My poem.

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just a poem for class. about my brother and sister in law and how both their mothers absolutely hated eachother but let bygones be just that. bygones, because of my nephew and niece. and yes, they are both in the military.

Submitted: February 16, 2012

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Submitted: February 16, 2012



My poem


At first they hated

Their parents majorly debated

They realized they were a lot alike

Two years later they took us to Miner Mikes

Now they’re enlisted

Because they didn’t listen

To their parents contradictions


Since they didn’t listen

Their vacations are such missions

Now they have kids

So now we miss ‘em


For they go house to house

Day and night

Never knowing when their parents would fight


But they know their love so strong

Would be good enough to write a song

But my niece and nephew keep them together like glue

For there is nothing they cant do


Somehow I know over the moon

Their parents would get along soon

For they both knew

They loved my nephew


We traded and swapped

Quite a lot

For they didn’t stay when they tied the knot

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