A Broken Soul

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

(I don't have a summary for this story, but for anyone who reads this and has an idea for one, I'll gladly take it)
please comment, and show the "i like it" button some love. it's been so neglected lately:D

Table of Contents


[i'll add a summary later] Read Chapter


2 I screamed as loud as my lungs could manage, my eyes flying open. I was surrounded by white, sterile walls. A hospital? I shive... Read Chapter

I Need You

3 I shivered violently as his icy, intoxicating breath, blew across my flaming cheek. Dustin pulled away from me, even slower than wh... Read Chapter


4 Dustin buckled me in the car and shut the door gently. I rolled the window down to say goodbye. "Aren't you going to thank the ... Read Chapter

A Promise

5 Today is the day of my father's funeral. I hadn't really allowed the idea of him dying to enter my mind. I already had so much goin... Read Chapter

Im Right?

6 "Always so eager." Dustin breathed. I rolled my eyes. I needed this. I needed someone I could go to, and they'd be truthful to ... Read Chapter

Just A Few Myths

7 "Do you want me to go or something?" I asked as we headed for the group of cars across the street from the cemetery. Dustin loo... Read Chapter


8 It was another one of those awkward silences. Dustin and I stood out on my front porch, not knowing what to do next. "It's a ni... Read Chapter

Love You

9 Somehow, I'd fallen asleep watching some old Western movie with Dustin. I ended up sprawled out across his hard chest, out cold. ... Read Chapter

Another Secret

10 I had woken up an hour late, not a sign that says: You're going to have a good day, in my opinion. I shot out of my bed and da... Read Chapter

Meeting the Siblings

11 "So this is where you go to school..." Dustin mused, glancing around the hallway at every poster, locker, announcement board, ever... Read Chapter

Jane's Opinion

12 After my morning classes, I met up with Dustin and Jane in the cafeteria. Along Jane's side was another tall guy, at first I thoug... Read Chapter


13 I could see it. Dustin was hesitating. Just by the look on his face I could tell. He cared about his family, and he respected thei... Read Chapter

First Fight

14 Gym was...well brutal. Like always. The only good part was that Dustin was in my class. He ran circles around me as I ran ... Read Chapter

Not Part of the Routine

15 His marble lips collided with mine, sending shivers through my entire body. I wanted to scream at him. To tell him to go away and ... Read Chapter

How'd That Happen?

16 "Dustin?" I glanced at my alarm clock, groaning. It was only three in the morning. No answer. "C'mon Dustin, this isn't fu... Read Chapter

He's Just Protecting Me

17 Dustin’s house reminded me of a haunted house sort of. It was beautiful, yes, but it looked so...empty. Like there wasn’t any ... Read Chapter


18 "Chasity, wake up." Dustin's velvet murmur cut through my nightmare. My eyes fluttered open. "Hey." he whispered, brushing the hai... Read Chapter

One of Them

19 "So, are you excited?" Jane asked, suddenly beside me on the couch. I gasped quietly. Jane had been the very last person I'd expec... Read Chapter

Wake Up

20 I met Peter before I went upstairs with Dustin to get ready for bed. He seemed nice. Tall, dark, and handsome. Just like Dusti... Read Chapter

Meeting the Sister

21 Dustin paid no attention to my question. He ran over to me from across his bedroom and picked me up from the mattress. "Move K... Read Chapter

Bed Bugs

22 I remember that I had fallen asleep on the couch after Dustin had gone out to get me dinner. He was there when my eyes closed, but... Read Chapter

Not the Guy I Fell in Love With

23 That's it. I thought angrily. I'd had enough of Dustin's rudeness. He was only doing it to me. Not to Jane, and not to Kira. J... Read Chapter

My Dustin

24 Dustin immediately grew tense. I could see the muscles in his forearms contract all the way from where I sat across from him in th... Read Chapter


25 I didn't want to ruin this moment between Dustin and I. I simply hadn't realized how much I missed his cold embrace until he start... Read Chapter

Wrapped Around Her Finger

26 "Congratulations." Kira said with a devilish smirk. "I never would've guessed it'd be a human that figured me out. Though, you did... Read Chapter

A Broken Soul

27 I flinched as I felt a stabbing pain shoot through my neck. I rolled over onto my side, but stopped suddenly. I shouldn't be a... Read Chapter


28 I was slightly surprised when my eyes opened to a blindingly bright light. My body was held up on an uneven bed, and monitors beep... Read Chapter

Human Stuff

29 ~this isn't the epilogue! there are still a few more chapters coming~ I knew nothing would be going back to normal, I'd known ... Read Chapter


30 "You look gorgeous." Jane murmured, brushing away imaginary lint from the dress her and Olivia had picked out for me. I couldn... Read Chapter

First Date [P1]

31 "So, where do you want to go?" Dustin asked. I turned towards him with a curious expression. I was so used to him being prepar... Read Chapter

First Date [P2]

32 "Which movie do you want to watch?" I heard Dustin call out from the living room. I was in the kitchen, making myself a bowl o... Read Chapter

Never Going to Stop

33 As soon as Dustin's name had rolled off my tongue, he was there. Lightning clashed outside, illuminating the room for a few brief ... Read Chapter

It was Him

34 Lucas burst out of the trees, causing Dustin to stop running and nearly giving me a heart attack. Moments later, Jane dropped down... Read Chapter

Night of Death

35 I surprised everyone by what I did next. Dustin, Jane, Lucas...my mom didn't even see me until I had Elijah in a one armed head lo... Read Chapter

The Game

36 [still an epilogue after this chapter] I didn't really know what was going to happen, or even what to expect once Dustin and h... Read Chapter


37 I woke up the next morning, well the next afternoon, feeling much better than I had last night. My arms were covered in dark purpl... Read Chapter