Summer for Wolves

Summer for Wolves Summer for Wolves

Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction



all ive got so far, how is it? please be honest. im trying to be a writer and i need good and bad criticism to make this the best possible thing for me.
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all ive got so far, how is it? please be honest. im trying to be a writer and i need good and bad criticism to make this the best possible thing for me.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Summer for Wolves

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all ive got so far, how is it? please be honest. im trying to be a writer and i need good and bad criticism to make this the best possible thing for me.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 16, 2011

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 16, 2011




Running, I can’t stop, my legs won’t let me. So I run, I just run. There’s three girls chasing to get as close to  behind me as they can, it’s like they are out to get me, five more laps and I would be across the glorious finish line. We’re doing a wonderful 6 mile. Coach won’t let us stop so we must keep going. My knee, it’s cramping up, it’s…it's, tearing I can feel it. It’s hard on my knee, if they only knew they’d shred me to pieces, I can’t do anything but RUN. The time flies by and before I know it im crying my heart out I find myself falling for what feels like an eternity, but in which was only about three seconds. I fall on my knees and face plant into the track its rubbery feel on my shin, burned a whole in my ego. So I stood, and walked right across that finish line blood drizzling down to my ankle I could see the disgusted look on the priss pack and walked off with my pride in hand. And ditched the rest of that school day, and went to get frozen yogurt and then hightailed it back to the house where mother would soon find me. You see, im not your normal cheerleader, track-star. I have my flaws and I have my screw-ups. I’m different.  Im not like you, at all. Sure on the outside I might be im 5’9’’ and nice pretty blonde hair green eyes, and some freckles. But, on the inside im my own person. As my mother would say. But the truth is I’ve recently found that I can change forms it’s scary at first but I’ve done it four times this past week just to sneak out of this horrible house, my parents haven’t been getting along lately and im not sure where this will turn to. But then I hear it I read those three words from my boyfriend and it completely changes my mood for the rest of the day today…for the worst. I feel my phone vibrate beneath my blanket, I reach for it and when I slide it open I get a message form Blake saying, “We are done..” I can’t believe it so I text him back saying, “Dammit Jason if you took Blake’s phone and is messing with me I will definitely bust your headlights comes Monday morning!” He didn’t text back…he called. Sitting there with my phone in hand his ringtone goes off and it’s the most irritating song ever at that moment.

And so, I answer. “Hello..?” he replies with: “Uhm, hey babe, I was just saying to Jason how I didn’t think we were working out that well and he said that maybe we should you know…”

“What are you saying Blake? You’re scaring me right now..”

“I’m saying that maybe we should take a break, three years is a lot of strain to put on our shoulders. Good god Kate! We’re only eighteen, please understand me?’’

I stay quiet. I say nothing. This day’s mood has just been changed from bad to horrible, in a matter of a few seconds and two text messages. I feel my claws sharpening and I can feel my teeth jawing down into my tongue, I sat there in the mirror mad, confused, sad, just overall hatred for the guy who is on the other side of the line. My phone beeps in my ear I get a message from Laura, which reads: “URGENT!!! Call me ASAP! If you’re talking to Blake, hang up, if you’re pissed off. Cuz this will make you even madder. He’s breaking up with you he’s doing this on purpose I just heard him talking with Jason about how he’s been mad at you and secretly reading your diary...not so secretively! He’s scum, he’s a retard how could he do this!?”

And so I hang up. He’s wrong here. Not Laura or me. Laura is practically my sister and id do the exact same for her, and you know what? I have.

Anyway, I feel a hot rush of liquid soak into my Nike socks, good thing they’re black. Mother would kill me if she couldn’t get the stain out. The blood felt cool as it dripped down to the tile floor. If anybody seen me right now they’d probably have pity for me, im a teenage girl sitting in her room crying, bleeding, limping, tired, waiting, and worst of all, thinking. All the thinking im doing just brings the water works pouring oceans of sea water out of my eyes and down, down, down as it soon would reach the puddle of blood left behind from moments ago. I suck it up…literally.  I bite down in my tongue not knowing of what the blood would soon taste like after it reached my lips. I bent down and put my shaking, trembling lips down to my shin and sit there. The blood pools around my bottom lip. A short breeze comes through my slightly opened window. It sends a quick chill up my spine, but then I realize I have canines. They’re coming through they’re poking my cheeks, they probably look like swollen snake bites, you know those odd looking piercings people get in the bottom lip? Them.

The day is getting late, im getting tired and mother isn’t home yet. I call her cell phone and as im dialing her number I get another message from Laura saying: “Sorry about the whole breakup ordeal, we can talk about it or we can just blow off steam by shopping u up for it? I got moms credit! Common you know you wanna!” I feel intrigued. It’s getting to be around 7:30 and im going shopping like I should. Im eighteen for god’s sakes! I reply to her message with: “Hell yah, but the first thing I need is bandages. Tell you bout it later..? meet you at ur house!”

About twenty minutes later after I soaked my shin in alcohol, I get in the car and drive the two mile hike, but for my mother’s little Volkswagen bug, it takes about thirty minutes. I turn on the radio and of course the songs that’s blaring is or better said as was, his ringtone. I immediately slam on the brakes and turn it off. As I approach Laura’s street I slow down to watch the little things like bugs by the street lamps and the abandoned porch swing three doors down. It’s an old white one where the paint is flaking off revealing it’s loss of beauty but shows every bit of strength it still has. Laura’s been waiting on the big tire swing she got from her uncles semi. Laura isn’t normal either she lives in what we would call a ”priss pack housing unit.” It’s a three story house for crying out loud. When I get to the fence and put in the keypad number it opens up more quietly than normal. I guess they greased the tracks really good just before I got there. I walk over to the maple sitting in their front yard where Laura is swinging, and she’s singing of course her favorite song for the past three months or so, “Bubbly” by Colbie Callait I stand quietly for a moment and listen to her beautiful voice takes over the yard in front of me. She’s a wonderful singer but she just doesn’t know it yet. Then she breaks key as she notices me. “You got the card?” I ask.

“Yep let’s go! Your car or mine?”

“Doesn’t matter.” I smile briefly so she knows im not having an attitude with her.

“Okay so mine it is!” she says an overly exaggerated tone.

Once we jump into her dads black hummer, I knew the question would hit I just wasn’t sure how.

“So, uh, Kate…” great it’s coming “Why do you need bandages?” I let out a sigh, that wasn’t the question I thought she was going to ask. At first I thought she could tell my hands were turning, I can’t control it this time. My hands are changing into a mythological creature, I had to be dreaming.

“I fell on the track. Look at my shin, it’s all scraped up.”

“Ouch. Are we getting dinner tonight or we just going to stop at McDonalds? I would much rather Chinese! But it’s your choice.” She looks at me with hope shining through her eyes.

“Fine, but you’re running with me in the morning. Four miles. Gotta keep up though.” 

“Yes! Okay I will! Thanks so much Kate!”

As we pulled into the mall parking lot I noticed a guy from our school sitting there and talking on his phone, as usual. His name is Johnny… I think. Never really have talked to him. he’s usually walking through the halls texting. He’s so strange…but hey he’s cute. So me and Laura walked over to his car and I guess he didn’t notice us coming because he was still talking on the phone. Laura and I heard part of his conversation and I little squeaky voice of whoever was on the other side of the line. We couldn’t help but crack up laughing.

“…Yes! Thank you! I won’t let you down, coach! I promise!”

The only thing we heard of the squeaky voice on the other line was, “Don’t make me regret replacing…because if you do, I will…is all I got to say y’hear?”

Before we were close to his car he noticed me and said, “Oh, hey, Kate? Right?”

“Yep, that sounds about right! And this is my friend Laura.”

“I’ve heard about you, and Laura... “

“All good, I hope.”

“Yeah, I‘ve just heard that you’re a killer runner.”

“That’s Kate for you!” Laura interrupts.

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