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"Prince Thane Kenton of Edolth is not an only child. There is his younger brother. For secrecy purposes, I will not speak the very name of this lad, but you should know that the reason they were split at birth was because of the Advisor. King Damon feared what is true about Advisor Dougal—he is a nobleman who will stop at nothing to gain more power—even murder the entire royal family. The Hidden Heir was kept hidden so that such a powerful man could not really have the rights to the throne, should the entire family be dead and this Dougal step in. Only four—now five—people know of this fact. The King, the Queen, myself, the lad’s caretakers, and you.

“The brothers do not know of the other’s existence and it is very unlikely that they should ever find out, but there are hidden secrets in Edolth, and if the Prince is not wed to you, we’ll all be in trouble.”

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Submitted: September 25, 2012

Edolth was a fairly peaceful country. Its kingdom was like any other in the land, and the people got along with their lives well enough. ... Read Chapter