Island Girl

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Lily had never known what she is or where she's come from. Ever since she could remember she was being raised by her mother Denali and her father Kahn. When strange creatures visit her island where she lives with her siblings she discovers that they look a lot like her. Romance begins to blossom with a stranger and danger grows on the island.

Submitted: April 13, 2013

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Submitted: April 13, 2013




Island Girl

By: Kaylea Hawks


The ship tilted back and forth and side to side. The waves from the sea splashed against the ship’s side. The pelting rain stung their skin as it hit them and hit the ship’s deck. Crew members were running in different directions to try to keep the ship steady by grabbing ropes but it wasn’t helping. A woman was sitting holding her child in the small compartment on the ship when the door flew open. Her husband came in and grabbed her and the toddler. He took them out on the deck and put them in a small boat. As he was letting the boat down to the water the ship jerked and he fell backwards letting go of the ropes. The boat fell and hit the water. In the air lightning was flashing. Then a bolt of lightning hit the ship and set it on fire. The woman screamed for her husband but he didn’t come up. Finally he did and he jumped off into the sea. The worried woman searched through the water with teary eyes. The man came up and grabbed onto the side of the boat and she reached over and helped him in. When he was finally up they paddled a short distance away and then the water shook. They turned around and saw the ship sink down into the water. 

They traveled in the boat for three days, without food, water, or shelter. They took turns paddling and sleeping. They were lost in an ocean, when they were on the ship they were headed back to England. But during the storm the ship had turned in a different direction. On the fifth day of traveling the man saw a small island just a little way ahead of them. When they reached the island they were amazed by its beauty. It was a tropical island with huge trees and exotic animals. There were waterfalls and rivers throughout the jungle. It was uninhabited by humans but animals of all species lived there. As they journeyed through the island the woman saw a tree that was in a very beautiful place and they went there and made a home in the tree. They cut down smaller trees to use for the walls of the house. Everyday more objects would come on the shore from the shipwreck and they would use the objects in the house. Within four days they had built a house. They climbed trees for sweet fruits and hunted small animals for meat. For several years they lived on the island.

Deeper in the jungle there was another family. It was a mother jaguar and her four pups. She had a little girl named Zeri and three boys named Danriugh, Congo, and Salazar. The four pups were only three months old. The mother kept her pups in a small den close by a tree for safety. A few tigers lived in the forest, and they were deadly and not friendly to the Jaguar families. Back in the tree where the humans lived they were sitting in their home when a tiger broke through their window. Her daughters name was Lily and she was now a young girl. Her husband ran over by a desk and grabbed his gun. The tiger ran towards him and hit the gun out of his hand. The tiger started to claw at his face, the woman ran towards the door with Lily but another one jumped in front of her. She screamed and turned around to run when she saw her husband who was now dead. She ran quickly and put Lily in her room and turned around to face the two tigers. She ran and grabbed her husband’s gun and shot one of the tigers. In the den the mother jaguar heard the gun shot and held up her ears in alert. Back at the house the other tiger hit the woman and she fell to the floor. It clawed her to death on the ground. After clawing the woman the tiger left the house with sadness and anger in his body.

For a while the mother jaguar sat with her pups until their father came back after hunting. She then left and headed up towards where she heard the gun shots. As she walked through the forest she jumped on a rock and for the first time saw the humans home in the trees. With a worried look on her face she hesitated to jump off the rock but she did and continued heading towards the house. When she made it close to the house she had to walk over a small bridge to get to the house. She made it to the front door and she gently pushed it open with her paw and stepped inside. On the floor there were bloody paw prints everywhere. As she looked in a corner she saw the man on his face with only his back showing to her, she could tell that he was dead. When she continued walking through the house she accidentally stepped on something furry. She looked and jumped back, it was Violet; one of the tigers that lived in the forest and under her was the girl’s mother. Her neck had been clawed. The jaguar mother walked over and smelt her scratch. On the scratch she smelt King, who was the biggest of the tigers and their leader, Violet; was his mate. Then over by the wall she heard a small cry. She walked over and looked around then she heard it again by the room. As she walked closer she stood up to the door and opened it to look inside. While looking she heard the cry again and she looked under the bed. When she did she saw a small girl. The girls hair was dark brown like the woman’s and she had dark green eyes. On her left cheek was a claw mark from one of the tigers. The jaguar sniffed the girl and the girl came out from under the bed. She stepped back away from the adolescent girl. The girl stood up as if she was not afraid of the jaguar.

“Cat,” Said the girl. She walked forward and wrapped her arms around the mother jaguar. The jaguar hesitated and then gently rubbed her head against the girl. After a few minutes the jaguar stepped back and started to walk away. As she did the girl followed. The mother led the girl back to her den with her family. The girl was holding onto her tail. The mother jaguar let out a deep roar and the male came out of the den.

“What is this Denali?” Asked the male jaguar.

“Kahn, I found her in the house in the tree. Her parents’ were both dead, both killed by King. They had killed Violet.” Answered Denali.

“Then why have you brought her here?” Asked Kahn.

“She would have been killed if I didn’t.” Said Denali.

“Take her back.” Said Kahn.

“No, I will take care of her.” Protested Denali.

“Fine. But this does not mean that she is my pup.” Said Kahn. The big cat turned and went back inside the den. The four pups came out from the den and stared at the girl.

“Mother, what is it?” Asked Salazar.

“It is a girl Salazar. Her parents were killed.” Said Denali.

“Why is she hairless?” Asked Zeri.

“Zeri, she is not hairless. She just has a small amount of hair.” Said Denali.

“Why doesn’t she look like us?” Asked Congo.

“Well she does, I see a nose, eyes, mouth, teeth, and ears.” Said Denali.

“Yeah, but she doesn’t have a tail or paws like us.” Said Danriugh.

“You’re right Danriugh, but not all animals look the same.” Said Denali. That night Lily slept in the den with her new animal family. For a few years the girl lived with the jaguars. Finally she was now a young girl around fourteen.

She crawled through the grass on her arms and knees staying close to the ground. She looked up in front of her and saw a small herd of Antelopes. She went back down and crawled a little closer when the Antelopes started to run. She looked up and saw a young jaguar running for a kill. Then another jumped out of a tree and two other out of the grass. She got up and started running quickly. She got out a small dagger and threw it into an Antelopes hind quarter. The animal fell down and hit the ground. As she ran pass the Antelope she grabbed her dagger. Beside her one of he jaguars had took down a small Antelope. The other three were up in the front. As she was running a rock was in her way, so she ran onto the rock and jumped into the air. Before she came down she threw a dagger that hit an Antelope. Finally the other three made a kill.

“Enough! Stop we have six!” Yelled Lily. The four jaguars stopped in their tracks and came running with one antelope each in their mouths. Lily walked back to a shade tree with three antelopes. Under the shade tree Lily cooked her antelope with a fire and the four jaguars ate theirs raw. Off to the side Lily saw two young jaguars that had missed the herd ad were very skinny. She got up and walked over and gave them the spare antelope and walked back.

“What was that for?” Asked Zeri.

“They looked hungry.” Said Lily.

“They should have been here on time.” Said Danriugh.

“You don’t have to be greedy Danriugh.” Said Lily. As they finished up eating they heard a horn blow down by the ocean shore. They all ran down to the beach and hid behind small bushes. Off of the boat came four people, a young woman, an old man, a young man, and a guy with a gun.

“They look strange; they have no fur, no tail, and no paws!” Said Zeri.

“This can’t be good.” Said Congo.

“I have to say…” Said Lily.

“What should we do?” Asked Salazar.

“Kill them?” Said Danriugh.

“No,” Said Lily.

“Eat them?” Said Zeri.

“No!” Said Lily.

“Then what should we do?” Asked Salazar.

“Let’s go meet them. I mean, they look like me. I don’t cause any harm.” Said Lily.

“What?! You are an island girl. They are strangers! Yes, they might look like you in appearance, but you are different from others.” Said Zeri.

“You are The Girl of the Cats!” Roared Congo.

“I mean they don’t look like you, see, they were suits and dresses and shoes!” Said Zeri. But when Zeri finished she looked around and didn’t see Lily. Lily had walked up to take a closer look. Down on the shore the people were talking.

“Oh, Penelope, look at this island!” Exclaimed the young man.

“Oh, yes, the island is…” Said Penelope.

“Beautiful!” Exclaimed the old man.

“Yes, exactly father.” Said the young man.

“Prince Jonathan, may I warn you that looks can be deceiving. The island looks beautiful, but the things inside might be terrible.” Said the man with the gun.

“Oh Mark, relax, I’m sure everything will be fine.” Said Jonathan.

“My great brother and explorer, Prince Jonathan has come to see the island. Now we have seen it and now we leave.” Said Penelope.

“Oh, my dear sister and violinist, Princess Penelope has come to join me to see the island. But I want to venture through the island and see all of the nature. And looking at the island it is tropical so that means your favorite animal lives here.” Said Jonathan.

“Jaguars?” Said Penelope.

“Yes,” Said Jonathan. Then at that moment they heard a rustle in the leaves and a small growl. The four young jaguars had been playing and Zeri had fallen. As she got to her feet she stood still staring at the people frightened.

“Amazing!” Exclaimed Penelope.

“It must be a female she is to small to be a male.” Said the old man.

“Father I want it!” Demanded Penelope.

“No Penelope, we must leave it in the wild.” Said Jonathan.

“Mark, shoot it! I want it dead or alive.” Said Penelope. Mark put his gun up ready to fire when the three boy jaguars came out from behind the bushes.

“Mark, do not shoot. These three are males, they are probably siblings with the girl, and if you shoot you will just make them angry.” Said Jonathan.

“I want them all.” Said Penelope. Mark put his gun up again ready to shoot when he got stopped. A dagger was thrown right into his gun. The four young jaguars started growling and clawing at the ground.

“How did a dagger get into my gun?” Asked Mark.

“It looks hand made, interesting.” Said Jonathan. Mark then put down that gun, and got two new ones. He held the guns in position and then fired one. Before the bullet could reach the jaguars, Lily jumped in front and held her arms in front of them. The bullet hit her side and she yelled.

“Mark! Don’t shoot anymore.” Commanded Jonathan.

“An island girl?” Said the old man.

“Hello, we can help you.” Said Jonathan. He could hear the girl whimper in pain. Lily whipped her head to the side and faced them. She held her bleeding side as it bled through her white island dress. Lily turned back around to face her family. They looked at her with worried faces. They could tell she was in pain. They all nudged her to go. She shook her head refusing.

“Go, you’re hurt badly.” Said Zeri. But to the people all they could hear were low roars. Lily stood up and turned around holding her arm. She faced the young man and walked towards him. Right when she reached him she fell but he grabbed her. Her arms were clinging to his as she fell. He had blood on his arm sleeve from where she had held her side and then touched his arm. Jonathan handed Lily to his father and when he turned around the four jaguars were gone. They set up camp in an open area in the forest. They had tents to sleep in and tables for lab work. Jonathan’s father was a science freak. That night Lily stayed with the people from the ship as they helped healed her bleeding side and took out the bullet.

The next morning Lily woke up in the people’s campsite. When she walked out of the tent it was farthest away from the others and closest to the forest for her comfort. As she looked around she saw the woman looking at herself in a mirror, the old man at work with the science equipment, the man with the gun standing watch, and the young man doodling in a small handbook. Over where Jonathan was sitting he was doodling in his book about her. He was drawing what she looked like. With her dark brown hair and dark green eyes. Her clothes were made out of soft cloth that was like a dress that wrapped around her neck and tied in the back of her neck with her back open. She wore no shoes, just small bangles made from vines with small flowers on the end. She wore her hair down straight and she had the scar on her face. Lily continued to watch the people. The young man that had helped her had short blondish- brown hair and brown eyes. The young woman had light brown hair and brown eyes and the old man looked the same as the woman. The man with the gun looked different from all the rest. He had black hair and dark blue eyes. As she watched the people she especially admired the young man, and loved the fact that he was kind and gentle towards nature. But Lily still couldn’t get the fact that they looked so much like her. With eyes, ears, a nose, a mouth, no tail or paws. She also wondered in her mind why her mother kept her away from people of her kind. Finally the old man saw her standing at her tent.

“Oh, Jonathan look, she’s awake.” Said the old man.

“That’s good.” Said Jonathan. He got up and walked over to Lily. He brought her over to his father and he checked her side. She was healing were the bullet had hit her.

“What is your name?” Asked the old man.

“Father, I don’t think she can talk.” Said Penelope. So the man gave Lily a piece of paper and a pencil. On the paper she wrote, Lily.

“Your name is Lily.” Said Jonathan.

“Yes, Lily.” Said Lily.

“You can speak!” Exclaimed the old man.

“Not very much. When I speak to my family I only need to know a little words.” Said Lily.

“Family? There are others.” Said Jonathan.

“Yes, but they are not like me. You see, I am called Lily of the Cats. My family is small. My mothers name is Denali and my fathers name is Kahn. My four siblings’ names are Zeri, Congo, Danriugh, and Salazar. They are all Jaguars.” Said Lily.

“Jaguars?” Questioned Penelope.

“The four that you met were my siblings.” Said Lily.

“Lily what about your real family?” Asked Jonathan.

“My mother told me that she found me in the house in the trees. And my mother and father were dead. Killed by King.” Said Lily.

“King?” Questioned Mark.

“Yes, King. He is the leader of the tigers. The tigers hunt the Jaguars.” Said Lily.

“Lily, how would you like to learn more about the outside world?” Asked Jonathan.

“I like to learn. I could also teach you about the jungle.” Said Lily.

“Okay, first things first. My name is Jonathan. This is my sister Penelope and my father Daniel. This is our guide, Mark.” Said Jonathan.

“Hi,” Said Lily.

“Before we teach you, may I ask why your name is Lily?” Asked Daniel.

“Yes, of course. My name is Lily because I was a young girl when I was found by my mother. But I did not know my name very well because I was young. My mother called me Lily because to Jaguars it means, The Girl of the Cats.” Answered Lily.

Everyday Lily would come back to the camp and learn more about the human world. They taught her about space, cities and towns, music, and dancing. And everyday that Lily learned more about the humans Jonathan learned more about her.

One day Lily came back to their campsite and was surprised about what happened. As she was walking around Penelope walked up to her.

“So, Lily, you live with Jaguars. Would you take us to them?” Said Penelope.

“Jonathan!” Yelled Lily. Jonathan ran over to Lily and his sister.

“Yes Lily?” Asked Jonathan.

“Penelope wants me to take you to the Jaguars.” Said Lily.

“Penelope….” Said Jonathan. Then Mark and Daniel came over.

“Could you take us?” Asked Mark.

“You tried to shoot them!” Yelled Lily.

“My apologies,” Said Mark.

“Only if Jonathan comes along.” Said Lily. Jonathan looked at her surprised but she didn’t look at him.

“I will come along as will my father.” Said Jonathan.

“Okay, follow me. And be very quite.” Said Lily. Lily led them into the forest. They crawled under and over branches. As they were following Lily, Mark was looking at a map following their path. Finally Lily stopped.

“What is it?” Asked Jonathan.

“Wait here.” Said Lily. She walked forward into a small clearing and whistle in a high pitch. Then from a tree a small jaguar jumped out. And two others came out from behind some bushes. While another came running from the trees. She petted all of them gently and talked to them. Lily picked up her hand and signaled them to come out. Everyone came out from behind the trees. Zeri hesitated and stepped back a little. Lily got up and grabbed Jonathan’s hand and pulled him over by Zeri.

“Jonathan, this is Zeri, my sister.” Said Lily. She gently held Jonathans hand and put it on Zeri’s back. He slid his hand gently back and fourth petting Zeri. She purred softly. Congo let Daniel pet him and Salazar let Penelope pet him. Mark didn’t want to pet any of them so Lily petted Danriugh.

“Lily you said you had parents, Denali and Kahn. Where are they?” Said Jonathan.

“When pups reach a year the mother sends them out on their own. At that age they count as young adults.” Answered Lily.

“Do you know where the house in the tree is?” Asked Jonathan.

“Yes,” Said Lily. She got up and walked Jonathan over to a huge boulder and they both stood on it. She pointed with her finger over to a tree. And Jonathan saw the house in the tree. It was now ragged after the years of weather and from animals.

“Lily, do you ever go there?” Asked Jonathan.

“No,” Said Lily.

“Why? Don’t you want to remember your family?” Asked Jonathan.

“Jonathan, I was a little girl around eight. The only thing I can still remember is them being killed by an animal. That same animal is why I have this scar on my face.” Said Lily.

“I’m sorry Lily, I didn’t mean…” Said Jonathan.

“Don’t be.” Said Lily.

For a few days Lily didn’t go back to the campsite. One evening Mark was down on the shore requesting a ship with cages. He was planning on taking the Jaguars and selling them for their furs, but no one knew. While back at camp everything was fine until they heard a scream. Daniel and Jonathan were sitting at the lab table talking when they heard Penelope scream. They both got up and saw Penelope running from out of the forest. Behind her was a huge tiger. Mark was gone so they were unprotected and the tiger wasn’t as calm as the Jaguars. Jonathan grabbed Penelope and put her by their father. He started yelling at the tiger trying to frighten it away. But instead the tiger jumped on him. Jonathan was trying to get the tiger off while protecting himself but the animal was too heavy. The tiger put up his paw and scratched Jonathan on the arm. Right when the tiger put up his paw ready to strike his final hit to slay Jonathan, he got hit by something and they both went rolling on the ground. As they rolled the creature that hit the tiger put out its foot and stopped in a squatted position. Jonathan lifted up his body and held his arm. When he looked over he saw that it was, Lily. She ran over to him and helped him up.

“Go,” She demanded.

“No, I won’t go without you. You could get hurt.” Jonathan protested. The tiger got back to his feet and turned towards Lily and Jonathan. As she turned around Jonathan grabbed her arm and gently pulled her back the same way her mother had when they saw the tiger at the front of their door. The tiger’s eyes widened and he roared in fury. In his mind he had a flashback of when he was at the door and Lily’s mother pulled her back away the same way. Lily could understand what he was saying but no one else could.

“She lived! The Jaguars must have done this!” Said the tiger repeatedly.

“King,” Said Lily. Jonathan looked bewildered at her.

“King, but that’s the tiger that…” Said Jonathan.

“…killed my family.” Said Lily. Then King started running towards Jonathan and Lily. Lily pushed Jonathan aside and ran towards King. They hit each other and fell to the ground fighting. As they rolled around fighting King hit Lily to the ground and he slid his paw over her neck to block her airway. She was gasping for air and almost out of breath.

“Lily!” Yelled Jonathan.

Right as she was about to die King got hit by another animal. The jaguar bit into King’s side and he let out a painful roar. They rolled around fighting and roaring. Fur flew everywhere as the animals bit into each other. But unfortunately King was larger than this animal and had more strength. When the jaguar ran towards King he bit into its side and crushed its rib cage, killing it. He grabbed it by the neck and threw it against a tree. Lily got up and ran over to the jaguar. When she looked at the animal she realized who it was, it was Denali, her adopted mother. Now both her real mother and adopted mother were dead, killed by the same beast.

She cried into her mother’s body rubbing the soft fur. She sat there on the ground crying, Jonathan and the others just watched her from the side. Just then Lily jumped up and grabbed her dagger from the band on her leg. She ran towards King with rage in her eyes. She jumped at him and he jumped back and to the sides of her batting at her with his claws. Suddenly King jumped and landed on top of Lily with his teeth round razor-sharp. He was going for the kill when there was a piercing noise. He froze still on top of Lily. Under him on his chest Lily had stabbed him with her dagger right through the heart. He fell down to the ground cold and still.

Jonathan ran over to Lily and helped her up. As they were walking back they heard the horn of another ship.

“Are you leaving?” Questioned Lily.

“No, not that I’m aware of.” Answered Jonathan. As they started to walk back towards Daniel and Penelope, Mark walked out of the forest. Right as Jonathan was about to say something eight men came out from behind Mark all with guns in their hands.

“What is the meaning of this Mark?” Asked Daniel.

“Well, you see my king; I plan on getting rich on animal hides, of jaguars.” Said Mark.

“Mark you can’t, they are an endangered species.” Said Jonathan.

“Who cares, thanks to Lily here, I know where all of them live.” Said Mark.

“That’s my family! You can’t kill them!” Yelled Lily.

“They’re just animals! Just like you, nothing more.” Said Mark. Two of the men grabbed Penelope by her arms.

“Unhand me you…you…cabbages!” Yelled Penelope. All of the men started laughing at her. She could her Jonathan sighing in disappointment.

“Penelope, its savages! Cabbages are vegetables!” Said Jonathan. Then two men grabbed Jonathan and another two grabbed Daniel. Two were coming close to Lily when she pulled out her dagger. She started waving the dagger at them and they stepped back. One of the men went for her and she head-butted him and he fell to the ground knocked-out. Then the other man came and she threw her dagger, it hit him right in the forehead, and he hit the ground, dead. Jonathan pushed both of the men off of him and he ran to Lily.

“Lily, go you must warn your family before it’s too late.” Said Jonathan.

“What about you?” Asked Lily.

“I’ll be alright. Now go!” Said Jonathan. He set Lily off running into the forest. Mark picked up the three men that were alive.

“Go after her! Do not let her reach the beast!” Commanded Mark. He looked to the corner of his eye and could still see Lily. The three men started walking towards her with swords in their hands.

Lily smiled and said, “Catch me if you can.” Then she started running through the forest.

“Run Lily!” Yelled Jonathan. Mark walked over to him and hit him in his head with his fist. Jonathan fell to the ground. Mark bent over and threw him over his shoulder.

“Take them to the ship!” Yelled Mark. The men behind him had Penelope and Daniel.

In the forest Lily was running when she stopped at the edge of a cliff. Under the cliff was a water fall that led out to Lily River and then to the ocean. She turned around when she heard a branch snap. Behind her were the three men, they all had twisted smiles and beady eyes.

“We have you cornered, there’s no where to go.” Said one of the men.

“I don’t want to hurt a pretty lady.” Said another man. Lily took a small step back and a rock fell own into the river below. The men all took a step closer. Lily smiled and turned to face the same direction as the waterfall below her. She took a step forward and jumped. As she went down she put her body in a diving position.

“Hey…stop!” Yelled the third man. But Lily already hit the water. The three men walked over to the cliff.

“Is she dead?” Asked the first man. Lily’s head popped up out of the water and she swam over to the side of the river. She got out and look up to the men and gave them a small wave and set off running again.

“No, but we are, because boss is going to kill us.” Said the second man.

Down in the forest Lily made it to her families den. She woke them up and startled them all.

“You have to leave and go to a safer place in the cave behind the waterfall!” Yelled Lily.

“Why?” Asked Salazar.

“Because Mark betrayed us and he wants to kill all of you.” Said Lily.

“Lily you led them here!” Yelled Danriugh.

“I know and I am sorry for doing so. But you have to leave or you’re going to die!” Said Lily.

“I’m leaving.” Said Zeri.

“So am I.” Said Congo. Then the other two left with them.

“Thank you!” Called out Lily. Her family was safe from Mark until she could get rid of him. Then Lily got hit in the head by something sharp and fell to the ground.

“I hate jungles.” Said Mark.

Four hours later Lily woke up on a ship. Along on the ship were Jonathan, Penelope, Daniel, and the crew members.

“Lily, are you okay?” Asked Jonathan.

“Where am I?” Asked Lily.

“On a ship.” Answered Daniel.

“My family!” Yelled Lily. On the deck Lily could here roaring and hissing. Then a man came down with a ladder and brought everyone up. Lily was terrified when she saw her family of cats locked up in cages. They were only a little ways from the island and the jaguars could swim. So she leaped up and grabbed the keys from the guard and knocked him out. The crew and everyone else helped fight the extra crew working for Mark while she opened the cages. Finally she opened the cages and set them free. They walked over and stood on the edge watching the water. They had to jump if they wanted to live on the island. Jonathan saw her and ran over to her side.

“Lily, don’t leave. Stay and come back to England with me.” Said Jonathan.

“But my family…” Said Lily.

“They could come too.” Said Jonathan.

“And live in cages? That is not a life you would want for your family.” Said Lily.

“You’re right, it’s not.” Said Jonathan. Mark started walking their way, with an angry look. Jonathan grabbed Lily and pulled her over. Mark stumbled on his feet and fell into the four young jaguars. All five of them went into the water. Within three minutes the four jaguars walked up on the shore of the island without Mark. He was killed in the water. Lily watched her family of cats stand on the shore of the island, but as more time passed by she could see the four young cats less and they became blurry until finally she couldn’t see them at all.

Lily went back to England with Jonathan and they got married after six years of being together. She was now twenty years old and could hardly remember her life on the island. Until one day when Jonathan took her on a ship and sailed away together. She couldn’t remember the island breeze or the house in the tree. She could not remember the sweet smell of sweet fruit that grew in the trees or the warm comfort of her animal families den. When they landed on the island they walked up on the shore. Lily whistled not remembering why she had done the same thing years ago. And out of the bushes came four adult jaguars, greeting her with wholesome eyes. 

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