A love like ours... continued

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Sarah Jane was just a normal working class girl, trying to make ends meet, never in her wildest dreams would she have thought that she would meet the love of her life and the prince of her heart.
Donovan Monticello could not take his eyes off the raving beauty standing in the corner of the ball room looking very unsure of her self, then she set those beautiful silver blue eyes on him and he knew that he was lost forever.
Sarah and Donovan fell in love the moment their eyes met, but Donovan is from power and money and Sarah is just one of the staff, gate crashing her friend party, will their love be able to with stand the trials of their social differences or will they lose everything trying to fight for a love that can never be.

Chapter eight

Donovan could not believe he did what he just did, how can he ever look at Sarah Again, If she finds out it will break her heart, he started getting out of the bed, when he say the knob on the door turned.

Sarah ran fast into the house, rushed into Donovan office but he was not there, ‘’Emily’’ she shouted, and Emily came rushing into the room, “Yes Madam’’ Sarah asked ‘’where is Donovan?”, ‘’He’s in his bedroom Madam’’ Sarah nodded, then asked, “And where is Mandy?” “I haven’t seen her Madam.’’ Sarah looked angrily at her. “Did I not tell you to keep an eye on her?” Realising her tone, she said, “Sorry Emily, it's just that, I don’t want that woman anywhere near my husband. Anyway, I might as well tell you first, I’m pregnant and it twins’’ Emily smiled, ‘’Congratulation Madam, I am sure Sir will be very happy.’’  Sarah smiled, and thanked her, then made her way up the stairs towards her bedroom, hoping to find Donovan there, but he was not. She walked down the hall, to see if he was on the balcony, on her way there, she heard voices coming from Mandy’s room, then she heard Donovan saying, ‘’What have we done, what we have done.’’ ‘’Relax don,’’ Mandy said, ‘’She will never know’’ Sarah stood there, with her hands on the knob of the door, praying to god, and hoping that it is not what she think it is, then she turned the knob, and open the door, and saw her worst fears come to life.

Donovan was in bed with Mandy, their clothes striped off on the floor, the tears started to flow, she could not hold them back even if she tired, she looked at Donovan then looked at Mandy, who was smiling, as if she have accomplish what she came there to do. Sarah said to Donovan, ‘’How could you! How could you do this to me? Was I not good enough for you? Silly me, here I am hurrying home to tell you I am pregnant.’’ Donovan gasped, getting out the bed saying, ‘’you’re pregnant?’’ Sarah did not wait to hear the rest; she stormed out, run to her room and started packing her bags. Donovan run into the room after her, but Sarah rushed pass his and hurry down the steps. Now Sarah was at the door, with her bags in her hands, ready to walk right out of his life the same way she walked in. ‘’Please don’t go’’ Donovan cried, he hated that she wouldn’t even look at him, he walked up to her and turned her to face him, he frame her face in his hands and forced her to look at him. “Please don’t leave, we can work this out.’’ He said, but all she did was cried, feeling a gut wrenching pain in his heart, at the finality of the situation, Donovan kissed her lips saying, ‘’I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, please stay, don’t leave me.’’ Sarah tried to push him away, but was too weak, so she started to pound on her chest, crying and screaming ‘’How could you?” She sobbed, she grabbed the font of his shirt, and shake him ‘’you broke us Donovan, you broke us.’’ He stood there and took it all, just hoping to god, she would change her mind but she pushed away from saying, ‘’No! It’s over; you can’t undo what happen between you and Mandy, and there’s no changing my mind.” Donovan voice came out, in a husky breathless whisper, ‘’Sarah please stay.’’ But, she just picked up her bags, and he continued in a rush, ‘’what about the baby?’’ "They twins are growing fine, that’s what the doctor said, and when they are born you can see them as much as you want.’’ He grabbed her hands, ‘’we’re having twins?’’ Sarah pulled her hands away, and turned to the door and started walking then she stopped, and without turning she said, ‘’you put an end to this marriage, the moment you fall into Mandy’s bed. Goodbye Donovan.’’ With that she walked out of his life.

The end




A love like ours book 3

Chapter one

Sarah could not believe how big her twin girls have grown, it felt like not too long ago, she was holding them in her arms, after having a twenty four hours birth. The joy she felt, when she first held them in her arms, was like nothing she felt before, that warm fuzzy tingling sensation, like her heart was going to explode with love, she never knew she could love two tiny person so much. Sarah named her daughters Cassandra and Caralina Monticello.

‘’Cassy, Cara, hurry up girls, we’re going to be late, and you guys are going to miss the first part of Kelly party.’’ Sarah called, as she stood by the door waiting on her girls. Today they were going to their best friend, Kelly Moore birthday party. Kelly is the only daughter of Kimberly and Keith Moore; the girls have been friends, since Sarah sold her two bedroom apartment, and bought her three bed house, that they were living in now. Sarah met Kim, when she first moved to the neighbourhood, eight months after they twins was born. Sarah was out shopping, for a few things, for her new home, and could not make up her mind, on what colour bed spread to get for her room, ‘’Lavender or purple?’’ she said to herself, ‘’There're both beautiful colours, but I would go for the lavender, that’s my favourite.’’ Someone said from behind her, she turned to a beautiful smiling woman. ‘’I’m Kimberly Moore, but everyone calls me Kim’’ Sarah shook her hand and said I’m Sarah Jane, but everyone calls me Sarah.’’ Kim smiled, ‘’Ok Sarah, you must be new, I’ve never seen you around here before.’’ Nodding her head, Sarah said ‘’Umm yeah, I just moved here about three weeks ago, I live in the red house, a few corners down.’’ ‘’Oh yeah, I heard that new owners were moving in, actually, my house is not far from yours, I lived at 408, about seven houses down, you should come down tomorrow, my husband and I, would love to give you an official welcome to the neighbourhood’’ Sarah looked at her girls, sleeping peacefully in there buggy and answered, ‘’Ok sure, we would like that very much.’’ Kim looked over at the buggy, and smiled ‘’Oh they are adorable, what are their names.’’ Sarah beamed at the complement. ‘’This is Cassandra and Carolina, they’re eight months, Sarah said, Kim smiled, and say "fab, well u have to come over now, your two girls would be perfect playmate, for my daughter Kelly, she’s nine months, I just know they will love each other.’’ Sarah laughed, and that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Chapter two


‘’you girls look beautiful, but what was wrong with the dress I put out for you guys to wear?’’ ‘’Oh mom’’ Cassy said, ‘’those dresses are so last year, we can’t wear that, we have our reputations to think about.’’ Sarah laughed, her six year olds have reputation to up hold, what was the world coming to. ‘’But they are so beautiful’’ Cara turned to her sister, threw her hands up in frustration saying ‘’Cassy I told you, she wouldn’t understand, do you see what she is wearing.’’ Sarah looked at her girls and laugh ‘’Hey! What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?’’ ‘’Oh mom’’ Cara said ‘’you need help.’’ Then she grabbed her sister hand, run up to Kelly’s house and rang the doorbell. Kim open the door and smiled, she hugged the girls saying ‘’you both look beautiful.’’ ‘’Thanks Aunt Kim’’ the both said running into the house, in search of Kelly.

‘’Hey Sarah’’ Kim said ‘’I am so glad you’re here to help, these girls are a handful.’’ ‘’I’m glad to help’’ Sarah said, and they made their way into the garden, where the party was going on. It looked so beautiful; there was a big picnic table, in the corner of the garden, dressed with a pink, blue, and yellow cover and in the centre of the table was a beautiful cake in the shape of a castle, there was a dress up corner, and even a stage with surround system, and a mic, it was very little girl ideal party.

‘’So, are you going to go out on a date with Dimitri? Girl that man is crazy sexy, I’m telling you, if I wasn’t married, I would have been all over that.’’ Kim said, looking at Sarah, like she could not believe she was turning the man down. ‘’I don’t think is a good idea for me to date my boss Kim, what if the relationship don’t work out, then it will be very awkward for both of us and I don’t want that, I love my job, also I have to think of the girls. You know that their grandmother, would just love to see me without a job, so she can say I can't look after them, and try to get Donovan to take them from me.’’ Kim went over to Sarah and hugged her, Kim was such good friend to Sarah, always there for her, when she needs her,  Kim sighed, ‘’I don’t know how you put up with her, I don’t care how rich she is, who the hell does she think she is, treating you like nothing. Aww, the nerve of the woman, look, I know she is your mother in law, but she is a first class bitch with a capital B.’’ Kim lovely face was getting very red, now that she was working herself up. ‘’Clam down Kim, trust me, I don’t like her much either, but what can I do, my kids love her.’’ Sarah know she will never be good enough for that woman, everything Sarah does, is wrong in her eyes, Sarah was not good enough for her son, and she didn’t think, Sarah was a good enough mother. Sarah closed her eyes, to stop the tears from falling, there is no way she was going to cry about this again. ‘’This is why you need to start dating again, get back into the game, find a hot guy and settle down, it’s been over six years, you need to let someone in, so you can be happy.’’ Sarah started crying, thinking Kim was so right, she does need to be happy again, but is she willing to open up her heart to someone, and give them the power to destroy her, just thinking about what Donovan did to her, brings the pain back in full force, can she really trust again, Sarah just didn’t know anymore.



Chapter three


‘’Not now mother, I have no time for any of this’’ Donovan grumbled at his mother, he was so annoyed with her, when will she get that, he have no intension of divorce Sarah ever, he growled at her, ‘’enough of this mother, I already have a wife, and I have intension of getting another one.’’ Teresa could not understand, why her son would not just listen to her, what is it about that tramp Sarah, could he not see, that all she was after was in money, she sighed, ‘’Donovan, you need to find yourself a suitable wife, think about your kids, they need a good woman role model in there lives’’ Donovan had enough of this, he bang his fist on his desk, making his mother jump back. ‘’I have had enough of this mother, so listen to me carefully, because this is the last time, we will have this conversation.’’ Trying very hard, to keep his anger in check, he continued, through clench teeth, ‘’my kids already have a mother, who loves them, Sarah is the best role model they will ever have.’’ He got up from his deck, and walk over to the window, remembering Sarah’s beautiful smile, and the way she blushed when he kissed her, he also remembered the tears in her eyes, felt her heart broke, when she saw him with Mandy, he turned back to his mother sighed, and said, ‘’Sarah is the woman I love, she is my wife, and will stay that way, until death do us part’’.

Teresa sighed, and throw her hands up in frustration ‘’so many beautiful woman, who come from good families, and you chose one that is beneath us.’’ She walk over to her son, trying to get him to understand, ‘’don’t you see son, she is just playing you, she knows you love her, and she is using that love against you, for god sake, please move on.’’ Donovan was about to get very mad with his mother, when the door to his home office burst open, and in came running his reasons for living. ‘’Daddy, daddy’’ Cassy and Cara said, running to him, he dropped to his knee, then hugged and kissed them both, ‘’How are my two best girls doing?’’ Cassy, was the first to answer, ‘’Great, Cara and I went to our best friend Kelly party.’’ Then Cara cuts in, saying, ‘’Yeah, it was so much fun, but I don’t think mommy have much fun.’’ Donovan smiled at his girls, and asked ‘’No? Why not?" Cassy and Cara looked at each other, like they were not sure, they should say anything. Then Cassy finally said, ‘’Mommy was crying.’’ Donovan picked his girls, and went to sit on the sofa, ignoring his mother angry look, at him wanted to know why Sarah was crying. Whilst seated, he ask his girls, ‘’Why was mommy crying?’ Cassy looked at Cara, and leaned in closer to him, saying in a whispered voice, ‘’It’s a secret.’’ Donovan said, in the same voice as his daughter ‘’yeah, Well I’m good at keeping secret.’’ Cassy asked Cara, ‘’should we tell him?" And Cara started nodding her head, saying, ‘’Yep, yep’’ Then Cassy started talking. ‘’We think mommy loves somebody, but he don’t love her back’’.

 Donovan felt his heart tighten in his chest, at the thought of Sarah loving someone else but he had to know, so he asked ‘’Why would you think that honey?" And Cara said, ‘’because, mommy was saying to Aunty Kim, why do I still love him, after all these years?’’ Then Cassy joined in, saying, ‘’Yeah, and Aunt Kim said, I know he hurt you Sarah, but it's been over six years, you need to move on.’’ Donovan felt happy, and sad at the same time, Sarah still loved him, maybe there was still a chance for them after all, if only she can forgive him, for what he did to her. Donovan had every intension of getting his wife back. 




When the doorbell started ringing, Sarah glance at the clock to see what time it was, ‘’12:45, who could that be’’ she got out of bed, grab her pale pink silk robe, hanging on the door, shrugged it on and run down the steps shouting, ‘’I’m coming, I’m coming.’’ She open the door, and stood there frozen, with her eyes wide, and her jaw dropped in surprise, she could not believe her eyes. Donovan was standing there, looking so sexy; his hair looked rugged, like he has been running his hands through it all night. He looked even more handsome, than when she last saw him, which was over six years, right then reality sunk in, Donovan was here, why was he here, did something happen to her girls, she started panicking, ‘’Why are here? Oh My God! Is the girls ok, did something happen?’’ She was looking pass him, to the slick black car, parked next to her old beat up red one, ‘’Hello to you too, and the girls are fine, they are with my mother." Relief washed over Sarah, and she smiled saying, ‘’Oh thank god.’’ Then confusion came over her, ‘’If the girls are ok, then why are you here?’’ Donovan looked at her, thinking to himself, she is still the most beautiful woman, he have ever set his eyes on, standing there looking like a sexy temptress, drawing him in, with those soul searching silver blue eyes, clouding his mind, with images of her sexy body, images of those legs wrapped his waist, as he devour her lips, tasting the sweetness that was once his. Feeling the lost, all over again, he sighed, and said, ‘’aren’t you going to let me in? It’s getting chilly out here.’’ Heat crept up Sarah face, ‘’Oh sorry, come in.’’ She stepped aside to let him in, closing the door behind him.

He just stood there, looking around her tiny home, taking it all in, the decor was simple, her walls were painted white, her curtains were pale pink, with some tiny butterfly; She made the girls pick them out because they went well with her pink rug and her butterfly wall arts, the sofas were black, set in the left hand corner of the room, facing the flat screen TV on the wall, down the hall on the right was the kitchen. Then you have the steps that lead to the bedrooms, and her tiny bathroom. The house was just perfect for her and her girls, but with him standing there, it suddenly felt very small. ‘’You have a lovely home, very pink,’’ He smiled, ‘’I’m guessing, the girls had something to do with that.’’ Shocked, that is what she was feeling right now, here he was, standing in her home, after six years talking about colours. ‘’Yes they did, but I am guessing, you didn’t come all the way to talk about my colour choices for my house, why are you here Donovan.’’

He smiled, that heart stopping smile of his, and she felt her heart speed up, imposable, she could not still feel this way for him, so she frown, confused with this development. ‘’I just wanted to see how you were doing, it’s been so long Sarah, I miss you.’’ He stepped closer to her, and she stepped back coming up to the door with nowhere to run, oh how she wanted to run, from him, and all these feelings that he brought with him, why was he doing this, did he enjoy seeing her squirm. ‘’You miss me, after six years of not even a phone call, you decided now that you miss me,’’ Sarah rolled her eyes saying, ‘’Unbelievable!’’  He sighed, ‘’you were the one who walked out on me Sarah, you walked out on our marriage, on our family, I never wanted this.’’ Sarah was stunned, the nerve of the man. ‘’I walked out, because you cheated on me.’’ Tears were settled in her eyes, but she refused to let them flow, blinking hard to keep them at bay, ‘’I made a mistake, I told you I was sorry, what more did you want’’.

Donovan looked into her eyes, hoping to find understanding, but found only sadness and anger ‘’what more did I want! What more did I want! I wanted you to be faithful to me, like I was to you. That’s what I wanted!!" She cried. ‘’I sorry Sarah, I never meant to hurt you.’’ He stroked her hair as she cried, she pulled away from him saying, ‘’I think you should leave now.’’ He took a step towards her, and stroke her cheeks, her breath caught, and she looked in to his eyes, only to see desire there. ‘’Please Donovan.’’ He looked at her, and smiled, ‘’Please what Sarah, please kiss you, please touch you, tell me what you want Sarah.’’ She closed her eyes, to block out all the emotions she say on his face. ‘’I want you to leave Donovan.’’ He stepped even closer to her, and said, ‘’Are you sure that is what you want Sarah, because your mouth is saying go, but your body is telling me stay.’’ then he leaned in and capture her lips, and as hard as she tried to fight it, she knew she was lost, she raised her hands, and wrapped it around his neck, running her hands through his hair, he pushed her robe off, letting it fall to the floor, she started to unbutton his shirt, he then scooped her up in his arms, and took the stairs two at a time saying, ‘’Bedroom?’’ She replied, ‘’on the left.’’ He went straight for it, closing the door with his foot, then he let her slide down the length of his body, pulling her close to him, letting her feel how much he wanted her. He took her mouth again, then unclipped her bra, and stepped away from her, so he could see her full beauty ‘’you are so beautiful.’’ He said, and she smiled, ‘’Well, you’re not so bad yourself.’’ And they started kissing again, going at each other, like they were starving, he laid her on the bed, and started to show her, just how much he missed and wanted her. Oh he showed her alright, all night long.


Chapter four


Sarah sat in her office, trying her best to concentrate on her work, she just couldn't get that night out of her head; she woke the next morning to find Donovan gone, not even a note or anything, she felt so stupid for falling into bed with him, why couldn’t she resist the man.

Sarah was so engross in her thoughts, that she didn't hear her boss approached her desk, "Morning Sarah, how are you this morning?" She looked up from what she was doing, and smiled, "Morning boss, I'm fine thank you, and you?" Dimitri smiled back at her and said, "I'm fine thank you." He paused, then continued, "There was a problem with the deal we made with Tec Guys, Bill was a little concerned with the security and safety of the product. But, we had lunch over the weekend, and I assured him, that our product is the best there is." Sarah nodded then asked, "Is there anything you would like me to do?" Dimitri thought for a moment, then answered, "Not on that matter, no. However, I would like you to do some research into a company called Gamers.Com, they want to commission us to build them, an unhackable, virus protection, for a super computer they are hoping to launch in the next six months’ time." Sarah started making notes, and Dimitri continued, "I expect you to be very discreet, as the clients don’t want any of this to get out." Sarah answered, "I'll get right on it boss." Dimitri said, before making his way to his office. "I'll expect to see a copy of your findings on my desk by the end of the day." Sarah answered, "Yes of course."

Dimitri was looking over the file Sarah brought to him, thinking to himself, she is his more valuable employee, she is focus, dedicated, and very efficient and it shows in her work. He would very much like to be more than just her boss, he even asked her out a few times, but she always politely turned him down, but that was not going to stop him, he did not get this far in life, by giving up, he was going to get her to go out with him sooner or later.

Sarah was just in the final stages of organising her files, getting ready to leave, so she can go home and cook dinner for her girls, she missed them so much, she could not wait to see them; her girls were coming back from spending one week with their father.

So focused on her task at hand, Sarah jumped when her boss called her name. "Sarah." With her hands on her heart she answered, "Yes boss" Dimitri smiled, and said, "Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." Sarah smiled back, "That's ok, and I was just finishing up here, so I can go home and make dinner for my girls. Was there something else you wanted me to do?" "No." Dimitri said, "I just wanted to compliment you, on a job well done, the file, on Gamers.Com was very thorough." Sarah smiled, and said, "Thank you."

Sarah was very pleased to see, that her boss was happy with her work. She worked very hard to get to where she was right now, when Dimitri found her, she was working in a library, and he offered her a job in his company, she stared from the bottom and worked her way up; Taking night class to get her degree, now she was one of the best researcher there is.

Sarah was just about to leave, when Dimitri stopped her, she turned to him and he said, "Sarah, I would really like you to reconsider going out with me," Sarah was about to say no, but Dimitri cut her off by saying, "Please, just think about it, it won't be a date, just dinner, if you decided on yes, we can have dinner on Sunday." Sarah smiled, and said, "I'll think about," With nothing more to say, and feeling a bit awkward, she just stood by the lift, praying for it to come.

Dimitri couldn't helped but be enchanted by her beauty, she has the most amazing eyes, he have ever seen. He stepped closer to her, and her eyes widen, he used his hands, to push a stray curl away from her face, he was just about to kiss her when the lift Ding, signalling its arrival. A look of relief washed over her face, she said goodbye, and enter the lift, Dimitri chuckled to himself, and went back to him office, to get a bit more work done before me leave for home.


Chapter five


"You are going to do what? You can't turn him down Sarah, just give the man a chance, and don’t tell me he's your boss, because that excuse is as old as my dead grandmother, god rest her soul. “Sarah’s best friend Kim was not taking no for an answer, Sarah was going on that date whether she likes it or not. Sarah sighed, "Kim, I love you, but I don’t know if I can do it. Another wealthy man, I had one before, remember, and look where that got me. I don’t know if I can deal with another heart break." Kim felt her friend pain, but she also know, that Sarah needed to start trusting again. "Look, it's just dinner, give it a try, there is no harm in having dinner with someone is there?" Sarah smiled, because she know, that no matter what she said, Kim was going to have her on that date, even if she have to drag her there kicking and screaming.

"Ok, I give up, I'll go, but if it all goes horribly wrong, I’m blaming you." Kim squealed, saying, "YES! YES! I thought for a minute there, I would have to remind you of all the favours I did for you. Anyway, let’s talk dress, what are you going to wear. OH, wait I got, wear that sexy black dress you having hiding away in your wardrobe, that should give him something to think about for the rest of the night." Sarah laughed, Kim was so excited, you'd think it was her going on the date, "I don’t want to give him anything to think about, it’s just dinner" Kim frowned, "And why not, you are a beautiful, sexy woman, why not let him see that. And girl, that man is fine, if he's willing to offer more than dinner, I say HELL YEAH! Go for it, god knows you ain't getting any."

Sarah laughed, "Kim you are incorrigible, but it hasn't been that long since I had a man in my bed, and besides, that’s not what I'm looking for right now." Kim stood there, in Sarah's kitchen with her jaw dropped, “What do you mean by, not that long since I had a man in my bed. Spill it, I need details, who was it, when did it happen, how long ago this was, and do I known this person." Sarah stood there, and look to the floor, wondering if she should confide in her friend, would Kim think her a stupid fool, for sleeping with Donovan, she felt so ashamed. Kim saw the look on her friends face, and knew instantly who the person was. "Oh Sarah, not Donovan, oh honey, why did you do that to yourself again." Sarah started to cried, and Kim went over to comfort her friend. "I don’t know why I did it, he just showed up after six years, and all these feelings came rushing back, I guess, I just couldn't help but give in. Am I a fool for doing that?” Kim sighed, “No honey, you're just human."

"He didn't even call me after, when I woke up the next morning he was gone, he just left without a word, why is he doing this to me Kim, I don’t know how much of this I can’t take before I lose it." Kim was feeling very angry on her friend’s behalf, "He's a bastard that is what he is, ohhh... if I get my hands on the pig, and I will kill him. Look honey, just forget about him, you are way too good for him, but if it will make you feel better, we can take a bat to him car." Sarah laughed and shook her head. She knew, it was going to be a very long time, before she forget about Donovan.


Chapter six


"Ok girls, it's time for bed." Sarah said, after the movie they were watching finished. "Aww mom, do we have to, can't we stay up a little longer?" Said Cassy, pouting her lips. Sarah laughed, "Come you cheeky monkeys, if you don’t go to bed now, you will not be able to wake up for school tomorrow, so say goodnight to Dimitri, and off to bed you go." They got up and went over to Dimitri. Hugged him, said goodnight and went to get ready for bed. Sarah excused herself, and went after them, she made sure the girls, brush their teeth, put their P.J on and tucked them in to bed, as she was about to leave, Cara said, "Mom," Sarah turned to her daughter, "Yes honey,"  Then Cara said, "Is Mr Monty going to be our new daddy?" Sarah went over to the bed, and held her little girls in a big hug, "No one can be your new daddy, because you already have a dad, and no one can replace him, ok". They hugged their mom saying, "Ok mom." As she was about to leave again, Cassy said, "Mom, why don’t you love daddy anymore, is it because of us, did we make you and daddy stopped loving each other?" Sarah gasped, at what she was hearing, how could her beautiful girls, ever thing such a thing. “No baby, mommy loves your daddy very much, but sometimes when grown-ups love each other, they have to stay away from each other, to stop hurting one another with that love. You are the light of our lives, and it's because of you, that we still love each other,"

Sarah kissed her girls, and told them how much she loves them, and left the room with tries in her eyes, how she wish she could do more for her girls, just to take away all their worries. She walked back into the living room, and found Dimitri sating on the sofa with two wine glasses and soft music playing, he offered her a glass and she stepped into her open arms, and they sat together on the sofa.

Dimitri held Sarah in his arms, loving the feel of her soft creamy skin against his hands, he could not believe his luck right now, he was with this beautiful woman. He was so happy, when she called him a few days, after their first date, to say she would love to do it again, now three weeks later and everything was just perfect. "So" Dimitri said, massaging her shoulder, "How are you feeling, are the girls ok?" Sarah leaned into his touch and sighed, "They are so young, how can I explain to them, why their mom and dad can't be together, it breaks my heart to know that I can't give them that." Sarah snuggled in closer to him, he played with her hair and said, "I know you don’t like to talk about it, but if ever you feel like talking, I will always be here." He twirled a few strands of her hair around his finger, feeling its silky softness, he pulled her on to his lap, and said, "Your hair is so soft, and you are so beautiful." Then he dipped his head, nibbled her ear and worked his way down her neck, she moaned, "That feel so good." And put her hands around his neck, then he took her mouth and kissed her using his tongue to part her lips, to allow him entry, she opened her mouth and he deepen the kiss, crushing her to him, wanting to get very close to her, wanting to make her body one with his.

The kiss was so powerful, he glided his hands up her back and ran his fingers through his hair, he pulled away slightly, to look in her eyes, and saw that they were burning with want for him, she tilted her head back, and he kissed her neck, whilst he unbutton her shirt. He laid her down on the sofa, pulled his top over his head and went back to her, kissing her belly button, working his way up, using his tongue to lick the top of her breast, she moaned and arched her back, loving the feel of his hands exploring her body.

She wanted him so bad. He kissed her again, and Sarah was thinking, God, his kisses were hot, then she felt his hands on her breast, and she jumped, that’s when reality came crashing in, she can’t do this, she's just not ready, it's all happening to fast, so she broke kiss and sat up, saying, "I'm sorry, I can't do this, it's too soon." She reach for her shirt, and started to put it on, when she was on the last button, she raised her eyes to him, to see what she would find there. He was fully dressed, and looking at her with understanding, he moved closer to her and said, "Its ok, I understand, you're not ready, I can wait." He kissed the top of her head, "It's going to be torture, but I can wait. Anyway, it's getting late, I should go." He stood and started to move towards the door, she followed him and he took her in his arms and kissed her, then he pulled away and stepped through the open door, saying, "Yes, torture, cold showers, lots and lots of cold showers, that's what I need." He started to leave, then turned back and said, "Don’t forget, the party this weekend, bring your friend Kim, I like her she's funny." Sarah giggled and said "Ok." Then she closed the door and leaned against it.

Sarah could not believe, she almost had sex with him, then she laughed, if Kim knew, that she stopped right in the middle of it, her friend would think she was crazy. She walked over to the coffee table, and picked up the wine glasses and took them in to the kitchen, just as she was leaving the kitchen the phone rang, she reached and answered it, "Hello," Kim was on the other end, "Girl tell me you had some of that fine ass? Please tell me, you did not let that man, walk out of there without raping him?" Sarah laughed, "Sorry Kim, but I did not rape him." Kim shouted, "What! Girl, did I not teach you anything. Unbelievable, you are just a lost cause." Sarah was laughing hard now, "Kim, you are crazy, anyway Dimitri invited you and Keith to the party this weekend, but you'll have to spend the whole weekend at his place, there will be a Nanny to look after the girls, so we won't have to worry about them. So are you in?" Kim squealed, "Of course I'm in, it's been a long time, since I went to a party with everyone over 4 feet high, this is going to be so much fun, I hope there will be hot guys, because my SEXY man, is going to be working out at sea, I might not be able to sample, but I'm sure as hell going to give my eyes a feast." Sarah smiled, "I'm sorry Kim, I didn't know Keith was working, are you sure you want to come?" Kim sighed, "Yeah I want to come, I will miss him, but the company will keep me from feeling lonely." They said their good byes and Sarah hang up, thinking that, it was really sad for Kim, having to be without her husband so much. She really hopes he get the transfer from working as a sea technician, to the main office. She knew that would make Kim happy, and that was all she wanted for her friend.


Chapter seven


“Drinking yourself into an early grave won’t help you my friend. I don’t understand you man, you say you love your wife and you want her back, but here you are, in my favourite chair, drinking all my brandy.” Donovan jaw flex, he really hate coming to Mike for advice, because he can be a real ass sometimes. “What would you have me do Mike.” Mike went to the bar and pour himself a good portion of brandy, then went on to sit in the chair opposite Donovan. Stretching out his long legs, he get himself into a relaxed position and proceeded to answer his friend. “The way I see it is, if you really wanted Sarah back, you wouldn’t have waited six years to do it.” He ran his hands through his hair, then took a sip of his drink and continued “listen man, I know you love Sarah, and as you said, you want to give her time to heal, but six years, I’m sure she’s healed so much she don’t even remember you.” Mike was chuckling to his joke and did not see the flare of Donovan nostrils.

Donovan got up from where he was sitting and started to pace, what the hell does Mike know about anything, the longest relationship he’s even been in, was when he was fourteen, and that only lasted two months. Donovan stop pacing and turned to his friend, “you didn’t see the look on her face when she said it was over. The fire died in her eyes, she looked like an empty shell.” Donovan dropped back in the chair he was sitting in earlier, he ran his hands over his face and then through his hair. “I hurt her Mike, I don’t think she will ever get over that, and I don’t want to push her away by moving too fast, that’s why I’m taking things slow” Mike looked at his friend and laughed, “six years Donovan, you’re not just moving slow, you’re moving like a snail on life support.” Donovan knew his friend was right, there was nothing keeping him from going after his wife, just his pride. He told Mike about the night he went to see Sarah and his friend started to laugh. “Man, you are in deep shit, after six years of no contacted, you decided to visited her, slept with her, left without her knowing and to top it off you haven’t called her since” Mike was laughing harder now and Donovan was getting pretty irritated. “Laugh all you want Mike, but this is serious. I left because she was still upset about the affair; I didn’t want her to wake up and get mad all over again, and I haven’t called her yet, because I’m giving her time to cool off.” Mike hold off laughing to answer his friend “bro, first of all you had your wife back the moment she slept with you, women don’t do stuff like that if they don’t love you. That was your chance to get your family back together, but you leaving and not calling her will have lessen your chances, if you think she was just hurt before I’m sure she’s livid now. If you really want your wife back, you best be prepare for world war three, because you just made things a whole lot worse.”

Donovan was starting to see thing through different eyes, what he did, coupled on the affair will have made Sarah even more cautious. He knew the time for waiting was over, it was time to get his family back where they belong, in his home and by his side.


Chapter eight


“So is this a serious thing between you and Dimitri, or are you just testing the water until you’re ready to get back in the pool?” Sarah laughed, Kim says the funniest things sometime. “I don’t know Kim. He’s really caring, sweet and funny, and he makes me feel treasured; but I feel things are moving way to fast, I’m not even sure why I’m driving to his house now, and to spend the whole weekend, maybe I should turn back.” Sarah risk a glance over to her friend to see what she was thinking, and true to her nature, Kim was looking at her like she’d just grown a second head. “Are you crazy, I did not spend all day packing and shopping to go back home to an empty house, we’re not turning back. Sarah you just said he is a great guy, why are you getting cold feet now.” Kim looked at her friend and ask, “Is it because of Donovan, honey you need to move on, preferably with a bat to his head, but since you don’t want to do that, I can settle with you moving on to a better guy.” Sarah sighed, Kim was right, it is because of Donovan, and she don’t think she can ever love anyone the way she loves him. “Kim I love him, I know I should stop but I can’t help it. Dimitri is really wonderful and I like him a lot, but I don’t know if I will even be able to love anyone like that ever again. Dimitri deserves better.” She was trying really hard to keep the tears that were threatening to fall at bay. She took a quick look at the girls in the mirror, and saw that they were still sleeping and smiled. Turning back to the conversation she said, “Kim I don’t think it’s fair on Dimitri, me not loving him. Maybe I should tell him everything about what happen with Donovan, and who Donovan really is, and let him decided if this relationship it worth it.”  Kim looked at Sarah and smiled, “I think you should too, I am so proud of you for taking this next step, you deserve to be happy.” Sarah smiled too, she did deserves to be happy it about time she put Donovan in the back seat and focus on the road ahead.

When they arrived at the house, Sarah looked over at Kim and saw that she had the exact expression as Sarah did, when she first saw Donovan house. Kim squealed, “OMG SARAH! It’s fabulous, and so mother freaking huge. I am betting my whole house can fit in his bathroom, I can’t wait to see the inside.” Kim turned to Sarah and said “I bet the person who delivers Dimitri papers in the morning makes more in a month that I do in a year, I need to get out of the beauty business and get on this money train.” Sarah laugh, it was no surprise to her that Dimitri house was so exquisite. “It’s really beautiful, isn’t it? Kim answered a little too excited. “It’s more than beautiful, it’s right out of a fairy tale.

Kim’s daughter Kelly, was so excited, she have never been in a house this big before. She pulled on her mother’s hands saying, “Mum does Cinderella and Prince Charming live here” Kim turned, smiled at her daughter then said “no baby, just Prince Charming, wearing for his Cinderella.” 

Cara and Cassy was not as excited as Kelly “Cassy don’t you thing daddy’s house is bigger?” Cassy was nodding her head saying, “yep, yep. And nicer, daddy’s house is nicer. Don’t you think so mummy?” Sarah laughed at her girls “of course honey” she looked over at Kim and the both started laughing. Cassy feeling satisfy with her mother’s answer, turned to Cara and Kelly “come on lets go find Mr Monty, he said we can have ice cream and cake, whenever we want.” The girls started running up to the front door, when Sarah called out to them, “no running girls, you might fall and hurt yourself.” They all answered “ok, we won’t.” they slowed to a steady pace, but kept on going. Sarah and Kim was just about to ring the doorbell, when the door opened up, and standing there looking as sinful as ever was Dimitri.

Dimitri was wondering if Sarah changed her mind about coming, or if she got lost along the way. He was just about to call her, when he say the girls running, he was so relief, and he couldn’t have go to the door fast enough. When he opened the door and saw her standing there smiling he had to work hard to stop himself for picking her up and never letting her go. “Hello girls. My, don’t you three look beautiful today.” He said to the three giggling little girls. They all said in union, “thank you Mr Monty.” Turning to Sarah and Kim he said “I’m glad you made, I was starting to worry about you girls, you were supposed to be here four hours ago.” Sarah looked over to Kim and saw her giggling she turned back to Dimitri and said, “yeah about that, sorry. Kim was having a little trouble fitting the whole house in her weekend bag.” Kim gasped from behind Sarah in mock horror. “I was not. Are you forgetting I was the first one in the car.” Sarah bumped her friend playfully on the arm. “Yeah, after you made me help you pack and shop, and was too tired after to return the favour.” Dimitri laughed and said “no harm done, I’m just glad you’re here now. Come in I’m sure you must be tired and hungry, from all that packing, shopping and driving.” Sarah and Kim followed him in, they girls were already being ushered away by the housekeeper, for some promised ice cream and cake. Kim was looking at everything with her jaw dropped in awe, Sarah too, couldn’t help but feel a little excited about the days to come. They house was really beautiful, the foyer was massive and very well decorated; the walls were painted in a startling grey and bordered around the edges with a brilliant white. The walls were left void of pictures, in its place were mirrors with sliver edges, the mosaic tiles on the floor were a beautiful contrast between grey and sliver. The furniture’s were different colours of grey which give the house a bright airy feel. In the middle of the foyer was a vast curving staircase that looked like it went on forever.

Dimitri went on to give them a tour of the house, everything was so big and beautiful, it was a wonder he didn’t get lost. He showed them where they will be staying, the suite of rooms was magnificent, and it was like a smaller house with in the great big one. The walls were off white, and just as the foyer, it was void of pictures and in its place were mirrors with midnight black edges. In the middle of the polished wooden floors, was an off white rug. The sofas were black and over stuffed, they were so huge it can be mistaken for a bed. There was a very expensive home entertainment system, with every electrical entertainment device imaginable. The four rooms in the suites all look the same, massive beds that could probably hold a football team, walk in closet and a bathroom to die for, just looking at it makes you want to strip, and live in the Jacuzzi bath. The tour ended in the kitchen where the girls were thoroughly enjoying their treats.  

Kelly ran to her mum very excited, “mum, look at all the ice cream and cake! Isn’t wonderful, we’re having a tea party like Alice in wonderland.” Kim smiled at her daughter, “I know, it very nice of Mr Monty for giving you guys all this lovely treats, did you say thank you.” Kelly turn to Dimitri and said, “Thank you Mr Monty” Cara and Cassy were both nodding their heads saying “thank you.” With very full mouths. Dimitri went down to Kelly’s level and said, “You’re welcome. Anyway, I can’t eat all these treats by myself, so you girls are doing me a big favour by helping me eat them.” Dimitri stood and took Sarah hands, “these three little women are being fed, how about the two of you?” Kim was the first to talk, “don’t mind me, I can stay with the girl in the kitchen, if you too wanna go feed each other in private.” Dimitri laugh, but Sarah was bright red with embarrassment. “We can have a light lunch now, and I can take you ladies out to dinner this evening. How does that sound?” Sarah smiled “that sound like a good idea.”


Chapter nine


had some turkey sandwich for lunch, and since it was still early afternoon the decided to take the girls into the town centre, to have look around. The spent about three hours strolling and browsing looking at all the little stalls, they bought a few keepsake to take back home with them. Sarah was starting to get a headache, so she left the group and went in a small shop to buy some pain killers, when she caught up to them they were all ready to leave. On the drive back to Dimitri’s house, the girls were so tired the dropped to sleep. Dimitri looked over at Sarah who was resting her head against the door of the car. “Are you feeling better, is there anything you need me to do?”  Sarah turned to him and smiled. “I’m feeling a little better thank you. I get these headache very often, there’s nothing to do but to wait it out, and I think I just need to rest for a bit.” Resting her head back on the door, she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

When Sarah woke, so blinked a few time to clear the fog from her eyes, she looked at her surrounding and felt a bit confused, wondering where she was. After a while it all came back to her, she was at Dimitri’s home. She got up to look at the time and saw that it was after 12 am, she when in search of her girls and found then in the room opposite hers peacefully sleeping. She moved over to the bed and smiled at her girls, leaning over she kissed them and then left the room. In the other room she saw Kim and Kelly fast asleep, turning very quietly she left the suite and when in search of food in the kitchen.

Sarah was making herself a peanut butter sandwich, when he heard a sound, turning around she saw that is was Dimitri, wearing nothing but a cotton pyjama pants. Sarah looked at him from head to toe and blushed. Dimitri smiled “sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.” Sarah continued to make her sandwich and said, “That’s ok, I was just making myself a sandwich, would you like one?” Dimitri shook his head then asked, “How are you feeling now, when we got back earlier, you were fast asleep, so I put you to bed.” Sarah looked embarrassed, she hoped she didn’t spoil his day by being sick. “I’m so sorry, I guess I spoilt you day.” She looked down at the floor so he wouldn’t see the shame on her face. Dimitri walked over to where she was standing and tilted her head up so that he can look into her eyes. “You don’t need to be sorry, and you can never spoil my day. If I have to spend the day looking at you sleep again, I would do it in a heartbeat.”

Sarah was blushing so much, that her whole face was completely red. She watch as Dimitri used his thumb to caress her jaw, and her eyes went wide when he leaned and press a light kiss to her lips. Sarah automatically move closer to him. Deeping the kiss, he put his free hands around her waist and pulled her ever closer, she abandon her sandwich and put her hands around his head. He pulled back just long enough to smile at her then his mouth crashed down onto hers. Sarah kissed him back, giving everything she got to the kiss. Dimitri teased her lips with his tongue, and groaned deep in his throat from the sweetness of her lips, he deepen the kiss, and used his right hand to skimmed the length of her body, from her waist up, stopping just under the curve of her breast. He used his left hand to grab the back of her head to better access to her lips. Sarah moaned softly and tighten her hand around his neck. The kiss was burning her up inside, she just wanted to get closer to him, to make the kiss last longer, but Dimitri stopped it all too soon.

Dimitri looked at the beautiful creature in front of him, and thank god for sending her to him. He didn’t know much about her life, or the ex-husband she have, but whoever the bastard is, he thanked him silently, because his mistake is they reason this beautiful woman was in his arms. Brushing a few strands of hair out of her face, he kissed her one last time on her lips and moved to a safe distance before he did something stupid, like through caution to the wind and make love to her right there in the kitchen. They just stared at each other, for what seems like hours, but in reality was just minutes. Dimitri was the first to break the silence between them, “you are just so god darn beautiful, I swear, I’ve never anything more exquisite in my 28 years.” Dimitri watched as Sarah blushed a deep crimson red, and suddenly found interest in the counter top. Laughing he risk stepping closer to her. “You look so cute when you blush, red is soon becoming my favourite colour on you. Although, nude would look even better.” Sarah gasped and her face got even redder, not knowing what to say she just smiled. Dimitri leaned in and kissed the tip of her noise. “You look tired, maybe you should get some sleep, tomorrow you’re going to be very busy with the party, as I want you to be my hostess.” Sarah looked a little unsure about that idea. “Are you sure? I don’t want to embarrass in front of all your friends and family.” Dimitri took Sarah hands in his and said, “nonsense, there is no way you could ever embarrass me.” Sarah took a deep breath and said, “Dimitri there are things you need to know about me… things about my husband and who he is. I want you to know the reason I never talk about him.” Dimitri was shaking his head. “No not now, after the party tomorrow, we will sit down and you can tell me all about it, and I will tell you everything there is to know about me. Ok.” Sarah smiled at him and said, “Ok.”


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