Watcher's View from Afar

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Ok this poem I wrote this like a couple of minutes to hours ago this made me cry.... :'(

Submitted: September 08, 2012

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Submitted: September 08, 2012



To the Heart of Poison taken,

on the field of Blood,

Deadly Meets Deadlier,

which is Where the Cure Lies.

Two lovers on the field,

one of Mind and one of Heart,

one of Soul and one of Body.

Both equal to the mark but only Time will know,

though following two different Paths,

they Love the what they can't have,

for they see the unseen and fight to their last of breaths,

but pointless it may be,

for it was set in Stone long before they Loved.

With each new Cut and shredded Blood Drop their Hearts grow Weaker,

and weaker until they lay side by side.

tear drops forming in thier eyes, neither wanted this...

their whole world gone, leaving them to rot.

Remembering their pleading and begs, doing anything to save the other,

and leaving themselves in the cursed land to know they make a difference in someones life.

But in the end they both ended up in the ring and fighting for thier own lives.

Too exhausted to move they slowly die from starvation since neither wanted to eat the Victors Bounty.

Both knowing in the end that Neither would Live Without the Other,

there on the Revolting floor with the Bones of Friends and Family they Repeat thier Vows of marriage,

which they once held so dearly, over and over again.

reminding each other "Don't Give In" and how much they appreciate each other with the

"I love you".

They slowly lose the battle they knew they wouldn't win

and begin shut down.

One goes quiet but not without saying ,"I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough.", as his Last Words.

His lover freezes for a moment trying to process what was said

and then realizes what his Lover meant.

Out of fear he calls for a reply be recives None, and Panics.

It was suppose to be both of them together Forever,

in Life or in Death, in Wealth or in Poverty, it wasn't suppose to End like this.

Yet it did as the one still alive Mourns and spews vengeful curses as he's crying and

hopes to die too,

soon to be with his true love.

Choking on his words he let out Two Words before Death.

"Thank You"

As the Last Tear of the Whole Human Race drops to the bones of its past.

whilst I watched this from afar as a useless wanderer from Past to Present to Future.

© Copyright 2018 loverboy12. All rights reserved.

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