" Lost Soul "

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A story of a girl looking back to who she is becoming after her father had passed away,not sure of trusting any one. strugle from relationship to relationships and now she is worry will she ever found love? or the death of the the father she did not know took away her love...

Submitted: November 27, 2012

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Submitted: November 27, 2012



Chapter 1

Closed eyes i felt the wind passing trough my finger gap, going from tree to trees and there goes my life carying away each leaves that is not strong enough to fight my temptation. my soul fly away with the wind, for a momment i taught i was flying.

Ariel Ariel Ariel that was the voice in the end of the forest calling up my name. with cold water in my face i woke up gasping for air.  mom just woke me up to get ready for school. you need to get ready for school what's going on with you latelly you are looking lost each and every day? mom everything is fine there is nothing wrong with me. i woke up headed to the bathroom for shower i felt the wind again this timearound my ears but it was so strong that i almost fell down as it passed.went  to school quit as usual watching every girl being dropped off by eaither their dad or mom and they will plant a kiss in their foreheads and the girls will be shy and ashamed. not a word in my mouth i will seat and glare without saying a word, my head was filled  with answers and at times i will laugh inside  my head. i always talk but peole claim i don't. how could they know  when every time they ask me a question i give answer only answers inside my head. they are perfectly loud and clear inside my head how could they not hear me? bell rang and school was out. packed my book and started walking home watching other kids being picked up by both their parents or just one, it was unfortunate that my mom always work and couldn't make it . i know you are wondering what about dad, yes dad he was at work or so mom claimed i couldn't wait for the day he will come back home. mom said it was his last month out of the country and he will return for ever and won't go back again. counting the days and plaining on talking to him alone even made me quiter more quiter than you can imagine. i will talk to my  dad about everything when he is back from his service. 

Mom came back from work and cooked we all ate and watched tv for some times and it was time for mom, my brothers and i to do homework since mom was taking some classes too she decided that home work was done after supper and we do it togother in case anyone needed help. 30 minutes after we started our home work a lady showed up at the front door, it was my aunt, dad's brother's wife. we all chatted and she told mom if they could talk in private,so mom sent all of us  outside. i knew it something was not right ,i figured it has something to do with dad but dad only have about a month left to come back home and then e can catch up with all 13 years of my life that he missed out on.

continue......chapter 2


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