Mermaid Castaway

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A young Mermaid names Luna is the youngest daughter of Poseidon, a descendant of Ariel, and the sister of his eldest daughter Pearl. She is to be married to a prince named Meritan of another city. But she loves humans and the way they act. (She is very much like her ancestor Ariel)One day Pearl gets captured by humans and Luna goes aboard the ship to save her. And then they start off on an adventure.
P.S - I only have written a little this is just the beginning! Please give feedback!

Submitted: February 26, 2013

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Submitted: February 26, 2013



Mermaid Castaway \"Reach out and embrace who you really are. Strive to be more than the day before. Be happy no matter what others say...Just be you... - they can never take that away!\" - Queen Oceania Pearl, the eldest of Poseidon's two daughters, hummed a soft tune while placing sea flowers in a crystal vase. Her blue tail swished back and forth reflecting the sunlight that came through the top of the palace creating tiny air bubbles in the water. As she was finishing the vase she felt a rush of water go past her. She turned her head to see a flash of blue hair swimming around the corner towards the door. She followed the mermaid to the door where she stopped her. \"Luna, where are you going?\" She asked. The small mermaid stopped in her tracks and twisted her tail around. Her long blue hair hanged down to her bellybutton covering her breast. A long pearl necklace hanged down to the same length as her hair. Luna carried with her a small purple satchel and in it a small Luri popped her head out. Luri's were small creatures that looked like sea otters but were a light blue with finned ears, webbed feet and a long tail. \"What do you mean...I'm not going anywhere,\" Luna said. She looked around the hall curiously looking for anybody that might be watching. \"Who are you looking for?\" Pearl asked. She crossed her arms and gave Luna a deep glare. Luna froze still and the small Luri huddled down back into the satchel. \"No one Pearl. Why are you such a nosy Mermaid!\" Luna said. Pearl uncrossed her arms and jumped back a little creating a strong rush of water on her back. \"Luna! What is wrong with you? You can't act this way tomorrow,\" She said. Luna rolled her eyes and swam towards the door pushing it open and slamming it behind her. Outside the door Luna slouched against the giant palace door. The palace was a beautiful crystal palace and the door was decorated with all sorts of seashells in different shades of blue and purple. The palace was formed in a spiral staircase shape the led to the top which was a dome shape for holding special ceremony's and performances. Luna pulled the small Luri from the satchel and held it up to her face. It cocked its head at her in confusion and blinked its wide eyes at her. She laughed at the silly creature that she held in front of her. The Luri swam out of her arms and treaded in front of her. \"Where are we going today Luna?\" The Luri asked. \"Today's the day Onyx!\" Luna said smiling. A huge grin rushed across Onyx's face and her eyes widened. \"When are we going?\" Onyx asked happily. \"Later, you can stay with me tonight so we'll be ready,\" \"So, where are we going now Luna?\" \"Come on, i'll show you!\" Luna smiled and began to swim away followed by Onyx. They swam through the city passing the Ocean Market and all of the citizens that lived in the City. Everyone she passed said, \"Hello,\" or \"How are you Luna?\" Quickly she made her way out of the City and into the reef of the ocean. Many of the sea creatures were her friends. Luna and Onyx swam down to a hidden part of the ocean where no one went.

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