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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

We are all born into this world

We are all granted life

But some of us

Never live at all


Being Alive is a concept I have never known

Devolve or progress?

I am poison you can't stop ingesting

An injury you can't help aggravating


Aggravation is the sum of frictional forces

The sigma notation of

Bone grating against bone

Metal shards being dragged across a road


I have been on this same damn road my whole life

Never quite able to choose an exit to get off at

Always wanting to stop, to pull over

But never being able to escape the monotony, ignite that change


Sometimes I think I am changing, evolving

That maybe evolution has decided to make its rounds

But maybe it's just natural selection coming for me

As I am ripe for elimination, a stagnant stream among rushing rivers


Stagnancy is state that I am accustomed to

I ebb and I flow but my displacement is never significant,

My amplitude constant

I am pulled back to the same spot again and again


Once again I wonder why

But I am no philosophy savant

The real question that grabs me by my collar,

Jerking me out of bed at night: when


When did my life end?

When did I learn that merely existing was enough?

When will I ever learn

Anything other than survival?


Surviving is what I do, I am an animal in the wild

Painstakingly moving one day at a time

Different scenes with the same faces

Different takes with the same script


Is my life scripted?

Was this path chosen for me?

If I was predestined for a life of death

Might I just know now?


Now is all I have

But you'll never find me here

I will float, I will drift,

But you will never find me


(I am not really here)

Submitted: July 24, 2018

© Copyright 2022 lovelylindy. All rights reserved.

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