Self Harm

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To tell you the truth...I don't know why I decided to write this, but I think people should know.

Submitted: January 06, 2014

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Submitted: January 06, 2014



Cutting isn’t an addiction? That’s funny coming from someone who hasn’t self harm a day in his or her life. Cutting is more addicting than any drug or any alcohol and I will tell you why. Because with every cut your self-respect, your dignity, anything the made you who you are is slowing being dug into your skin because you hate who you are. Pain—you can’t feel it because you have become numb. Love- you don’t know what that is nor can they show it, at least not truly. Happiness—has been long gone the moment that razor touched your skin.

You are drowning in sorrow…you are hurting more than anyone would know. They catch the marks on your wrist…you have dozen more hiding somewhere else that they can’t see. You pretend to be something you’re not just to show them what they want to see. Deception it’s easy for you because you’ve been doing it for so long. It’s a game to you, gambling your life, because you’re trying to die without actually dying. You want to know why you don’t cut vertically because you don’t actually want to die…because that will end the game. So instead you cut horizontally one after another in a neat little row.

You want to be caught. You want to be saved, but you’re never going to ask for help. You want to be loved by someone, but you’re afraid more than anything. You want your friends to notice your unhappiness and make you feel good again, but you won’t open your mouth. You don’t want to die, then stop harming yourself.

This is my view on self-harm and no this is not true for everyone, but I've seen it between myself and some friends of mine.

For example today...someone I don't know really well and I'm not going to say any names due to privacy, but he posted this on Facebook:

Okay if you hate me then get the fuck off my friends list final warning or I'm going to kill myself.

1. If you're really going to kill yourself, you won't tell people about it. People who actually talk about it or say they're going to do it, usually don't.

I have been called so many things that I am done with this...I have been quiet and said nothing of anyone and I just got attacked by Person B saying I was talking shit when I've been focusing on college and being friends with Person C for a better future.

1. Stop with the sob story because quite frankly no one gives a shit.

2. We all having fucking problems that's what makes us human. We have to face problems so we can overcome them. Seriously if we didn't...their wouldn't be a human race at all.

3. You shouldn't have been quiet in the first place. You should of fucking spoke up to the asshole who is bothering you and put him in his place. Your life + Your Happiness = You Do Whatever You Want and Be Friends With Whoever You Want.

I'm done can't live like this its unbearable to know that everyone in this town hates me. I'm stuck in this town and Person C said that everyone that goes to Hastings hates me and it must be true but before I off myself I am sorry for everything I done to recieve so much hate. Don't pity the dead, pity the living.

1. Lake Havasu isn't that fucking small. Find a new place to hang out.

2. If everyone hates you...that means even babies hate you which isn't true since babies don't hate anything. So that whole statement is invalid.

3. STFU about suicide it pisses me off and you might have a reason about the post, but testing friendship and telling people you're going to kill yourself is complete and utter bullshit.

Yes this is more about suicide then self harm, but really those two go hand in hand with eachother.


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