life after high school

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
read and find out for your self lolz

Submitted: November 17, 2009

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Submitted: November 17, 2009



"well hello my dear how is our baby doing?" he asked smiling at me and alania

if you haven't realized by now lauren is with gerrick and i have a child with shaun. my life has been going great since i started high school just a few months ago i graduated high school i wish that it wouldn't have ended but now i'm kinda glad that it did.i will be taking a year off before i go to college to become a veternarian shaun is already living out his dream, he has formed a band called metro station and he is lead guitarist and lead singer.

I also sing in his band I sing the song "How do you love someone" it's actually dedicated to him because freshman year he broke my heart so many times I thought he would never come back to me but look now me and him have a child is great now.he was the best thing that ever happened to me when my mom died he showed me that i was beautiful and he proved that i was also i mean just look at me you can't blame him now i see what he saw in me he was always there for me when it felt like my whole life was crashing at my feet he made me feel beautiful when i had nothing left to prove and i couldn't imagine how i'd make it through i guess you could say there was no me with him

"shaun..... there's no me without you"i said as tears formed in my eyes.lauren took alania from my hands as i feel to the ground crying.

"tiffany sweet heart....don't ever worry cuz there's no me with out you either love, baby it's gonna get better i think your perfect thats why i want to make every thing worth it for you i like you the best when your a mess and thats why i have this one question to ask you tiffany don't let there be a me without you please marry me?"shaun said on one knee.

"i..i...i...yessss! shaun i have been waiting for this day for like forever of course i'll marry you i love you shaun mathew tucker."i said as i jumped into his arms and kissed was one of the best kisses we had ever had.our tounges encircled each others and it was the happiest day of my life.

"mommy" alania said....wait alania can't talk!

"alania my baby girl your first word!awwwww sweetheart baby girl look at you saying mommy and it's just so darned cute!."i said to alania my baby girl who just spoke her first word.i took alania out of laurens arms and i cradled her close to my chest shaun came and put his arms around us both.

"i love you ,you two beautiful girls."shaun said and then he kissed alania's head and kissed my forehead.we all went hoe back to our house we all decided to lve together junior year so we did just that this is how our house looks.




we all went inside and alania fell asleep in my arms so i layed her down gently in her crib me and shaun went to our room and as we were walking off we noticed that lauren and gerrick were already in there room while me and shaun were inside of our room we were talkig about how the wedding would be.

"baby i was thinking we have it in the back yard by the pool" shaun suggested as he stripped to his boxers.

"OMG honey that sound so cool and we could have the after party at that rich hotel down the street." I said as i put on my victoria secret gown.

" I'll do what ever you want for this wedding its your big day."he said stroking my hair, " Baby how bot we do it for christmas."

"OMG that sounds so cool and the color can be white." i said using his lap as a pillow.

" Girl your going to be the prettiest thing in the world oh wait you already are but your dress will be fabulous." he said putting his arm around

" aw think you baby. of course it will excpecialy when laurens done with me she'll have me looking like a princes." i commented as i grabed his hand.

" You already do look like a princes." he said scweazing my hand.

" hey there probably getting ingaged right now cause gerrick is planing on asking her to day." he said

" no way lauren is so going to freak." i said

" shes probably going to beg you to let her do your intire worjrobe for the wedding." he said

" why not she dose it for the show and i always look great if it wasnt for her" i said looking at the ground.

" baby now thats a lie you've always been beautifil you've just been hiding it but lauren helped you bring it back out." he said kissing my hand.

" i've already found my wedding dress baby its so awsome." i said sitting up.

" tell me what it looks like so i can be prepared for laurens makeover exstravaganza." he said looking at the ring on my finger it was a big dinand ring in a gold band.

"acually you'll have to wait to see my dress bhecause if you see it befor the wedding we'll have bad luck so you'll have to wait hehe."

soon after we decided to get changed into our bathing suits mine was a shiny bright red bikini with purple skulls on it and shauns trousers were black with flames on and him grabbed a few towels and went outside to our pool i sat on the tanning bed and shaun jumped into the pool.

"bay, so what are we going to do know i mean we have everything we would have ever dreamed of right?"i asked him

"tiff yes we do,and that reason is because i have you, your all i ever wanted in a girl and more im so happy i found you freshman year i thought i had lost you but turns out i lost myself and now im back im back to love you forever and ever the world will never ever be the same cuz ive got you babe."he said to while just staring at me from the side of the pool.

i just smiled when he finished that then it hit me.

"babe you just thought of a new hit single!!!!!" i screamed to him as i jumped up and knelled down at the waters edge.

"oh my gosh baby your right!!! i didnt think that telling you how i felt would do that but know ive got the words in my head and here they are i need paper and pen."he said starting to get out of the pool then we saw lauren come running from out the house with his song book and his special pen.

"i hear the words new hit single! so here's your book and pen."

"your a life saver sis thnx."i told my sister.

"sis no problem."she told me.

shaun started writting in his book and this is what he came up with.

feeling you coming around, your breaking me down. move on, move on, move on come on get out , move on, move on, move on come on get out i keep talking cause i just need you to know my motives, were always to let you go your heart is pumping the beat it fills the walls this conversation is just to watch you fall. you know i still turn on you know this is your last chance to get some. feeling you coming around your breaking me down move on, move on, move on come on get out , move on, move on, move on come on get out you hold your ground come on give up this fight the sun's down so you let me stay the night the room is quiet the whispers in your ear will cause your body to somehow get so near to somehow get so near to somehow get so near i wont talk im in it just for this these moments are something i will miss you shed a tear theres a feeling down below that somehow makes pain die so slow you know you know and you know im getting you off feeling you coming around your breaking me down move on, move on come on get out , move on, move on, move on come on get out feeling you coming around your breaking me down move on, move on come on get out , move on, move on, move on come on get out feeling you coming around your breaking me down move on, move on come on get out , move on, move on, move on come on get out !

"guys this song is just perfect i have to go and book a place for our next concert!"shaun yelled running back to the house.



later that week me and shaun went into concert and we both sung the song that he came up with after the song everybody started screaming and yelling out encore encore encore.

"shaun you remember that beat that i told you well i need you to play it ad i'll sing a song to it k babe?"i said to shaun.

"k bay i'll do that."

"you would not beilieve your eyes if ten million fireflies light up the world as i fell asleep cause they fill the open air and leave teardrops everywhere you'd think me rude but i would just stand and stare.......i'd like to make myself beilieve that planet earth turns slowly, its hard to say i'd rather stay awake when i'm asleep cause everything is never as it seems....cause i'd get a thousand hugs from ten thousand lightening bugs as they tried to teach me how to dance, a foxtrot above my head, a sockhop beneath my bed a disco ball is just hanging by a thread...i'd like to make myself beilieve that planet earth turns slowly, its hard to say i'd rather stay awake when i'm asleep cause everything is never as it seems when i fall asleep...leave my door open just a crack please take me away from here cause i feel like such an insomniac please take me away from here why do i tire of counting sheep please take me away from here...when i'm far too tired to fall asleep, to ten million fireflies, i'm weird cause i hate goodbyes i got misty eyes as they said farewell...but i'll know where several are if my dreams get real bizzare cause i saved a few and i keep them in a jar...i'd like to make myself beilieve that planet earth turns slowly, its hard to say i'd rather stay awake when i'm asleep cause everything is never as it seems when i fall asleep...i'd like to make myself beilieve that planet earth turns slowly, its hard to say i'd rather stay awake when i'm asleep cause everything is never as it seems when i fall asleep...i'd like to make myself beilieve that planet earth turns slowly, its hard to say i'd rather stay awake when i'm asleep, because my dreams are bursting at the seams"i sang ever so gently and when i finished people began to throw money on the stage as some people were crying.

"yall are just so good!"somebody yelled from the audience and then a huge bag of money landed on the stage.

"tiff we did it!"shaun yelled to me as he came running towards me and picked me up and kissed me without thinking and everybody cheered.

"shaun i know now we can afford alania's baby supplies and we can finally take that trip to hawaii if we still wanted!"i yelled to him because everybody was still screaming and throwing money on the stage for us and i just couldn't beilieve how much of a difference we were making on the world.

"hey sis hey gerrick....hey love" i said dreamily as shaun walked up.

Tiffs show was so cool. She was in this amazing neon green tank top that showed her half carote ruby stude belly button peircing.She had on a black mini skirt that went just bellow the butt. These brown cow girl boots. A million differnt colored sex bands up her arm that shaun plans to pop very soon... by soon I mean tonight. Tiffs hair was in these really cute sexy pigtails.

Shaun was dressed in a white mucle shirt that fit him right in all the right places. A pair of not to baggy not to tight dark blue jeans. A pair of red and black gnites. Three leather braclets on each arms. And his hair was amazing.

Chris was dressed in a white mucle shirt kinda like Shauns but it looked better on him in my oppenion. A pair of army green corgo shorts. A pair of hicking boots. A red wrist watch. And his hair was in this really cool mohock.

Me I was dressed in black mini dress that fit my curves perfectly. I had on black steletos. A million black sexs braclets I dare someone to pop besides gerrick he has all the right in the world to pop them.

"Tiff that was like so cool you were like so great and your voice was so kicking expecialy in that last song. You wedre like the coolest band in this benifit consert." I said as Tiff and Shaun came by our table"

"Totally ya'll were the coolest Lauren is so right wait my baby is always right." Chris said kissing me.

" OMG. You to get a room. Lauren look at all this cash now me and Shauns dream can come true." Tiff said hugging me.

" tiff I have some good news and some bad news. Good news first I'm geting married and I'm going to be a mommy." i said. Tiff let out a huge squeel.

" No way your going to be a mommy and a wife that is like so cool wait how is their a thing as bad news with such great news as that." Tiff said as she started to cradle Alania her beautiful little girl.

Alania is a baby she has little hair it's blonde like her mom's was when she was young and pretty blue eyes like her dady. She has the most beautiful face with a smile that could melt all the hate in the world.her first word was mommy.

" Tiff I need another room in the house to put my baby in.

" And take your pick we have like six rooms in the house. Thats not bad news it could never be bad news." tiff said with a smile.

later on when we got home Chris and i went straight to our room. I got changed in a blood red nighty that went just below my butt and was see through. Gerrick just striped to his boxsers. Chris has the prettiest face he has blus eyes to die for and a devils smile.

" baby you are my world i am so lucky to have you if it wasnt for you i would of killed myself a long time ago i still cant believe you actually fell for me there was so many people after you what made you choose me." Chris asked as we sat down to watch tv.

" Honey i chose you cause no other guy could make me feel free could make me breake down no other guy's had the things you've had i was just a player i never loved a guy you showed me how to love baby your from up above. this is how i feel about you:

the day u walked in my life

i knew i was going to be your wife

the day u walked in my world

i knew u were my mericle

the day u asked me out

u made my heart shot

to the heavins and the sky

ur the first guy that did

so till the day i die

Plus in two mounths pregnant i just found out though." I said looking to the ground.nt make me cryi confess myself to u

cause if it wasnt for you i would of never of known what to do
baby chris i love you

Chris had tears in his eyes when i was done with the i went over to him and gave him a hug. He pulled bach and kissed me on the mouth.

" hey theirs no need to cry cause the truth is the truth baby i love you." i said as we broke the kiss.
" but i never knew you felt that way about me i love you too much i always believed what others said but you didnt do it and you told me you loved me and the dout went away." he said crying again
" Hey i would never do that to you i love u i really really really love you your my light,my soul my heart we've had our problems but you've always been thier from the start and your notlike the other guys so i wold never do to you what i did to them love you chris more than words can say."
" wait so you really love me this aint because of the baby you love me oh my god i love you to your my angel your gonna give birth to my little angel. baby we have all we ever wanted right hear love, great friends, a family, and each other. i cant beleive our dreams came true your my everythig your my entire life i cant believe this is acualy happing." he said beween tears.
6 mounths later...
" oH! MY! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! i think the baby's coming tiff wears chris and shaun!"
" sis chill there on there way they'll be hear in five minutes." she said sitting next to my hospital bed.
" you said that an hour ago this baby is not coming out till his or her father gets hear." i said then i got a big stabing pain. and chris and shaun come running thrpough the doors
" the baby is coming." the nurse said rushing me to dilivery.
" tiff chris ya'll get ya'lls butts in hear with me right NOW!"
Two long hours later i gave birth to a beautiful little boy named Christopher James herbert. he was the prettiest little boy in the world. his birthday is december 14,2009.
Two weeks later...
the wedding was so great tiff let me do all the wordrobe and decerations she got to pick the guest and made of honer.we had the wedding by the pool it had a million white rosa peills floting on the serface. there were white flowers every where.
Tiff was dressed in a white princess wedding dress with gold beeds intwined with the faberic her hair in a sexy bun with a tiar vail and wite flowers intwined in her hair. she had on her moms favorite dimond neclace that she gave her as we got ready for the wedding.
me i was also dressed in a white prencess wedding dress with silver beeds intwined with the faberic i had my hair in a crown around my head. i had my moms old vail from her wedding on my head.
chris was dressed in a tux shaun was to they looked so cute excpsialy chris.
the maid of honors were dressed in white dresses the went to the grown and had long sleeves since it was winter and we were out side there hair was down in low ponytails.they had on very little jewlry.

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