secret will find out many things read to find out

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secret is my name

secret will find out many things read to find out Read Chapter

Once we got to my house i saw my master or so called master on the front porch steps.He was holding something in his hand, which confused... Read Chapter

all i would think about during that night was him, MYGeread,but then horrible images of vault entered my mind, but i, i thought that i ha... Read Chapter

"YES!"i said jumping onto him. "your not lying are you you really will marry mr right?"geread said as tears formed into his eyes as w... Read Chapter

" listen okay baby i'm not gonna force you to do anything that you don't wanna do, you just let me know when your ready, i promise not to... Read Chapter

as we were packing up our clothes, i had remembered something from along time ago, i know i wasn't supposed to but i did, and what i reme... Read Chapter

as we were driving up the mountains we started to sence something bad about to hapen so we stopped and pulled over to the inside of the m... Read Chapter

My mother's name is Leigh she married Lucian when she only new him for a couple of weeks but she always told me that it felt like a life ... Read Chapter