What about us ?

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" People make life so hard now a'days even though they think they us , they don't .. I just want my voice too be heard & not feel locked out I just want .. too be understood but you gotta ask yourself what about us ? "

Submitted: May 03, 2013

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Submitted: May 03, 2013



Take a deep breath; Usually when you walk into school  On your first day  You feel shy , nervous , antisocial like everyone is bigger then You , You try too fit in and it doesn't work  people start too pick on You and you have nowhere too turn too ? Not even Your Parents . I know the feeling Your lost , scared  , 5 ft . deep . Like noone understands oh and epsically when girls have their first crucsh . so cute right ? I know . 

for example  ; I Liked a boy but he was so clueless he didn't really get it , but he was so cute  , but I Hated  him in the beginning of the school year not really sure why  ; but the heart works in Mysterious ways . but back too my story , He flirted with me alot , but he'll also flirt with other Girls and must I Say im the Jealous Type ?  We were so complicated , like two oppisited . he was Popular , I Wasn't . He was socialable  , I Wasn't . But the thing that attracted me was his personality  , his smile , his eyes , and his laugh . But You know life changes when You have a point where a boy is so clueless that You like him and he's looking the other direction . then my friend told him I like him , which i did . but Things started getting awquard between us and that was what i was afraid of until one day  he told everyone he was moving . 

I Was devastated , heart broken , Tired , frusturated . I Was everything you can name until i had too realize i had too let Him go . Maybe it was a sign , telling me he wasn't the one , move on , you'll find someone else . so many thoughts  , so many feelings but I Had friends too help me get through it  thats the best part friends .


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What about us ?

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