planned to take us out on a "patrol" and get rid of us.
"Sounds good," Joseph said.
So that's how it was. We hid out for an hour by a mountain-side. The others completely accepted our plan, seeing as they had no plan to go on
We knew it had been an hour when the voice came back. "The 1 hour mark is up! Montana has eliminated Vermont, 4 states remain! Montana's weapons will now be taken. Now, the next state to receive weapons will be Lousiana!"
The words it us like a twister. We were shocked to hear our State called, and interested into what our weapons would be.
"The boys of Louisiana will receive... sub-machine guns!"
Instantly, holes opened up just in front of all of us, and small deadly looking weapons were thrown out of them.
That's when the debate happened. Several kids wanted to go out and search for other States, while other kids including Matt wanted to stay where they were. They argued that they were safe here, and that going out might hurt them later. In the end though, our state ended up splitting up. 12 of us stayed behind, while the other 13 went out to go search. The 12 people consisted of all the former brains, marc and Lukas, Jimmy, and some other kid who seemed to know Jimmy.
"Allright guys," Matt said. "I think we should do one final sweep of the area, just to be sure." He gestured to me, Harry, and Joseph. "Us 4 will go"
Joseph and knew what this meant, and we were ready. As we began to leave camp, we made sure that we were behind the other two, hands on the triggers of our guns.
Matt lead us farther and farther away from the camp, I began to sweat from the intense heat reflected off the rocks. After about 20 minutes of walking. Matt yelled, and pointed to something behind us. "Look out!" He yelled.
We all turned, and were confused when we saw nothing there, and when we turned around, we were even more surprised to see Matt not there!
As if on cue, we heard rapid gunfire, and saw Harry's body twist in painful spasms. He fell to the ground, at least 12 bullet holes in his side. "Drop your weapons and I won't shoot!" We heard.
I looked at joseph, and both of us threw our weapons to the ground. We saw Matt appear from behind a small mound of rocks.
"Looks like you got to us before we got to you." Joseph said, his voice wavering with fear.
"So it's true, he was right!" Matt screamed. "He told me you two would try to get rid of me!"
"Who're you talki-" I began. I was unable to finish as more gunfire was heard, and Matt fell face-first into the ground. Marc was standing behind him, gun in hand. -and he was smiling-

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