Phony Ass Niggas

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I wrote this after I met this guy who was always trying to holla at me every time he saw me. Each time it was like he didn't realize he had tried to talk to me before.

Submitted: April 19, 2013

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Submitted: April 19, 2013




Phony Ass Niggas

Phony ass niggas always think their game is tight

Phony ass niggas  can’t do shit right

Phony ass niggas shooting lies to you

Phony ass niggas never know the things they need to do

Phony ass niggas can’t have you or me

Phony ass niggas are always in the best places to be

Phony ass niggas say they telling the truth but you really know it’s a lie

Phony ass niggas, if you should pas one, tell him bye

Phony ass niggas, they may ask you why

Phony ass niggas, they’ll never get the chance to try

Phony ass niggas keep stepping in the way

Phony ass niggas don’t know you will never give them the time of day

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