Welcome to Paradise-Another Billie Joe Story

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I just got this really good idea for a BJA story. Well, anyways, the main character's name is Kyleigh, she's 16, and in 11th grade with Billie. Story-version Billie Joe's is 17 and he looks exactly like he does right now in real life and Green Day has written all of their albums up to 21st Century Breakdown, Green Day has won all of the awards they have right now, etc. So, the only difference is that Billie and his friends are 16, the're in 11th grade, and John Kiffmyer and Adrienne don't exist. Oh! I forgot one thing. Green Day's only somewhat locally popular and still plays at Gilman (Let's pretend they were never banned). Okay? Get it? Yes. You do. Anything else? Use your imagination.

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Submitted: October 22, 2011

On monday, we went back to school. Billie Joe and I decided to tell them at lunch, because that was the only time we could all be to... Read Chapter

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