A Pirates Tale The Hidden Treasure of Juliana

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Prince Jason is an adventurous young man. But his adventures get his parents in trouble and captured. They will only be released if Jason does another kings bidding. To find a girl and a treasure. Out in sea he finds a ship, a captain, and friends. But the girl is a woman from his past and the man who has the treasure is someone important to her. But Jason doesn't know if he's a man at all.

Submitted: April 13, 2013

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Submitted: April 13, 2013




A Pirate’s Tale

The Hidden Treasure of Juliana

By: Kaylea Hawks

“Speed up the ship, will you!” a man yelled.

“Do not rush them Willington, we are in no rush.” a younger man said, he held a map with “X’s” all over.

“Prince Jason, you might not be in a rush, but think of your parents. You getting married to the Princess of Fairway is critical so that the two kingdoms don’t have a war.” Willington said.

“Willington I don’t even now the Princess that well. We’ve only met twice and we’re already getting married!” Jason said.

“What is more important to you? Your feeling’s or your kingdom?” Willington asked.

“My feelings, I want to be happy. I want to find someone I can love who loves me back. Besides, the Princess is more of an inside person whereas I love the outdoors. You should know this best of all.” Jason answered. Willington rolled his eyes pretending to ignore Jason’s answer.

“Land Port!” a crew man yelled.

“We’re here.” Willington said. The two men had just arrived at Nalvida. Jason’s parents; Queen Susan and King Michael ruled over Nalvida. Jason and Willington stepped off the ship onto the docks. On the docks there were big crates full of supplies to sell and trade. Grain, fruit, and fish sellers stayed at the docks. The kingdom of Nalvida was mostly buildings. Only off faraway were there fields of farmers and open land. As the men walked through they passed merchant shops, bakery’s, clothing stores, and other shops as well. A little farther way up there was a carriage waiting for them. The carriage was pulled by a stunning white stallion with the royal colors purple and white all over the carriage all the way to the tip of the flag. They traveled down a long winding road towards the palace. The palace was surrounded by lush gardens of the queen’s and fountains stood in the middle of every small garden. When the carriage stopped they were at the door to the palace. Jason walked in as he pushed the doors wide open. Standing in the grand foyer was his mother and father.

“Jason!” Queen Susan exclaimed. She ran up and hugged Jason tightly.

“Jason, my son,” King Michael said. He walked up to Jason and patted him on the back. Jason had just returned home from an exploration on some distant islands. That evening Jason sat down and ate dinner with his parents as they talked about the marriage. He went to bed restless that night. Thoughts and questions swarmed through his head all night.

The next morning there was a knock at the prince’s bedroom door. The sun beamed through the pale white curtains onto Jason’s face.

“Prince Jason you must get up!” Willington yelled with a worried tone. Jason quickly got dressed and ran down the granite staircase. Downstairs four soldiers were handcuffing Jason’s mother and father.

“Unhand me you fool!” King Michael yelled.

“What do you want from us?” Queen Susan asked. A tall brown haired man walked into the foyer with his hands behind his back.

“Oh, thank goodness King Gregory!” King Michael exclaimed.

“Don’t thank me just yet.” said King Gregory.

“You’re behind this!” yelled King Michael; disgust in his voice.

“Yes, in fact I am. I have come here for your son.” King Gregory said. Jason walked out from behind the pillar from which he was hiding.

“Here I am,” Jason said.

“Ah, Prince Jason nice of you to join us.” King Gregory said.

“What do you want?” Jason asked.

“Okay, I want you to do a job for me. I want you to go find a ship and start looking for the hidden treasure of Juliana.” King Gregory said.

“And what if I don’t get you this treasure?” Jason asked.

“Then they die.” King Gregory replied.

“Fine, I’ll help you get the treasure, if…you promise not to lay a hand on them.” Jason said.

“If you get me the treasure you won’t have to worry.” said King Gregory. The four soldier’s pulled the King and Queen into the back of a carriage and shut the door. They waited patiently while their king spoke to Jason.

“You need only get me the treasure. I hear you’re quite the adventurer.” King Gregory said.

“What do I have to do besides get you the treasure?” Jason asked.

“So suspicious; a man can’t ask for one little favor?” King Gregory asked.

“Greedy men never do.” Jason said.

“Fine; you just need to find a ship that will take you. You must go to the island of Zapora. That is all I know. But in return I want you to find a woman named Liliana.” King Gregory replied. The evil king walked back to his carriage, got in, and rode off to his kingdom with Jason’s beloved parents. Jason let out a loud sigh.

“To the docks,” Jason said. Jason put together a bag full of food, clean clothes, and a sword. He headed off towards the docks where he had just been the day before. He needed a ship.

By midday he reached the docks since he had walked the whole way from the palace to the docks. Many captains were there, some arriving, some departing and just a few looking for new crew members. Jason walked right up to a tall bearded man.

“Excuse me, sir?” Jason said. The man turned around.

“Hello boy! Names Captain Aldus Inkheart.” Aldus exclaimed.

“Hello sir, I was wondering if you needed a new crew member?” Jason asked.

“Hmm, let me think. I am going on a departure soon and I am a man or two short…” Aldus said.

“I really need a ship.” Jason said.

“Can you use a sword?”


“Can you control a ship?”


“Are you sea sick?”


“Welcome to the crew lad!” Aldus exclaimed.

Shaking the captain’s hand firmly Jason said, “Thank you so much sir,” Aldus pulled his hand back quickly.

“Jeez, I think you might have broken It.” Aldus said, shaking his hand.

“What did I break?” Jason asked.

“My hand.” the captain replied.

He walked away holding his now numb hand. Jason stood still on the dock, happy and sad all mixed into one filling. He was happy and proud of himself for becoming apart of a captain’s crew but yet still sad and mourning for his captured parents.

“A new adventure begins.” Jason said trying to bring his hopes up. That evening Jason boarded the ship alongside twenty other men. As he walked up the board to the ship Captain Aldus slipped up beside him and wrapped his arm around Jason.

“So, boy, what is your purpose here?” Aldus asked cheerfully.

“Personal problems.” Jason said flatly.

“Ah, I see. It’s a girl.” Aldus said.

“No, my parents.” Jason said.

“Blasted creatures parents are. Do this, do that, Annoying.” Aldus said.

“Yeah,” Jason said. He patted the captain on the back and walked ahead of him. When he made it on deck he was greeted by a short, chubby man. The man walked straight up to him and was about to introduce himself when the captain popped up.

“Ah, Fisher, see you’ve met this nice young man who I would very much like to call, Son Bob Billie…” said Aldus.

“Jason. Just Jason.” Jason said.

“Leslie Fisherman, boys call me Fisher. What type of woman names a boy Leslie?” Fisher said.

“Maybe she was hoping for a girl.” said another man.

“Jason, this is…” Fisher started.

“Crabs, the sailor.” Crabs said.

“Is that short for something?” Jason asked.

“No, I just like crabs. I have a pet crab you know; names Petunia. Prettiest crab that ever walked the Earth she is.” Crabs said.

“Oh, nice.” Jason said. A tall, raggedy, worn out man walked up next to Crabs and patted him on the back.

“My name is Doyle, short for Darlene Cooper. At birth my mother got my sister and I mixed up because we looked so much alike. We still look alike, and she still gets us mixed up.” Doyle said.

“Okay then,” Jason said. The other eighteen men waved behind Doyle, Crabs, and Fisher. All had worn out teeth with several missing. Later on the men took sail; Jason walked up to the side of the valiant ship.

“Her name is Susan.” Aldus said. Jason turned around startled by Captain Aldus.

“What do you mean?” Jason questioned.

“My ship, her name is S.S.M; Susan Samantha Main. Most beautiful ship, almost as beautiful as the woman.” Aldus said.

“You knew a woman named Susan?” Jason asked.

“Aye, I didn’t only know her I loved her.” Aldus said.

“Where is she?” Jason asked.

“She found another. Never did like the adventuring ways.” Aldus answered.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I kind of know what you mean.” Jason said.

“Ah, don’t be. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.” Aldus replied.

The next day Jason woke up before dawn fresh and ready for the hard day ahead of him when the Captain came down to the bunks.

“Morning Jason, come up on deck.” Aldus said. Jason followed Aldus to the deck staying close behind and trying to be quite. When they got up top the sky was lavender mixed with shades of pink, blue, grey, and orange. The sun looked beautiful as it rose into the sky.

“Do you see this every morning?” Jason asked.

“Aye, there aren’t many beautiful sites left in the world. But the sunrise is one that will come everyday.” Aldus said.

“What are our plans for today captain?” Jason asked.

“Today we’re visiting a friend of mine.” Aldus answered.

“What is your friend’s name?” Jason asked.

“Leola Laguna, she is an Oracle of an island.” Aldus replied. Through midday they traveled out of open water towards an island where they rode boats through a small river. The captain rode in a boat towards the front while Jason rode in a boat with Crabs, Fisher, and Doyle.

“Why is Aldus so afraid to go into the southern waters?” Jason asked.

“If you believe in river folk you would understand.” Fisher said.

“I’m kind of new here, so I don’t know. Jason” said.

“Sea creatures dwell in the southern waters because they’re warmer. Colinas’s, Hamelin’s, and the worst of all; Mermaids.” Fisher said.

“Why are mermaids the worst?” Jason asked.

“Because stories say that they’ll grab you by your arms and drag you down to the bottom of the ocean and eat out your innards and make juju beans out of your eyes.” Doyle said. Just hearing those words gave Jason a frightening fear of the southern waters. Everyone was quite until they saw a small shack. It was worn out and plants had grown on the sides. It was evening now and the sun began to set. Cicadas, grasshoppers, and birds, began to sing there own songs. And all you could hear was the animals and the soft sound of the paddles flowing through the water. When they reached the shack Aldus stepped out onto the step before anyone else could.

“I just want to let everyone know that Leola and I are good friends who go way back.” Aldus said.

“Do you think she’ll remember you captain?” Crabs asked.

“Oh, she’ll remember me.” Aldus replied. Slowly the captain pushed open the front door. Behind him he was followed by Fisher, Doyle, Crabs, and Jason.

Sitting at a large square table was a woman who had dark brown hair and wore a green dress that hung around her arms. She was counting emeralds when she looked up and saw the captain smiling at her.

“Aldus Inkheart, we meet again.” Leola said; she had a twisted smile on her face.

“Leola, how very nice to see you again.” Aldus exclaimed. Leola got up and walked towards Aldus. Behind him stood; Fisher, Crabs, and Doyle.

“I wish I could say the same.” Leola said.

“Must you be so hard on me?” Aldus asked.

“You betrayed me Aldus. I trusted you with my life!” Leola said.

“At least you’re still alive. Others weren’t as lucky.” Aldus said.

“You may be right about that…but that does not change how I feel about you!” Leola said.

“Okay then, well Leola my dear, we need your help.” Aldus said.

“And why should I help you?” Leola asked. Right that moment Jason walked into the shack. Leola peered over to look at him. He looked at her with sad eyes. He desperately needed her help. He walked up to Leola and grabbed her hands and kneeled down.

“We need you help. Mostly me; my parents have been taken in as prisoners unless I find the treasure of Juliana. If I don’t he’ll kill them.” said Jason.

“Stand, I will help you. Only because of your love for your parents.” answered Leola. Jason stood to his feet.

“Thank you,” said Jason. Leola walked over and sat back down in her chair.

“You know I demand payment.” said Leola.

“Ah, yes,” said Aldus. He reached in his pocket and threw down a bag. The bag spilled open and inside twenty or more cherry red rubies spilled out onto the wooden table. Leola smiled and snatched up the bag into her hands.

“Leola, we need to go to Zapora, yes?” said Jason.

“Zapora yes, but there you will need two keys. The first one is the easiest to find. It is an old worn out key. The second one is very difficult to find. You must look for a star.” said Leola.

“And where will we find these keys?” asked Aldus.

“Have you ever heard of Blackburn?” asked Leola.

“The captain Blackburn?” asked Aldus.

“Yes, the chest belongs to him. Juliana was the woman he loved. On a cold night she was taken from him; claimed by the sea herself. Blackburn locked away everything that reminded him of Juliana notes, treasures, and maps. But she left with him one thing, something he could not love as he loved her but still he could not destroy It.” said Leola.

“What did she leave behind?” asked Jason.

“A baby girl; She was as beautiful as her mother, with hair as dark as midnight and lips as soft as flower petals. He hides her away from everyone. She is never to be in love with a man, for he fears he will lose her for her beauty.” said Leola.

“Is she that beautiful?” asked Fisher.

“You must save her. She is a prisoner on her father’s own ship. He has the old key but that is all I know.” said Leola.

“Leola I would be saying we need to go to Blackburn’s ship.” said Aldus. Within an instant Aldus and the men were taken to the coordinates of where the ship was located. But when they got there, there was no ship to be found.

“I thought she was taking us to the ship.” said Jason. The water was still and the midnight air was cold and foggy. The crew looked around but still there was no ship. Then there was a crashing in the water. Waves splashed against the sides of the ship. Right before their eyes a ship that was old and worn out from years in the sea appeared. The ship had red sails and the ship was a dark brown. Sea plants grew on the sides. On the side of the ship the name was faint but Jason could read out, “Nightwalker”.

“I found the ship!” yelled Aldus. Jason and a few other men hopped into a boat and rowed over to the ship. Jason climbed the ship’s side and behind him he was followed by the others. When they reached the deck no one was to be found.

“Hello,” said Jason. He walked through the deck searching for crew members. No one appeared to be there, Until Jason heard something move. He stopped in front of a mast and looked around. Then from behind something grabbed Jason by the neck. He struggled trying to pull the creature off of him. He couldn’t reach his sword and that’s when he saw them. Others came out from camouflage. They all grabbed the men. They pushed the men and Jason onto a sitting area on the deck. From the side of the ship a small door opened and someone came out. Two creatures that walked like men but were covered in fur and had the heads of men walked out in front of another creature. Behind them a creature walked out he had the bottom half of his body all the way up to his head that looked like a man. His face was pale and you could see all his veins popping out. His hair was short and scruffy and his eyes were pitch black and full of hatred. His right hand had claws, and the left hand was that of a man’s. He wore a captain’s hat with a skull. His jacket was as black as his eyes and he wore a dark red shirt underneath. The captain’s pants were well fitted and he had low boots. On his hip he carried a silver sword with a dragon on the blade.

“Welcome lads.” laughed the captain. “Join my crew or you will die.”

“I will never join your crew!” yelled a short man.

“Oh really, is that so?” questioned the captain. He gave a signal to one of his men. The beast slit the man’s throat.

“You cruel beast!” yelled another man.

“Do you want to be next?” asked the captain. Then from the same door came a young woman. She was like Leola said with hair as dark as midnight and lips that looked as soft as flower petals.

“Must you act like this?” asked the woman.

“Yes, if I don’t kill people once in a while people forget me.” said the captain.

“At least let some live.” said the young woman.

“Out of the remaining ten pick four.” said the captain.

“Four?” questioned the woman.

“Four,” replied the captain. The woman walked in front of the men scanning to see which ones to choose. First she called a younger looking man and then another. After that she picked a man who was strong and muscular. With only one man left she walked in front of Jason. She had a surprised look over her face as she looked at Jason. He kept his head low, but then he looked up at her.

“Liliana?” questioned Jason. Liliana put her hand over her mouth and gasp. She mouthed “Jason,”

“Choose Liliana.” said the captain.

“Father, I choose him as the fourth.” said Liliana.

“Good,” said the captain. Again he held up the signal and the remaining six men were slaughtered.

“I’m sorry,” whispered Liliana.

Over at Aldus’s ship Aldus was talking with Fisher.

“Should we go over there?” asked Fisher.

“No, we should wait.” said Aldus. Then the captain of the Nightwalker appeared right in front of Aldus.

“Hello Aldus.” said the captain.

“Blackburn old pal, how you been?” said Aldus.

“Out of eleven men only four live. You owe me your soul Aldus Inkheart. I want yours or 120 souls. Your choice.” said Blackburn.

“I’ll find you 120 souls Blackburn, no need to worry. Just give me back my men and we’ll be on our way.” said Aldus.

“No, I keep the four. But I still want 120.” answered Blackburn and in a second he was gone back on his ship.

The next morning Jason woke up to pouring rain. He worked harder than he had before on Aldus’s ship. He felt sweat run down his face but he couldn’t tell the difference between sweat and rain. The rain continuously poured through the morning till midday. After a slight pause in weather it started up again. Jason was securing the main mast when he heard a man yell. One of the crew members was whipping one of Aldus’s men. The whip hit the man so hard that with every whip it ripped his shirt. Jason could not stand it any longer and he ran over and grabbed the whip.

“No, you will not hit this man.” said Jason.

“Then maybe you’ll like to take it instead.” said the beast.

“Waller, why is the crew stopping?” asked Blackburn.

“This man has a sudden urge of courage.” said Waller. Blackburn walked down to the deck from his spot on top. He called over two of his crew members and they grabbed Jason. They threw him against two pillars and tied his arms to them tightly. Blackburn grabbed the whip. Liliana was standing on the side.

“Father what are you doing?” asked Liliana.

“Punishment needs to be paid. He left his post.” said Blackburn. He held up the whip ready to swing. At that moment Liliana ran over and grabbed her father’s arm.

“Not by your hand father!” cried Liliana. Blackburn pushed his daughter off of her knees onto the deck floor.

“Hold her!” yelled Blackburn. He once again held up the whip. “Ten lashes should teach you to stay at your post.” The two men uncovered Jason’s back to show his skin. “Flick!” It sounded as if lighting had hit the ground as the whip hit Jason’s back. Nine more times the whip hit his back always harder than the one before it. When he finished the men threw Jason down to the ground deck. Liliana ran over to him and helped him up. She took him back to her room which was the only room with a bed where she could doctor him.

She wiped his whip slashes with water and a soft rag. He winced in pain as she gently continued wiping. As Liliana finished she poured out the bowl of bloody water and cleaned out the bloody rag. When she returned to Jason she put the healing gel of a sea plant over the slashes.

“Stay alive, and find a way to get off this ship.” whispered Liliana. She set down the plant and reached behind her neck and untied her necklace. “I know what you want.” She slipped the necklace underneath his hand as he laid face down on the bed. She wiped a piece of hair from his face and kissed him lightly on the cheek. Liliana got up and walked out of her bedroom door.

Aldus and his crew were heading towards the port of Salazar, the best place to find a crew is there. The Salazar port is where Aldus hoped to find the 120 souls. When he got there he only wanted scrawny men that were old and worn out. For the whole day he searched but only had luck finding 30 men.

At Blackburn’s ship they continued their work even at dark. It was clear out with no clouds in the sky at all. Blackburn was in his cabin looking at a map when Jason walked through the door. He turned around to look at Jason. He gave him a twisted smile and signaled him over. When Jason reached him Blackburn stood.

“You are a man of courage.” said Blackburn.

“And you are a man of deals, are you not?” questioned Jason.

“What do you have in mind?” asked Blackburn.

“My soul, my wealth, and an eternity of servitude.” said Jason.

“For?” asked Blackburn.

“I want the key.” said Jason.

“The key?” questioned Blackburn.

“Yes and your daughter’s freedom.” said Jason.

“Deal,” said Blackburn.

Jason traveled back to a small cabin area where no one was. With him he carried a pen and paper. On the paper he wrote a note.

“Dear Mother and Father,

I am sorry to say that I will not be coming home with the treasure. The treasure will come without me. I have given my soul to a pirate captain in exchange for the freedom of the woman I love. I love both of you, but I will be dead by the time you read this letter. I hope I will always be in both of your hearts.


Your son, Jason”

Jason sighed. He stood up and tied the note to the foot of a messenger bird. It flew away into the dark night.

The next morning the day was sunny and clear. The crew worked all day very hard. Liliana stayed inside all evening and didn’t come out for food. After dinner the whole crew was tired and they fell right to sleep. At midnight Jason woke up, this was the time for him to escape. No one was awake and it was perfect. There was only one small boat left. Jason got dressed and quietly walked up to the deck. As he was preparing the boat, he looked over and spotted Liliana standing at the side of the ship. He ran over to her.

“Liliana,” said Jason. She turned to look at him; she had tears in her eyes.

“Liliana why are you crying?” asked Jason.

“Tears of joy that’s all. You will be free.” said Liliana.

“No, you can come with me I freed you!” exclaimed Jason.

“That’s impossible,” said Liliana.

“I gave him my soul.” said Jason.

“What?! Why?!” asked Liliana.

“Just come with me!” yelled Jason. He pulled Liliana and the boat fell down to the water. They looked over the side of the ship. Jason pushed Liliana into the water. She came up gasping for air and she got into the boat. He then jumped into the water and they headed off towards Zapora.

Across the sea from Jason and Liliana ways away Aldus was on his ship. Aldus only had now forty souls to give. He peered through his spyglass looking towards the direction of Zapora. He wanted the treasure for himself and for his crew. Aldus hated Blackburn, in order for him to save Jason’s mother Susan; he would have to find 120 innocent souls to give away. He hated and loved being a captain, a pirate, alive. Everyone has a dark side and he hated himself when it came out.

It was the middle of the night, with Jason and Liliana long gone Blackburn suddenly woke up. He ran to Liliana’s room, he checked the whole ship they were nowhere to be found. He woke the men up yelling and screaming, “Head to Zapora!”

In the middle of the ocean the sun had just begun to rise and the warmth began to reach Jason and Liliana who had been freezing all night. She had fallen to sleep in the boat while Jason continued rowing. Liliana woke up as the sun touched her skin.  She pushed her hands against the bottom of the boat to get herself up when she stopped. She tilted her head to look at Jason.

“Do not be sad, please.” said Jason.

“I’m not sad, just angry!” said Liliana. She sat up and sat in the seating area. They traveled in the boat for ours and hours. Until finally Liliana saw something.

“Zapora,” said Liliana. “We made it!”

“Thank goodness.” replied Jason. He paddled harder until they reached the island. They got off and ran into the lush green forest. Liliana knew where the treasure was hidden she just didn’t know what was in it.

Off from the island just a way away Aldus and his crew were nearing the waters surrounding the island. Aldus sat in his cabin area reading a map of Zapora. He drank a bottle of rum and held his compass tight in his hand. Fisher slammed open the captain’s door.

“Fisher, what…are…you…doing?” questioned Aldus.

“Captain we found her!” yelled Fisher. Aldus stood straight up from his chair.

“Then what are we waiting for? Hurry the ship towards Zapora!” said Aldus.

“I’ll get the boats ready Captain.” said Fisher and he left out the door. Aldus followed shutting the door right behind him. Then he ran back into his cabin.

“Sword,” said Aldus. Then he left out this door shutting it closed. The crew got together the boats and they also headed towards Zapora.

Just a distance back, Blackburn and his crew just arrived. Blackburn was looking through his spyglass. He could see a boat already at shore and Aldus and his crew rowing towards the island quickly.

“Speed up and prepare the boats!” yelled Blackburn.

“Aye, sir,” said a crew member.

“We have a treasure to protect.” said Blackburn.

On the island Jason was following behind Liliana as they ran through the forest.

“How much farther?” asked Jason, out of breath.

“Just a little ways away.” answered Liliana trying to catch her breath as well. They ran through bushes and tall plants on the large island moving out of their way. Then Liliana stopped off to the side there was rock arch. She ran over to the arch and started digging with a shovel they brought. Jason walked over and took the shovel and started digging. As time passed Liliana sat and waited, stretched her legs, and sat and waited again for what seemed like forever. Until finally they heard a banging noise in the dirt. They both peered over the hole in the ground. There they saw a golden chest bordered by rubies. Jason pulled up the chest. He used the first old key to open the chest where inside was a smaller chest that was wooden and worn out unlike the first. Liliana then used her key to open the second chest. Jason opened the chest and inside were letters. He filed through the letters but nothing was under them.

“Letters? Why are there letters in this chest?” questioned Jason. Liliana picked up a letter and read it.

“Love letter? Jason my mother’s treasure was love. She led everyone to believe it was a big treasure with jewels; but it wasn’t.” said Liliana. Shocked at what she had just found out.

“Love letter?” asked Jason.

“Love was the greatest treasure to her. She must have left these for my father.” replied Liliana.

“That may be, for you and me love is great, but love is not a treasure that will save my parents.” said Jason. Liliana stood up.

“Then we must find another.” said Liliana.

“What do you mean?” asked Jason.

“Another treasure.” replied Liliana. Jason got up and they took off for the shore. As they were running through the forest they ran into Aldus. They all put up their swords.

“We’re out numbered.” said Jason.

“By a lot.” said Liliana.

“Give up the treasure and we’ll be on our way.” said Aldus.

“There is no treasure Aldus, just love letters.” said Liliana.

“And why would I believe you?” asked Aldus. Jason and Liliana turned around and headed off running in the other direction. Aldus and his crew set after them while Blackburn and his crew just made shore. Liliana and Jason ran through the mountain side with Aldus only a short distance behind. Then suddenly they came to a fast halt when they reached the edge of the silver canyon. The rocks were loose and ready to give. They turned around and saw Aldus and his crew standing in front of them.

“Give us the treasure.” said Aldus. Jason pulled out his sword.

“There is no treasure, you do not have to hurt us.” said Jason. The men all pulled out there swords as well. Liliana took a few steps back and small stones fell from the canyon edge. Then in an instant the rocky edge gave out from underneath Liliana. She jerked back as the edge fell. She felt as if she was about to die when she was grabbed. There hanging over the edge, Jason had a hold of her hand. The rocks began to crack under Jason and Aldus and his crew came closer.

“Jason,” cried Liliana.

“I’ll pull you up, I won’t let you go.” said Jason. Sweat ran down his face and the rocks became weaker.

“You have to save your parents.” cried Liliana. Her hand slightly slid farther down. Sweat dripped down on both of their hands. The grip Jason had was fading away and it was becoming harder. Stones fell onto Liliana and hand slid down to where Jason was holding her fingers.

“Liliana,” said Jason, as he reached for her hand. The crew walked even closer and weakened the rocks. “Please Aldus, step back or she’ll fall.”

“I love you,” cried Liliana. The rocks began to crumble and they began to fall. Liliana’s eyes widened. Then her fingers slipped and she let go of Jason. Jason yelled to her as she fell but the men pulled him up.

“We have to go down there!” commanded Jason as he stood to his feet.

“She already be dead lad.” said Fisher.

“What? We can’t just stand here…” said Jason. Then “bang!” a chiming noise sounded through the air. Aldus had hit Jason upside the head with a shovel. As the men carried Jason away back to the ship down in the canyon Liliana lay still; paralyzed. Tears ran down her face. She couldn’t move any part of her body. Then a dark shadow pasted over her. She looked up and was bewildered by what she saw. 

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