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this goes out to a very special friend, who in her time of pain dyes her hair to escape the pain and heart ache becuase she believe that with a new hairstyle comes a new her.

Submitted: April 08, 2009

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Submitted: April 08, 2009



the fictitious make me happy
these characters make me smile
my life again has structure
so i wont have to change my hairstyle

Cheryl, looking like my best friend
we lock horns
but still i see
that shes the friend
who i need to complete me

the one who's blind but will always be there
always by my side, never going anywhere

the one with the bob who i couldn't be with out
and the one who moves who makes me remember my self

tink so blonde and beautiful, but watch out for her temper
with her happy feet she smiles, and i love to see it
not sad, no fear, life's not complicated, no tears

the one she loved is back again
her heart complete no longer broke
her heartstrings repaired
over this amazing bloke

so from blonde to red to brown to blonde
my cycle is complete
in the game of life there were no codes to cheat
my life no longer complicated
with you by side
my life no longer complicated
behind my colours i will no longer hide
no colour needed to mask my pain
no need to show the world Ive changed
my heart and soul no longer deceased
so from my colours i am released.

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