A Perfect Love

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A poem that is about love being perfect.

Submitted: February 12, 2014

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Submitted: February 12, 2014



A perfect relationship is

where you sacrifice something

you hate for someone you love.


A perfect relationship is

facing each other's flaws & mistakes

but accepting them for who they are now


A perfect relationship is

picking each other up 

when times our rough

& putting each other

back together


A perfect relationship is

fighting like a married couple 

but knowing you still love them 

at the end of the day 

no matter what


A perfect relationship is

really not so perfect at all


From the time you fall in love 

you already see them perfect

You realize that whatever happens 

is worth keeping, is worth fighting for


There aren't any real soul mates

you aren't destined to be with someone

but you are destined to choose whose 

worth the fight, whose worth the pain


because even though love hurts

that person will always be there

You'll notice that one person,

That person who will never leave

& that is the person whose "the one"


To make love perfect is

to never give up 

If you are willing to love someone

you have to learn how to keep them

Not by your words but only by your actions


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